Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday's Thoughts

Happy Friday!

Black w/ Gold Details Cardigan - Thrifted! $5!
Lace Embroidered Dress - c/o Dressale
Black Peep Toe Pumps - Bebe
Bracelets - Thrifed!

Today is much needed - FRIDAY that is. I have been longing for Friday all week. Lately, time has been flying by, but this week it seemed like it inched away minute by minute. The weather is beautiful here and we are supposed to be experiencing 80's! That's exciting for Minnesota, especially when sometimes we have snow in the forecast by now. My weekend I don't have too much planned other than working on a few projects and getting caught up with my life. Family time and church is a given. I want to plan a night for me and the hubs to just get out and enjoy each other. With an 8 month old, that doesn't happen that often. Plus with my mom and sis feeling under the weather baby Grace has been getting lots of mommy and daddy time! 

I'm also getting antsy about Halloween coming up, and all of the holidays for that matter. I can't wait to share the holidays with my little one, I'm so excited for her to be apart of everything. It's funny how your perspective on life shifts when you become a parent. I pray for her daily, and only want to do my best to show her by my actions of how she should live. I hope that I am a good example of someone who is sincere, honest, humble, and has a good heart. I ask God to show me how to teach her that these things are what she should focus on and everything else will fall into place. She's only 8 months, but it means so much to me. 

Do you know what I mean?
What things do you pray on for your little ones?

Hope you have an amazing weekend!

- J

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  1. Gorgeous dress and that jacket is AWESOME! Would love for you to link up this thrifted piece on our Thrift Sisters Link Up at

    Thrifting Diva

  2. Thank you! I love that it only cost me $5! :) I will link up!

  3. Great outfit! Love the jacket. I pray that my son will be a good person, and that I will somehow be able to provide him with the life he deserves!


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