Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Outta My Comfort Zone

Happy Hump Day!

First off, I want to say thank you to everyone for your support through everything. I'm excited to share my illustrations and art projects with you and I am happy that you are excited to see what I will share. I am so blessed to have an online community of people that I can share my thoughts and ideas with and get love and support. It makes stepping out there to do something that I have so much love and passion for, that much more exciting.

Sometimes the person you are fighting against is yourself. 
More specifically your thoughts. The ones that throw doubt at you. The ones that tell you, you're not good enough. The ones that throw darts at your hopes and dreams. Sometimes even when you can see new & better things ahead of you, staying in your old place of comfort can begin a war inside of your heart and your mind. One part of you, deep inside of you pushing to be and do what you were made and destined to do and be. One part of you working to conform you to this world, to your parent's standards, to what you went to college for or what your experience is in.

I heard a saying recently about how you can't complete God's will for your life by staying in your comfort zone. I believe this came at the perfect timing in my life. Staying in my comfort zone has done a lot more harm to me, than help. Staying in my comfort zone pushed my dreams further away from me. It made them seem so out of reach, like I would never get there. Staying in my comfort zone allowed fear of doing something new and different to creep in. Staying in my comfort zone made me jealous of others who weren't afraid to jump out there. Staying in my comfort zone caused me to doubt my own talents and gifts. Staying in my comfort zone made me miss opportunities to bigger, better things for my life. Staying in my comfort zone set me away from the plan God has for my life. 

Well, I can gladly say I am out of my comfort zone - no turning back. I literally cannot let what is uncomfortable scare me any longer. There has been a weight lifted off of my shoulders ever since I have started to use the gifts God has given me and follow His will and plan for my life. Its what I know I was purposed to do. It literally gives me life. I'm only mad that I didn't have this understanding sooner. 

Denim Shirt - A's shirt; American Eagle
Dark Flower Dress - Urban Outfitters
Black Tassle Mocassin Booties - My Mom 'gave' them to me
Cross Necklace - F21
Maroon Clutch - Nine West

But I know that everything in my life has played an important part to bring me to be where I am today. I am so thankful for that. I am thankful for my past, it played a huge part in who I am today. And Jesus wrote it so beautifully to help me help others. I am in a good space right now and even though everything is not exactly as perfect as I would want it to be - I am filled with joy. I am out of my comfort zone and its so rewarding.

- J


  1. I love your outfit and those boots are ADORABLE on you! Great post, too. Keep it up!

  2. Hi There, I'm coming to you from Wake Up Wednesday. I'm on of the co-hosts. Thank you for sharing this post -- great info. The entire look is cute but I'm loving the necklace.

  3. typo...should have been *I'm one of the co-hosts.


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