Friday, July 29, 2011

Diamonds are Forever...

Diamonds are a girl's best friend.

Black Diamonds Tank F21. Black Blazer H&M. White Shorts Old Navy. Studded cuff/necklace F21. Shades H&M. Black Booties Anne Michelle. Red lips.

Hola! Happy Friday, readers! 
I know I have been so busy this week that I pretty much have deserted you all. No worries, I am still alive and not much has changed except my lack of spare time. 

Well, here's my weekly recap:
I will let you know that my Monday ended much better than it began. My boyfriend's birthday was Thursday and it was his golden birthday. He didn't want to do anything (no, seriously), so while he was at work, I decorated the house and we had our own little party! It was fun! 

Decorations(left). Red Velvet Torte (top right). Jenga, Crown Royal, Birthday Crown and card (bottom right)

Overall it was a successful week! How was your week? That's all for now, have a great weekend! ;)

Monday, July 25, 2011

GAAHHH: Case of the Mondays.

Hey there!

Quick post before I head to our last kickball game of the season. Should be a grand time..This week I'm working full time at this Marketing Research company (I've been working pt), to do some training for an upcoming study. It was probably one of the most boring days of my life. I'm not joking. You should see the size of the binder I have to learn by the end of the week. Pretty much a waste of time interesting. We are going to be administering hearing, vision, taste, vocab, etc. tests to clients for a University (can't disclose exacts per confidentiality). A lot of the learning was mundane and repetitive. Then we proceeded to walk through scripting of the things we went through twice already. And I have homework. I feel like I am back in school and I didn't sign up to be there! LOL. Atleast I'm getting paid. Sorry to rant. But I feel better.
image via cosmo

Hope your day was better than mine! :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

I'd Rock It.

Hey Loves, 
Happy Friday!!
I have finally reached over 100 followers! So, big hugs and thanks to all of you for following! I really appreciate it and to show how much I appreciate it, I will be hosting a giveaway in the next couple weeks or so. That means you will need to keep checking in to see what I've got in store! :)

With that said, I'm going to do a more personal post for this Friday! It's no Oprah Show, but 'These are a few of my favorite things!' Disclosure: This will be a lengthy post. 

What's in my bag?
Blue Comb. Keep the mane in check.
Johnson's Baby Lotion. Keeps me moisturized.
Victoria's Secret Sweet Daydream Body Spray. Go to local store and smell. You will die.
Mini purse. Gift from G-ma, holds debit/credit cards, cash, etc.
Travel size Secret Scent Expressions/Cocoa Butter Kiss. Another to die for scent for the underarms.
ChapStick True Shimmer. It keeps lips soft and adds a little sparkle.
Dior Addict Lipstick. Shade 535, it's a light pink with little shimmer.
Maybelline eye liner. 
VS Lip Gloss in Sugar High. This is a must have; $7.
On my key chain: house keys, car keys, pool key, LA fitness member tag, Roundy's Grocery store rewards card, key chain flashlight ;)

My Favorite Place.
My living room. Right there on that couch is where I do most of my blogging. And I love the skylights in my kitchen, helps my electric bill out.

My 2nd Favorite Place.
My closet. Still a work in progress and there is definitely another part to my closet which is full of boxes of winter clothes. I do go through it every year and giveaway/sell items because I hate things not being worn!  I also have two huge chests full of everyday items. However, I still find myself saying those famous words:
"I have nothing to wear!"

and lastly...
♥ my Jewelry.

I have a large jewelry collection, which is not all shown. I love this silhouette piece I bought to hang my jewelry on! It rocks, I got it from TJ Maxx for like $15. I only put a few pieces on it and the rest are in this white box, which I bought from IKEA a couple years ago. I have a few of them which I use for my jewelry and my sunglasses. 

I hope you all liked learning a bit more about me. I did enjoy this post. Comment and let me know of your ideas for a giveaway and what are your favorite things?  

Inspiration: I'd Rock It. 

I'd Rock I.t.

All Saints Silk Shirt Current/Elliott Super Skinny Jeans Giuseppe Zanotti leather sandals Dorothy Perkins Stone Ring/Belt

I'm going to find a more affordable alternative to this because I love it. And of course, Beyonce is gorgeous. 

What do you think?

Happy Friday and Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Live IN Love.

A few different ideas for the same look. Enjoy.

Tucked In or Out? You be the judge.

Lace top H&M. Brown skirt F21. Brown Belt/Necklace F21. Gladiator heels Anne Michelle. 
Live in Love bracelet - Lucky Brand Denim. Silver/Gold clamp bracelet Thrifted.
Handbag JPK Paris.

First off, Happy Hump Day!
The middle of the week is almost over and we are getting closer to the weekend! Cheers to all of you who are holding back from yelling at your co-workers (and/or boss), or those of you who took an extra 15 minute break at work! Let your hair down today, we're almost there!!

As for me, I have an little story about the "Live In Love" bracelets. If any of you have ever purchased Lucky Brand Jeans you would know that they used to put these bracelets in the pockets of every pair of jeans. As for me I have about 20 of them. I used to work at The Buckle where we sold denim, and upon people trying on the jeans and what not, they would be all on the floor of the store. Everyone I worked with had a few and we thought (and still do think) they were pretty cool! It's just a piece of leather with those words stitched in, but I love you how you can add it and it helps to make a bit of a statement.

So... What do you think? How was your "Hump-Day"?

Monday, July 18, 2011

Work It.

Summer night out on the town.

black top H&M. beige/coral skirt H&M. skinny belt H&M. Bracelets borrowed. 

Black shoes Bebe. 

Happy Monday!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Loving Life, Loving Plaid!


First, my apologies for not updating when I said I would! This week life has been, well, pretty hectic. However, hectic in a good way! I've been super busy and all my hard work has finally landed me two good jobs. Very excited! One is a sales position and the other is in marketing and promotions, which is what I love! So hurrah to those accomplishments for me! It's time to celebrate, well... not just yet. But I will definitely toast to a bright and better future and remainder of 2011! :)

As for the outfit post I promised.. I wore this around yesterday to do a few errands and what not. I feel like summer when I wear this :). I wish I had cowboy boots to finish this look off. A girl can dream, and I definitely have saved the space in my closet for the boots. What do you think?

Love the detail of the necklace!

Plaid Shirt - Aeropostale
Lace Tank - Forever 21
Ripped Denim Shorts - Forever 21
Necklace -  Can't recall, it was either H&M or F21 >_< (forgive me)
Bracelet - I want to say F21


Friday, July 8, 2011

Outfit Post: White ASOS Dress

Happy Friday to you all! I will end the week by posting this fab dress I have been meaning to post but just haven't found the perfect place to wear it to... I ordered this from ASOS in the spring and fell in love when I put it on. What do you think?

Dress - ASOS
Shoes - >_< Can't remember, I want to say
Bracelet - F21
Pearl Earrings - H&M

As for the weekend! I am going to be relaxing and going to a few BBQs then out for my girlfriends bday! So hopefully I'll have some pics to post when I come back! Either way, I hope you all have a great Friday and enjoy the weekend!



Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hooray for Blog Awards!


I received two blog awards within the past week or two and I am finally getting around to them! :)  So, here's to all of you who actually want to learn a little more about me. I promise I don't have rabies and don't bite.. (most days) >_<

I received the Best Blog Award from Trend-Ish. Thanks girl! 
Her blog is pretty much awesome, she's gorgeous and has a lot of fashion, makeup, what's hot/what's not, and she also shows love to her fellow bloggers! :)  Hope you all follow her after this post! 

7 random facts about Moi
1] I'm the middle child out of 7 children (you read right!)
2] I used to be a competitive cheerleader (Won state and 2nd in national competitions)
3] I love the color BLUE
4] I love Grape Propel Zero (try it!)
5] I have a loving boyfriend (Adrian) whom which I live with and adore! :)

(Photo Credit one of my BFF's Ashley!)

6] I hate driving in traffic and become filled with ROAD RAGE!
7] I have no pets, but really want a puppy

Questions to Answer:
Fave Color - Blue
Fave Song - No one real fave, Love Beyonce, Adele, Rhianna 
Fave Dessert - New York Vanilla Ice Cream.. YUM!
What is pissing you off - Bad weather :(
When you're upset you - Cry, listen to music, Yell & Scream
Fave Pet - Want a small lap dog, but BF wants a Bulldog
Black or White - Black
Biggest Fear - Not reaching self goals
Best Feature - SMILE :)
Everyday Attitude - Life's too short to be stressed! Be grateful everyday! 
What is perfection - God
Guilty Pleasure - Spending countless hours online :/

Awarded to:

RULES: You must link back to the person who awarded this to you! Share 7 random facts! Award 15 blogs and Answer the questions listed above! And send the ppl awarded a comment letting them know!

2nd Blog Award 
I also received the One Lovely Blog Award from Sauniya' at I Am Not Perfect..!.!.! Gracias for the props! Check her blog out! :) 
RULES are:

7 (more) Interesting Facts about Me
1] I don't like chocolate (i'm usually looked at weird for that)
2] I don't like white sauces (no ranch, mayo, sour cream for me!)
3] I have to sleep with the TV on!
4] I am in my final year of college (Yay, woo-hoo)
5] I have a weak spot for reality TV shows (don't we all)
6] I am so happy I rejoined the blogger world!
7] I have 4 sisters and 2 (baby) brothers (imagine our house growing up!)

Award to 15 Blogs:

**And send the ppl awarded a comment letting them know!

Okay enough about me today! Hope you all enjoy! Happy Thursday! 

- Jena

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Hola! I am just returning home from spending the weekend of the 4th of July with my boyfriend and his family in Missouri. It was a blast! However, it is great to be back to the city life. Its a totally different way of living out there, the town they live in probably has less than 1,000 people living there. I am used to a small town of some 90,000 people! :) LOL

Anyways, we drove there (about 6.5 hrs) from home and got there Thursday night where we stayed with his bro and his wife and kids! Who are super adorable! I miss them already! 

Anywho, I am posting some pics from before I left for Missouri. I got the shirt from American Eagle on sale! Shorts - forever 21, sunglasses H&M sometime last summer. Pretty much love the sunglasses?

What do you think? How was your 4th of July!? :)