Saturday, March 6, 2010

Wild & Crazy

Hey lovers! It has been a very busy week. I don't think I told you all that I got an internship! I started my internship about 2 weeks ago and this week I helped out with my first real event. It was fun and a lot of work! And I got a lot of free food at the end of the night too! And yesterday, one of my boss's gave me free tickets to one of the science museums exhibits! I am excited, because I really haven't been to the science museum in forever!

Also, this week a good friend of mine came to Minnesota to visit family and she's from Bermuda! So that was a lot of fun seeing her, it has been too long! And we had decent weather this week, but I'm sure not anything like she is used to there! Anywho, I am planning a trip to Bermuda in August now! LOL. Any of you readers been there? Please give me your input for what to do, etc.  Or just comment on your experience that would be great! :)

This is one of the many dresses I am taking on my trip to Miami this week! :)

Shoes //
Dress // Motel
Black necklace // Forever 21