Friday, May 30, 2014

Right and Wrong

Happy Friday!

So excited to see the end of this week. 
The weather is gorgeous. 
It's funny what good weather does to us all! As I am driving to work I am happy, excited to start the day :)

Everyday we make decisions and each of those decisions have a consequence whether good or bad, right? Want to know something that has completely blown me away since discovering Christ for myself?

Living for Him and with Him has little to do with what we perceive is right and wrong. 
Over the years I remember thinking God was this ogre, like Shrek, sitting up on His throne and telling everyone what they were doing was WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. 
And basically that everyone was going to hell. 

It's so refreshing because as I have become to know Christ for myself I have found out that this perception is so wrong. In fact, Christ cares more about giving you true life than persecuting you for what our society perceives as right and wrong. 

The greatest example of this is Jesus himself. Look at the type of people he surrounded himself with and completely changed their lives. Society and religion wanted Him dead because He came against what they considered to be lawful and holy to them. They were mad that He performed miracles and saved people's lives on the Sabbath Day. How ridiculous!

“Go back and report to John what you hear and see: The blind receive sight, the lame walk, those who have leprosy[b] are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, and the good news is proclaimed to the poor.Blessed is anyone who does not stumble on account of me.”
- Matthew 11:4-6

Their thoughts about what was right or lawful didn't matter to Jesus. 
He did what was righteous to Him. 
If someone was sick, He figured it better to heal them than to follow the laws and have them continue in pain. He truly cares about giving us life and love.
He is true love.
One of the first things me and God discussed was wine. 
Yes, wine. 
I told God, I liked to drink wine. I told Him as I was reading this book (Foods that Heal) and that it said that a couple of glasses a day were good for my heart. And if it wasn't necessarily bad for me, why did so many people have so much to say about drinking it! He then gave me a limit. He told me about taking things in moderation. (Eph 5:18) and then He revealed a scripture to me about what many thought of Him. 

18 For John came neither eating nor drinking, and they say, ‘He has a demon.’ 19 The Son of Man came eating and drinking, and they say, ‘Here is a glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners.’ But wisdom is proved right by her deeds.”
Matthew 11:18-19

I am not saying that God doesn't take different things out of peoples lives for good reason. There are times when we make these things become more important to us than anything. He explained to me that there are some things in this world that are not necessarily bad, but if they have no benefit to them, then why put them into your life. He has to teach us each about moderation in all things and how not to let things in this world rule over you especially if they bring no benefits to you. 

Let your moderation be known unto all men. The Lord is at hand.
Phillipians 4:5-7

We as humans are very quick to judge. 
We think we understand God and what He is truly saying, although he tells us that isn't true. Sometimes things are so deep, it is better just to not put our thoughts or judgment on them and let God handle the legwork. 

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord.For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.
Isaiah 55:8-9

It is more important to Christ for us to be like Him, and show people love and life than to judge them. Its more important that we have life than worry about what is right or wrong to today's society. 
That's why He calls us not do so.

He has made a perfect plan for each and everyone of us; and I am sorry but I do not know what yours looks like - Only He Does. And that's what is so awesome about Him. He wants to get to know you, and it's always a judgement free zone with Him. So throw out all of your societal pressures, religious doctrines, because He just wants to love on you and through His love, He will teach you the absolute best way to have true life! 

Hope you have a great weekend! 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Just Breathe Printable + Let Your Light Shine #12 Link-Up Party

Happy Thursday!
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This morning was a test of my perseverance and patience. I talked to you all about how I have a lot going on lately - I'm moving, planning a wedding, new mom, and work as been super busy. This morning I had to sit down and have a serious conversation with God (after talking to my mommy :)).

I said, "God, I can't do it all! I am only one person. I cannot think straight. I am drowning. I need you to take care of everything and show me how to get all of these things done and taken care of.
I need you."

After I said this, it was as if I could feel a load lift off me. And I could feel Him telling me to "Just Breathe." Which, is inspiration for today's free printable. Sometimes, we get so down on ourselves for not having it together. We make mountains of lists of things we need to do and expect ourselves to get them done in a 24 hour period. My mom told me, it will all be there tomorrow if you don't get it done - it will still be there so just do what you can and don't worry about the rest.

I have heard that so many times, but this morning in my time of frustration - it rang so true to me. I am thankful to God for a great mom that can help and guide me and always points me to talk to Jesus about my problems. So, my advice to anyone who feels that way is in today's printable. I hope you love it as much as I do!

Download Here

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Carrie from A Lovely Little Wardrobe

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Home is Within.

 Happy Hump Day!
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The middle of the week has come quickly due to the long holiday weekend. It is so welcomed.
I have finished moving into our new space and I am beyond thrilled to be done.
A nuance is the cleaning, unpacking, and the fact once you get to crunch time there is no time for procrastination any longer! Haha, I am sure I am not the only one who procrastinates especially when it comes to moving, am I?

But there are a few things you tend to think on when you move on from something.
Have you ever noticed?

How the house you leave has never been that clean since you moved in? :)

Or that it no longer feels like a home? 
Yes, cliche - but home is definitely where the heart is. 

Which leads me to believe,
 home is found on the inside. 
Wherever me and my family and friends can be together, feeling safety, security, warmth, love. 

Sometimes I drive past our old house that we grew up in, and it no longer has that warm welcoming feeling like it did to me for so many years. 

Why is that?

That street still holds those memories of bike races, basketball games, carnival games, secret girls clubs, swimming, and jumping on the trampoline with all the neighborhood kids.

It screams youth, scary stories, riding bikes to places we weren't supposed to be... 
It all comes flooding back to me when I drive down that old street.
But, still it doesn't feel like it used to be. 
It doesn't feel alive anymore. 
It doesn't feel like home. 

Peter Pan Black Blue Polka Dot Blouse - A friend M :)
Black Skirt - H&M
Black Mary Jane - I have had for years, not sure - but you can find similar here
Black Bangle - Likely F21

Where we are now feels like home. 
I thank God for discovering home is always with me. 
Home is where I bring it. Home is with Him. 
And they both live inside of me. 
I know that is why we discover that Christ lives within, and He is always with us. (Galatians 2:20)

You don't find Him in a church building because He lives there - it's because of those, even you, who brought Him with. I think that's a pretty amazing discovery. 

Have you ever visited an old home you lived in or grew up in? 

What are some of your biggest pains when moving?

Comment below, I'd love to hear. 
When we share our thoughts we find more things in common than differences. :)

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Sunday, May 25, 2014

ASOS International Summer 2014 Musthaves + $235 Giftcard to ASOS!

Happy Memorial Day!

Today is the unofficial kick off to summer for most of us. 
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Good Luck!
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Friday, May 23, 2014

5 On Friday: 5 Songs To Add to Your Summer Playlist

Happy Friday!

Today is the Friday before a much needed long weekend. Anyone else feel the same?
I am excited because as this month comes to an end, I am embarking on a new journey (moving) and it marks the start of summer (in Minnesota - 75 degrees out I'll take it). 
My weekend will consist of packing, moving, unpacking, cleaning.... sigh, and hopefully somewhere in the mix I can fit in a nice long walk with the family and these festive fruits!
Memorial Day Fruit Skewers

 So because of the unofficial kick-off of the summer, I've been thinking of some good songs that would be perfect to add to your summer playlist! Perfect for running. I love music like this to run to on the treadmill. 

Have an amazing long holiday weekend! 
Enjoy & Be Safe :)

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

I can do ALL things Printable + LYLS #11 Link-up Party!

Happy Thursday!
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Hope your week is winding down properly.
It's time for our link-up, but before we go there I'd like to share another printable with you all... This should empower you to know you can accomplish any and everything. Often times we let the situations in our life, rule over us. 
Well, it's time to take control and know that you can do ALL things!

Like I say each week, these are great to print out and put on your desk, save on you phone as a screen saver, or print out and put at bookmarks in your bible. They can work for all types of things!

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Mary from Eat, Drink and be Mary!
She has great posts about faith, scriptures on certain topics and other things like recipes, how to's, etc! Check her out!

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

One Way To Live

Happy Hump Day!

Hopefully the middle of the week brings itself with some sunshine in your life. I have a question.
 Have you ever felt like you needed direction on how to get from point A to point B (or Z)? 
Maybe it was that you wanted a particular position at a local firm.
 Or maybe it was that you wanted to start having children? 
Or possibly that you want to start your own business but not sure how to go about it. 
I've even felt it when it comes to dealing with life's everyday situations. Managing a disagreement with a friend or spouse. Working on a project for school or work. You are given an objective or goal to accomplish - but the directions are not easily written out for you. 
I remember being in college and getting super annoyed with the professor if there wasn't a clear outline of what I needed to do to write a paper. I had a love hate relationship with freedom to stay within the guidelines but be creative with whatever else I thought would make it work. 
I understand now something that I never thought of or truly understood before. 
You see, there is no one way to get to point B.
 As humans we thrive on routine, on a set predetermined way of doing things. Even as becoming a new mother, I searched for the "New Mom Handbook" and still haven't found it. 
Have you ever looked around at your place of employment and those that are in the same or similar positions to you and asked about everyone's backgrounds? Where did they all come from? What did they do before getting that job? Do they all look the same? Not hardly.
That's because there is no one way to get there. 
There is no one way to success. 
There is no one way to live. 
There is no one way to speak, no one way to think, no one way to eat. 
There is no one way to pray, praise, worship, study your bible, listen and take notes of the word. 
(Ok, enough Dr. Seuss - you get the point, right?)

Understand I am not taking this so literally to say you should not follow directions in how to care for your clothes, or how to tie your shoes...but the point I am trying to reach is what God showed me recently.
There is no one way to live for Him. 
Does that surprise you? 
Sure, we have been bogged down with countless religious doctrines and teachings. Some of us, like myself, brought up in "churchdom" (as my father calls it) and bogged down with religious traditions. Telling us there is one proper way to live for God and doing anything outside of this will send you straight to hell.
 But this is so false.

In fact, God shows us continually in His word that this is false. Have you ever read a story in the Bible and see God tell those mighty men and women to do the same exact things? 
I mean the same exact chronological steps from A to Z?
Let me break it down this way, did Abraham, Moses, Job, Elijah, King David, John, Peter, Paul all receive the exact same instructions to living a life filled for God?  I'll allow you to do the research, but I'm sure if you know at least 2 of their stories you would know that they were never told to do the same things. The only consistent thing they were given was to follow God. 
That was their pathway to success. 
It actually doesn't come with a clear cut detailed Google Maps version to it. And unfortunately just like your GPS will not tell you and your friend who lives across town the same way to get to the local dining spot - God will not tell you and someone else the same way to get to where He wants you to go. 
The journey is more about believing, trusting, and releasing control. Understanding you cannot do anything without leaning on God. Not being moved by life's twists and turns and knowing the God's got your back in all situations. Just like when you are starting a business and writing up a business plan - no plan looks the same - but most want a similar end result. God doesn't make your plan look like anyone else's. Its uniquely made for you. 
I've got the original Jena plan. 
You have the original "insert your name" plan. 
Although some figures in God's word were faced with similar situations, they were never told to get out of it exactly as someone else was told. God wants a personal relationship with each and every one of us. He wants to fill us with life everlasting, and bring us new things everyday. Following Him and worshiping Him by spirit and truth (John 4:24) is what He wants. 
Now does this make religious traditions, wrong or sinful. No, not exactly. It's less about right and wrong with God and more about Life and Death (but that's another lesson, for another day).

There is more life in God than traditions. 
He wants us to experience this true life with Him. I can't tell you what your path will look like, I can only tell you where mine has been. What we can share and relate on are principles. God gives us key principles, like the giving principle (I talked about in here), that we can take along with us and share with others for the journey. He creates a framework, gives us guidelines and precepts & principles to live by - but does not write the outline for us. Sometimes he will reveal things in the outline but doesn't always tell us what the exactly details in that section of the plan are. 
Mint Dotted Blouse - Elle (was a gift)
BCBG Light Denim Jeans - Selling in my closet (Poshmark)
Tan strappy Wedges -
Prada Leather Bag - gift from my Mom

Allowing Him to lead and guide your life will always get you the best results. And I promise you, you and your neighbors paths will not look the same. And they are not supposed to. So dwell in the fact of knowing that God has created an original plan with your name on it. Start living in the state of you. It's good to draw positive things out of others, but make sure it lines up with what God has for you. 

That will get you the best results, every time.

So, what do you think?
Have you ever felt the societal pressures of doing everything a certain way in a certain order?
Do you deal with freedom well?

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

When I write I speak + A Faithful Passion

When I write I speak. 
No I mean literally some of my posts are just me talking (with a few edits). "A" often does this as his hands are busy doing other things and he can't use both of them to text or type. He pushes the microphone button on his iPhone and speaks out his text messages. I tried it about a month ago and it was amazing. (For those of you that have been using it for years, I'm late to the party I know)  Sometimes when I cannot type out my thoughts as I want to say them, I speak them. It's kind of amazing how far technology has come, translating the sound of my voice into a typed paragraph, substance in front of my eyes.

There's quite a few amazing things that are going on in my life right now. To some they may seem miniscule but truly understanding the importance in the little things gives you life.

one. My house is a mess. A pigsty is what my mom would call it back when I was younger and my room looked like a tornado hit it. I am currently in the process of moving while selling furniture and decor (local and interested? send me an e-mail). Downsizing to save and have more in the future. But I am living in the middle of chaos right now. Not organized chaos, well, I guess semi-organized chaos.
On Sunday, I walked down my hallway, bags and boxes on each side of me and in front of me. But I had a smile on my face. I have never felt how happy I am right now. Every other time I have moved, I have dreaded it. Irritable and mad the entire time, throwing thing in boxes, yelling, practically pulling my hair out. But this time it is different. I have peace. I am not my situation. I can do all things. I control my outlook on life. I know that better things are to come and this is the process.

two. Communication. I thank God for helping me to communicate to "A." Although, I am not always convinced he hears me (LOL), I am thankful that we can have open lines of communications and talk to each other about everything. I am also thankful that God helps us deal with each other. I know every once and in a while -HAHA- I am hard to live with or deal with. But we pick up on each other's cues and give space when necessary. I was listening to a talk radio show this morning and a man that had been married 32 years said communication was the best advice he could give newlyweds. I thank God that I can be completely honest with "A" when it hurts and I can be honest with myself when it doesn't feel so good either. Although we have been together almost 6 years, I know this is just the start and I thank Him through it all.

three. Healing. I thank Jesus for healing in all areas of my life. I am on a journey of faith and healing in my body. For those of you who do not know, I was diagnosed with Lupus in 2006. There were times that I had thoughts of depression and pain because of this. I am doing very well, but days when my body does not cooperate with me it was hard to keep going. Christ has truly strengthened me in who He is, what He has for me, and who I am in Him. I am thankful for this.

four. Baby Grace. My first doctor's appt when I was pregnant with baby Grace I was worried. The doctors told me that because of the medication I was on that my baby could be affected and there could be birth defects. My OB and Rheumatologist argued about what the right thing to do was. I was scheduled to see a specialist and genetic counselor for my pregnancy to let me know all risks associated with my health and my baby girl. I remember leaving the doctor's appt and pulling the car over and crying. Me and "A." And I remember God shining a light through "A" in that moment. "A" told me that all we could do was trust in God. I knew He was right. The next week all of the testing came back from the specialist and we were told that I was in such a low risk, and my health looked spectacular that I could go to a normal OB. I was told they would still monitor things and my daughter was born in January as a healthy 7lb 7oz baby. I am sooooo thankful for that.

five. Treasure Tuesdays. A new feature I am going to be doing on my blog, hoping to do this each week starting next week. I am going to taking a journey of health and wellness. I have found that sometimes when I want to exercise there are things that I physically cannot do based on my joint pain or discomfort. I am going to begin a journey in finding out treasures in God's word, as well as what works with my body for exercise and food that I eat and how that translates into good or bad for my body. I have a book my dear friend, Ashley, bought me - Foods that Heal. I will take a dive into this following God's spirit and plan and each week I will share something with you on my journey. I am hoping to build a sense of community for those that can relate and for those that cannot - help to build a bridge of understanding, built with love.

Speaking of treasures.. 
I have a pretty lovely lady I would love to introduce you all to, Ashley.
She is a lovely sponsor this month and her blog, A Faithful Passion, is adorable. I love how honest she is in her posts and that she has great posts that are encouraging and insightful!

Hey, I'm Ashley! 
25, single, Texas girl. Even though I went to school in Arkansas, graduated from University of Arkansas in Little Rock 2012, I still was a Texan at heart. I'm an overall girly girl and lover of flowers. I enjoy reading, writing, thinking, and working out/yoga. My blog is centered around my lifestyle which includes my strong faith in God, my everyday experiences in life, and many newfound things. A Faithful Passion is still considered a baby, she was started April 2014, but I'm loving the direction it's going! I'm blessed to have been able to start this blog to share issues, thoughts, and just everyday laughs with amazing people. 

What made you start writing?
I've found it easier to express myself when I write and God placed on my heart to start a blog. I've always seen them but never gave it any thought until a couple of months ago so I stepped out on faith and it has been one of the best decisions ever!

Give us THREE words that others use to describe you.
 Strong, Considerate, Intelligent

What is your absolute favorite food? 
Guacamole dip w/chips. I can eat that every day! I love to add tomatoes, onion, cilantro, lime juice, & jalapenos.

Favorite thing to do on a Saturday afternoon?
Catch up on my recorded shows during the week, workout, and lounge around or hang out with friends.

What is one thing your journey with Christ has taught you?
Never to lose faith in Him no matter my circumstances. I constantly remind myself that there is better I just have to believe and be faithful to Him. Living for Him on Earth gives me pleasure to know I will live an eternal life

Now here's a few favorite reads from Ashley's blog arsenal - make sure to check them out!

Have a great day!
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