Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Happy Tuesday!

How was your holiday? Mine involved cleaning, laundry, and family time. It was the perfect mix of busy and relaxation. I was so excited for the long weekend, I felt like I had a lot of things I wanted to get done and although I didn't get to everything, I feel good about my use of time this past weekend. 

I am realizing that sometimes I have a tough time listening. Like I hear perfectly clear, but when it comes to getting up and doing what I hear, it often is like it fell on deaf ears. You're probably wondering what I am referring to. I have been saying for a few weeks, I need to get out of bed earlier. Actually, let me rephrase that Jesus has literally been telling me to start my days earlier. I've fallen into a slump lately. My commute has increased, the time it takes to get me and baby L on the road and to the sitter is becoming a longer process. Every morning I turn the TV on, knowing that I should be getting up and I lay there in bed. And then I get annoyed that I can't be more productive.

Now, don't get me wrong. I have always been a morning person, until I made it to "Mommyville." I have always been the type to wake super early, get to the gym in the morning before work, and ready to start the day early. With baby L not always sleeping through the night it gets tough. But I know I can do it. This weekend was a testament to that. I woke up early and worked on a few things I have been wanting to work on. You don't understand how amazing I felt when I went to bed last night. I'm sure God was sitting there laughing at me and saying, I've been telling you to listen to me.

Sometimes its the hardest thing to do, because you know its the right direction but it seems so difficult to make the change and listen. And honestly, the hardest part of your day probably begins in those moments. When you are fighting within yourself about going to the gym, or getting up to do the laundry, or finishing working on that project you MUST do. In those moments, I am figuring out that it is so important to listen. Those are the best battles to win. Sacrificing your comfort for what you know is right to do or accomplish. Especially when it is something Jesus is pushing you to do. Something you know in your heart should get done.

We need to see Jesus as the ultimate example and inspiration. I mean think about the most inspiring person in your life or someone you admire and look up to. It can be anyone. Someone you know personally, maybe even a public figure or celebrity. Now think about if they were giving you advice. I mean can you imagine Chris Powell from Extreme Weight Loss in your bedroom every morning, telling you to get up and get to the gym? Or how about Diddy giving you advice about how to be successful. I am positive I would probably listen. I'd stand up at full attention, ready to tackle the day. That's the approach we need to have for Jesus. He is the creator, the one and only true and living God, yet we throw his advice to the side. 

grey maxi dress - Windsor
boyfriend denim button up - A's closet :); Gap
Brown Sandals - HauteLook
Necklace - F21; Bracelet - Charming Charlie

I am going to take this as an amazing learning experience. 
When I hear that voice inside saying, its time to get up and get moving. I am going to listen like it was a drill sergeant standing above me. When I hear my heart pounding wanting me to get up and work on that project, I am going to listen. I have to listen to progress. I have to listen to remain free...

Will you also take this as an opportunity to listen? 


  1. beautiful look-Paul

  2. I feel like you are talking right to me! I need to do the same thing! You are looking beautiful in this by the way!


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