Wednesday, December 28, 2011

new years eve

Hi! Hope everyone's weekend was great! I had a blast, hanging out with my family and got a few gifts! The secret santa was a success! I had my nephew and he's a huge NY Giants fan, so it was pretty easy for me to pick out his gift! As for me, I got a thermal and leggings from Victoria Secret, and a gift card for VS from my secret santa! :) Very happy about that!!

Anywho, I was looking into some things on the VS website when I started getting sucked in by the NYE dresses... I am hosting a party this year, and although it's going to be casual dress code, I can't help but to look for pretty sparkly dresses.

Here's a few ideas I came up with:new years eve

ASOS mini cocktail dress$82 - Sequin party dress $85 - Velvet top $28 - Victoria s Secret padded bra $70 - Studded pumps $49 - Platform shoes Bebe high heel pumps $80 - Pleaser high heel shoes $59 - Steven by Steve Madden peep toe pumps $150 - Sondra Roberts vintage clutch $220 - Anya Hindmarch leather clutch $578 - Jigsaw clutch handbag £69 - Jane Norman oversized clutch £12 - Mawi jewelry $725 - Jane Norman yellow gold bangle bracelet €17 - Tasha jewelry $48 - Mulberry metal jewelry $320 - Miss Selfridge gold tone earrings £10 - Vince Camuto rose gold jewelry $35 - Renaissance Court Lace Dres $39 -

What are your plans? What are you wearing??

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Friday, December 23, 2011

Rockin' Around

Hey there, How goes it?
Last week my girlfriend invited me to a Christmas Party for her job. I decided to pull out a dress that was actually gifted to me last year by another girlfriend of mine. She bought it from ASOS, which was my favorite store last year! It didn't fit her, so thank God for friends, eh!! :)

If the shoe fits...

The party was a lot of fun, we ate great, had a few bevs... and at one point 90% of the people at the party were on the dance floor. That was the highlight of my night! Needless to say it was a very fun night! It definitely got me in the Christmas spirit! 

This weekend I will be heading to my parents house, which is about 15 minutes from me. We are doing a secret santa, which we started a couple years ago. One for the adults and one for the kids. It takes the pressure off of having to buy lots of gifts, or go broke for Christmas. 

Don't get me wrong, I like giving gifts, especially the thoughtful ones that take a little effort. But, at one point everyone was getting so stressed trying to get everything, and we decided to make it more focused on God and family versus material things. However, my mom people still bend the rules and get gifts for others!

We don't do a big dinner for Christmas Eve, usually that's done on Christmas Day. For Christmas Eve, we are going to be having walking tacos! And I am super excited because I love tacos and adding Doritos to them just makes them even better! If you don't know what walking tacos are, they are just when you put all the fixings of a taco (meat, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, taco sauce, sour cream etc) in a personal size bag of tortilla chips, fritos, etc. It just makes it easier and it mixes it all up for you. It is delish! 
You must try them!!

Speaking of food, 
last night I had a girl's night with my faves. We made dinner and talked about our goals for 2012. 

Roasted chicken with veggies, red potatoes, macaroni & cheese and side salad.
And WINE of course! It wouldn't be a ladies' night without it!

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas! Can't wait to see what you get! :)
Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Familiar Face

Hola Friends!!

Hope your week is going absolutely fabulous! We are a few steps closer to the Christmas weekend! :) WOo HoO!

Question: Have you ever had someone randomly shout out someone else's name and point to you?
I'm sure this has happened to quite a few people. You see my name is "Jena" (pronounced Gina). But most of my life people have called my "Jenna", so I'm used to them getting it wrong. -__-

Question: Have you ever been approached by a stranger and told that you look very familiar?
You're lucky if you said no. I almost always get approached by random people and they say I look super familiar. It's almost like they have met me before. As I deny profusely, they insist that we know each other. I must just have a familiar face.

Don't get me wrong:

I would never wish to be anyone else but myself, yet overtime, people would approach me and say I looked like Rudy from the Cosby Show. People would shout out Rudy as I walked down the street when out with my girlfriends. Actually, 70% of my co-workers at my last job thought it was cute to call me this.  -__- . Like everyday. -__- . So you can see how this can get annoying at some point. However, she is gorg, so although sometimes I don't see it, I run with it.

So, this post is dedicated to the fab Keshia Knight Pulliam, known most famously for her role as the young Rudy Huxtable in the Cosby Show & more recently as Miranda from her role on TBS's House of Payne. This petite beauty was the youngest actress to ever be nominated for an Emmy, and has won multiple NAACP awards for her professional work! She's

Okay, so what's your opinion?
images via here and here

As often as I get Keshia, I get Aisha Tyler. You may recognize her from a few places. First, she's a comedian. Hosted Talk Soup, and the reality dating show, The Fifth Wheel (I admit, I loved this show). You may also recognize her as Ross's girlfriend from the hit show, "Friends" in some of the last seasons. Anywho, she's funny and stunning!

images via here and here

I'll run with it. 
The only way I would be offended if is either of these ladies went off the deep end. As for now, all is good. 
Though, I'd cry if I was told I looked like Chewbacca. 

So tell me, Who are your Celeb Look-A-Likes?

Who do people insist you favor, even if you don't see it?

Monday, December 19, 2011


bright colors in a winter wonderland.

Dress - heartbreakers
Shoes - well you know....(I told you they would reappear) they were seen here and here.

Happy Monday Loves!

Hello to all new and seasoned followers! :) It is officially the last Monday before Christmas, and second to last full week of the year! Have you gotten all of your Xmas shopping out of the way? Neither have I. 

Anywho, I am super pumped to spend time with my family and start the New Year and get down some New Year's Resolutions, that I hopefully stick with. :( 
So, How many of you are good at breaking New Year's Resolutions? 
*Blushes* *Raises hand slowly*

Like most, I say I am going to stick with it in January, and come about February 1st, I have completely forgotten what I was going to be changing. So I am asking my fellow readers for tips to stick to resolutions. What helps you follow through?

In other news, this weekend I had my first Ugly Sweater Party.. It was for all my lovely ladies and was a lot of fun as you can tell by the silly photo below.
 Overall, it was a great night. A few of us a little slumber parrrtyyy! :) 

Well, that's all I have for now! Enjoy your Monday!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Seeing Spots.

Happy Thursday, Loves! 

First, I want to say thanks for all the lovely comments. I do read each every one and try to comment or follow back each of you! Also, *waving hysterically* HI! to all my new followers, I really do appreciate the love. Welcome to the land of all things random pretty! I will try my best to entertain your eyes, and inspire your minds. 

 See I'm smiling, that's how you guys make me feel. Now, everyone come in for a big hug!

 Aahh...... that felt good. 

ANYWHO, (Enough, with my ramblings..)
So, this morn I went searching in my closet, and look what I found:

So the story on this: I bought this sheer leopard dress online at awhile back and was absolutely in love with it from the moment I put it on. But, the problem arose when I had absolutely nowhere to wear it. Now, I love getting all dressed up and decked out for shindigs, but here in MN, when it gets cold.. we stay inside. I mean, sure we go to work, we go to school, maybe hit the grocery store, and then its home (next to the fireplace) for the rest of the night.
However, it has been pretty warm here. I mean yesterday it was 39 degrees (don't laugh). That's pretty good for MN in December. But, back to the dress. .. I'm super happy that its the holidays because that means there is going to be a lot more going on, and more festivities to get all 'glammed' up for. 

On the other hand, I generally stick to all things sparkly during the holidays, I just feel so festive that way. I am going to a holiday party this weekend, and I am sure I will probably end up wearing something with a bit more jazz.
IDK, What do you guys think, could this be worn to a holiday bash, or should I go more glitzy and glam!? 
Here's a few more pics to look at:

Dress -
JC Lookalikes - I love. They will probably keep appearing. (FYI)
Black Blazer - TJ Maxx
Jewelry/Accesories - A mix of H&M and Forever21 (honestly can't remember, sorry.)

Well, that's all I got for now. 

What's new with you? 
What's your perfect holiday party ensemble??

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Rack 'Em

Always have luck at Nordstrom's Rack.

Dark Green Crop Militia Cardi -Takeout
Sheer Blouse - Nordstrom's
Lace Tank - H&M
Flower Bangle - Francesca's Collection
Braided Bracelet - H&M
Tie up JC Lookalikes-

Happy Sunday Loves!

What do you think of the new layout?

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Giftcard goes to...

Congrats to Maria over at Avenue M

It was a quick giveaway! Thanks to all that entered! There will be plenty of those to come! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! :)

Friday, December 9, 2011

Breathe. Mini-Giveaway!

Oh my gosh, I can breathe again.


I'm sure some of you can imagine the way that I feel. I just finished writing the last 10 page paper for my philosophy class. I am a marketing major, and philosophy doesn't really interest me all that much. I got 4 hours of sleep last night. According to my doctor, I should be getting about 12 hours of sleep a night due to lupus. I definitely don't get that much sleep. 

I really feel like I have been complaining much more about school this year, than I ever have before. I think it just has a lot to do with everything I went through this semester. I mean, I just had some pretty heavy professors. I guess I can expect that as I am now a senior. But gosh, Senior year seriously sucks. I found out in the middle of the semester that working, was putting a huge burden on my schedule. So I had to cut back on hours. I am just so over school! But as for this next month, my mind is blank and I will not think about school again until I am FORCED to do so. 

I seriously need a new camera. I just see all the things I could do with a better camera. Right now I am using my camera on my phone. I guess it wouldn't be so bad if I had an iphone or something, but I don't. My camera's ok, it just needs to get the details of things. My blog wwould be so much better! So, that's what I am asking Santa for! Do you think he will give it to me? :)

Hey!! I wanted to tell you all about a cool thing Victoria Secret is doing! They are giving away gift cards everyday at 8 a.m. cst on their facebook page. The values range from $10 - $500! I actually ended up getting through and winning one for $10, not much but hey it's a free gift card so I won't be too choosy! :)  Anyways, you should check it out, the giftcards have to be used by 12/19 though, so make sure you use it!

Hey, I think I might do a mini-giveaway for my giftcard coupon code for $10 that I won! Just because I haven't been giving you all the attention you deserve lately! Since the giftcard has to be used by the 19th, I'll hold the giveaway for one day, so until tomorrow, Friday 12/10/11 at 12:00 am (midnight). That will give the winner a little over a week to use it!

Okay to enter this giveaway all you have to do is comment and list your e-mail, so that I can send you the information if you win! 

***Earn an extra entry if you follow my facebook page HERE! And leave a comment letting me know!

 Well, that's all I've got for now! Good Luck!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


A recent visit from a best friend home for Thanksgiving led me to try a new spot. Stoked by the fact it was featured on Food Network's "Man vs. Food" we stopped in for lunch.
210 E Hennepin Ave 

Minneapolis MN 55414

Open Daily 11-10pm

 The pizza is baked in a wood-burning oven which gives it a bit of char. Delish!

Now for the moment you have been awaiting...


Good luck to all who are experiencing the extreme overload of finals as I am. After this week I will be a free woman for a month! :)