Friday, October 31, 2014

Facing Fears: 4 Tips on Overcoming the Fear of the Unknown

Happy Halloween!

Can you believe October is coming to an end? I am overwhelmed with how fast this year has flown by! In finishing off the Friday’s fear series, today’s topic is perfect as we venture into a new month, and a new focus on the holidays coming up.

Fear of the Unknown.
How many of us have experienced this feeling? Unsure of what the future may bring, it can sometimes paralyze us. I remember back to when I began to learn how to drive. I was so scared because it was something that I had never done before. I was scared to take the driver's ed classes, I was afraid to go on my first drive with the instructor. It was scary, but it was necessary to do if I wanted to drive. The same fear tried to approach me when it came to starting to illustrate and began my Spoonful of Faith. I'm still not sure of what my future holds, but I know that with Christ I don't have to carry these feelings. I can give them to Him and trust my future will come out just fine. These are some tips that have helped me overcome this fear, time and time again.

BELIEVING God’s word.
I could quote scriptures at you all day long, but if you don’t believe them they have no benefit to you. We must know and BELIEVE His word. I have learned to believe His word through experience. He often teaches me that maybe I didn’t really believe what I thought I believed. It’s apparent when I face an issue. The actions I take at that time show me whether or not I truly believe. We know He gave us power, love and a sound mind, not fear (2 Timothy 1:7). We also know what worrying about the future does to our spirits and our sanity. That’s why He tells us not to worry about tomorrow as it will take care of itself. (Matthew 6:34). The power lies in believing these things.

Understanding that new things may feel uncomfortable and scary, at first.
One of the most paralyzing things about the unknown that I have encountered is the thought of not knowing what to do or what the steps are going to be. It’s a very uncomfortable feeling. We like being in control. We like knowing how to handle difficult or challenging situations. With my Bossy series, many of you asked me to talk about problems that arise for me. You want to know what could possibly happen so you can plan for it. But like any new car, or any new job – you are just never going to have all of the possible situations worked out. It’s going to feel, well, NEW. It should feel that way and that uncomfortable feeling is confirmation that you are in a new space. As you thrive in this new territory, you will gain confidence, and get a little cozier in it, but it should definitely feel “new’ at first.

Taking my hands off the steering wheel.
Relinquishing control is tough for me. I like to pretty much have a blue print ready and waiting for me for everything. When you are approaching a new season, a new job, and a new relationship – you may be hopeful, but sometimes not possessing control can make you fearful that things may not pan out the way you wanted them to. Understanding to truly experience this new venture, you must be vulnerable to the process – is hard for us. Like I said before it feels uncomfortable. Many of us don’t want to trust others, so we paralyze ourselves and never try new things. BUT since we have no way to magically tell the future and see into what will happen, we have to take our hands off the wheel, trust God, and put trust in someone else, and go with it.

Using it as a learning experience.
One of the biggest things that helped me not to be fearful about opening my business was that at the end of the day, I could say I tried. I could say I got an experience in being an owner of a business. I could leave with some experience and knowledge of how to operate or how not to operate. When you begin at a new job, you don’t know what type of people you will encounter, you are unsure if you will be able to do everything required of you. All you can do is your best, and learn from it. If you take that attitude with you, it will take you far.

What tips and tricks have worked for you when it comes to facing the unknown?

Please leave your encouragement/words of wisdom below – you never know when it may help someone!

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Have a beautiful weekend!!

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

You Rock + #YourAttitudeMatters + Let Your Light Shine Thursday!

Happy Thursday!

You guys are amazing. 
I am overwhelmed with the amount of love I received yesterday when I really needed a kind and positive word. I even got suggestions for songs to listen to and some of you reached out individually to make sure all was well. You do not understand how much that means to me and how much I truly treasure each and every one of you who comes by my little space to see what I am up to! I want to let you know that things are working out for my good. I am staying focused on the positive and going further towards what's ahead of me!

If you follow my art on Instagram, @ShopSpoonfulofFaith, you would have noticed this pretty little girl across your timeline yesterday. This is how I feel today! I'm rejuvenated with support and prayers and the situation is well! I also woke up to see that I was featured in a local newspaper article when I was interviewed at the MN Blog Conference, read here. It's a beautiful day and I must continue to focus on the positive! I think I'll buy someone a coffee today, to keep my attitude in the right place :)

It all ties in well with today because we are approaching our last #YourAttitudeMatters party! We will be moving onto another fun and exciting hashtag party next month! So let's go out with a bang!

Let's continue the conversation with

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Today's Challenge:
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Today we are sharing a post from Mary at Eat, Drink & Be Mary.
We love Mary's uplifting words of encouragement using 10 verses for women! 

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Have a blessed day!

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Request From Me to You

Happy Wednesday!

Today, I want to ask for a request from you. To offer up words of encouragement and advice for me. Lately, I have been dealing with a few things where I feel misunderstood, disregarded, and lied about and lied to. I am working to keep my focus on Christ throughout it all and not to focus on the situation. I know that is not where my head should be. I must work to always be the best version of Jena I can be, even in difficult situations and I am just asking that you keep me in prayer today! I am also asking for your words of encouragement or advice on what has helped you, or scriptures, quotes videos, pictures that inspire you to stay uplifted and not focus on the negative! 

I know what has helped me in the past, music often breaks me. The right song can touch my heart in ways that tear down walls I have built up and make me see things in a different perspective. Today I am going to focus on giving someone else the benefit of the doubt. To say, maybe they didn't mean it that way, maybe they don't understand me. 

And I just ask for you to stand with me on it all. I know it will be well, and I ask that you agree on this with me. I know that with God and you all behind me everything will work out the way it was meant to work out. 

Have a very blessed day!!

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Bossy: Being Authentic

Happy Tuesday!

If you are not familiar, last week I introduced a new series to my blog that will follow my journey as a newbie entrepreneur. Read more here. My plan is to write at least 1 post a month about things I have learned or am experiencing while I am in the journey and my hope is to inspire you, to challenge you, and give you my perspective through the process. 

One of the first things I struggled with internally when starting to turn commissioned work as an artist into a business was authenticity. Believe it or not, we live in a society that promotes entrepreneurship. The loyalty to brands is few and far between, and once you have one thing - many people copy, imitate, or clone to try to get on that wave of success. This is something that is very hard and scary for a newbie to face.

The thought of someone stealing my work, or my ideas and writing them off as theirs is sheer terror. 

I began to think, how can I truly create everything I want to create with the knowledge that someone may steal my work or try to imitate what I do. How do I plan for that? I began to keep my thoughts and ideas locked up and not willing to share with others with the fear of them not being trustworthy and spinning it for their own personal gain.

I sat down with God and asked, what am I supposed to do!? I don't want people stealing my stuff, I don't want to be so secretive about everything, and I surely don't want to limit myself because of it. Over the course of a few days I began to get answers to the questions I was longing for.

Be Authentic. Be Original. Don't Copy. 
I kept hearing these phrases ringing within me. Often times we look at places like Pinterest, social media, and other people for inspiration. While those things may spark awesome ideas, they are also ways that we become prone to copying. Often times when I am trying to come up with an idea for a post on the blog, I may like an idea I've seen but I try to think how can I spin it? How can I change it and make it something new? How can I create the next best version of it?

I was basically being taught to apply that to my art. To be authentic in my work and what I produced. Focusing on always being true to myself and being original will keep me ahead of those that copy. If you are copying something, you need the original in order for you to do your work.

As a copycat - If the original isn't creating anything new, you aren't either.

I had to look at the copycats as always being a few steps behind me. Which means that I would always be ahead of them. I am working on this day by day. I am starting to focus more on being original and coming up with new and different ideas, all thanks to Jesus as He is truly my idea generator. Focusing on the future of where my brand is going and looking into creative new ideas to propel my business and my work is an important key to it's success.

Putting more effort into the unknown ideas and unmarked territory in your industry is more vital to your business than thinking about who will copy you. 

We see this daily with our cell phone and technology companies, like Apple. They live in an innovative industry. With people adopting and adapting quite quickly all the time, their ideas are bound to be used and copied. But instead of focusing on the copycats, they are searching on how to make their businesses better.

Many of the things we will want to use haven't even been thought of yet. That's the market we go after. 

That is the idea I must apply to my business. I have ideas of things that I have never seen before, I am excited to work on them and pour my heart into them. But I have to know that someone will use it, someone will copy it word for word, someone will try to pass it off as their own. But as long as I am staying authentic and being original - they will always be two steps behind me.

On top of that - Common copyright laws always protect the artist in cases like an original piece of work, so thank God I have that to back me up. The work I offer is for personal use and all rights are always held by me, unless there is an agreement saying otherwise. If someone takes my item and tries to say its theirs I could totally go after them. If a client bought a custom illustration and started to produce an item commercially with my work without my approval, I could go after them. I have rights, and so do you - so research and know your rights. Its a principle of God's kingdom that we are aware of our rights, and its no different here on earth. It is important to protect yourself the best you can, but understand that your focus can't be there.

Your focus has be on where you are taking your business. 

I know that if I give Jesus the reigns in this business, He will continue to help me focus on the important things and take this business to the next level. He will guide my footsteps and make me go in the right direction. Without Him, I was worried, scared, and fearful. With Him I am confident, inspired, and original.

Be Original. Be Authentic. Don't Copy.

Have a blessed day!

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Further Reading:
Romans 12:2
Romans 12:6-7
Jeremiah 29:11

Monday, October 27, 2014


Happy Monday!

Welcome to another beautiful week that we have been graciously granted the grace to see. 
How was your weekend? Mine was beautiful! I got to spend time with my family and got to attend a couple of blogger events. I've never attended many things for bloggers and there isn't much in Minnesota, so this weekend was a great change of pace!

1. MN Blogger Conference - I volunteered at the MN Blog Conference. If you went, I was the gal at the Free Business Headshots booth! :) It was awesome being able to connect and network with other bloggers and just to support the blogging community! I met some really cool people and got to meet a few bloggers that I interact with. That is so awesome :)

2. People Style Watch Party with Silver Jeans at Macy's - I got invited to come out and support Silver Jeans and also try on their new "Joga" jean. Let me tell you guys this jean is amazing. It's NOT a jegging. It's NOT a jogger pant. It's NOT a legging. It is truly a pair of jeans with jogging pant material on the inside. You will look like you have on a beautiful pair of jeans and you will feel like you are wearing nothing. Pure Genius. Cannot wait to do the full review and style these on my blog. 

3. Baby Grace - This is what our days together look like. Right now she is beginning to be super attached to me. Like when I walk in the room she wants me, and even at times when she is with her daddy or grandma. It literally makes my heart melt. But I also know what I am going to be in store for. I love the bond between mother and daughter. We get each other and its beautiful.

4. Spoonful of Faith - Got to work on a few orders, and work on a few additional pieces for the shop. Can't wait to share the finished result with you all, and these new pieces into the shop! I also got my first prints back for the shop. I am overwhelmed with how beautiful they look. I can see great things ahead with this! :)

There was something else that I wanted to touch on today. Something that I ran into this weekend, or rather it ran into me. I wanted to open my heart and share with you something about myself, and this blog space of mine. 

I want you all to understand a few things about what I write here. First and foremost, I love Jesus. If you haven't figured that out by now, you haven't been reading ;) But secondly, I want you all to know that I am ALWAYS preaching to my own heart. When I write heartfelt, uplifting posts to encourage everyone. I am writing to encourage myself. When I give tips and tricks to staying in the right frame of mind, these things are truly being spoken through me and TO me. I am to be Christ's light in this dark world, but it all starts at home first. 

I am always striving to be better, there is so much more I can learn, and I have surely not arrived. I come back and read things that I have written and they encourage me in times. I don't ever want anyone to think I am saying anything at only them or others. I am ALWAYS speaking to Jena. Because Jena needs this just as much as anyone else. In fact, Jena needs it more. 

Jena struggles, Jena gets attitudes, Jena has bad days. 

She is just like you and we all together can learn to be better in this life. We can grow together with Christ's teachings and become better you's and better me's. It all starts at home and I just wanted to let you all know that things are not always cheery and full of sunshine in Jena's world. Things don't always look great, but I choose to see the sunshine in the rain and I choose to speak the good when the bad is taking place. I hope this encourages someone today to understand a bit more about me and what I stand for. I hope it helps you to see that I am always working on me, first. 

Have a beautiful day!!

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To any of you that desire prayer for this week: 
I pray that you have a beautiful day today. That you allow Christ's light to shine in your life. I pray that you get an opportunity to show His love to others, and to take a second out of your world and do something good for someone else. I pray that he uses you to show his glory. I pray for your peace this week. That you are still and wait on Him for instruction in everything you do. I pray that you allow Him to guide you in all things, in as small as what you eat to as large as what you will say or do in a tough situation. In Jesus name, Amen. 

Friday, October 24, 2014

Facing Fears: Loneliness

Blouse - Cotton On
Black Sleeveless Sweater - Thrifted - $7!
Blue Denim - Gap
Brown Booties - Steve Madden

Happy Friday!
Hope the end of the week is winding down great for you. It is always much deserved every week when I meet up with Friday. The weather here has been gorgeous lately, and I have a few things planned this weekend so it should be nice. I am planning to attend the MN Blogger Conference, a People Style Watch event for Silver Jeans, and likely a movie with the hubs. On top of those, always spending time with family and God.
So in closing out this work week, I wanted to continue the facing fears series. We’ve discussed the fear of failure, the fear of rejection, and today we will focus on the fear of loneliness.
The fear of loneliness or being alone
 It can be shared not only by those who are single, or those who have may have a minimal number of outside relationships with others, but can also be a reality for those who have huge support systems visibly present. Loneliness looks different for many people. It can mean you always need a partner or you feel inadequate. It can mean you must always be in a social setting to feel your best. It could even mean you are scared or feel unsafe when you are alone at night.  It can mean that you feel no one understands you and you are facing life alone.

I've experienced this first hand when I became pregnant. I felt like I was the only one going through what I was experiencing. It is a feeling of isolation and disconnection with others. It’s tough to be in a place like that, but there is hope. There is an answer to the equation. Christ is the only one that knows your deepest thoughts and feelings, and can help you overcome them.

What has helped me:
Leaning completely on Jesus.
Believe it or not, but in many of those situations where I felt alone – I would pray for those that I felt didn’t understand me. I would ask God to help me be a better friend to them. I would ask him to heal my heart. To help me appreciate the people that I did have. Help me to see them as he sees them. I would ask him to give me understanding. Help me to see clues as to why I am in this situation right now, was it for me to have a story in the future that may help someone? Was it for me to learn that he is always there? Was it for me to understand I have no control over other people and their actions and I must trust in him? I learned so much during that time by leaning on him. That is what he wants, that is what he is there for.

Understanding that man will fail. 
We are humans, we will make promises and sometimes even if not intentionally they will get broken. God is the only one who is truly his word. I remember thinking – they said they would always be there for me. I felt alone and I felt lied to. I felt like if someone truly cared about me they would reach out. The truth is, I have told many of my friends that I would be there for them and meant it. And there have been many of missed calls on my cell phone. Jesus is the only one that is always, ALWAYS there. In the middle of the night when you know you no one will answer, he will. Even if just to listen to our most inner cries and thoughts. And through it all we must show grace and mercy in those situations to those we feel abandoned by, just as Christ has shown to us.

Looking for the silver lining. 
It’s hard. I mean how do you look for a silver lining when you lose someone? How do you see the good in that? How do you see the light in a dark place of loneliness? How do you see it when you've been through bad relationship after bad relationship? But its there somewhere. It may take years until you figure it out, or might be right away. It could be for a greater cause, it could be to teach you something. I had to go through bad relationships before I appreciated a good one. I had to feel alone to understand how to offer support to others. I had to experience the pain of loss, to appreciate and live the life I was given. And if you don’t know what it is, accept that you may not understand in this season but know all things work together for the good of those who love God.

Reaching out to others.
 I put this last for a couple reasons. It’s said the last thing you read is usually the one that sticks with you, but I really put this last because that is usually the last thing we think or want to do in these situations. We fight ourselves, with “they don’t care” or “I need to be strong.” But God put us all on this earth for a reason, and it’s to be a help to each other. We have to rely on other people sometimes! They may be the one who he speaks through to give you hope and understanding. Invite them out to dinner, to get out and about. Taking your focus off of your lonely thoughts and engaging with others may help you through this time.

What things have helped you?

Can you relate?

Do you ever feel like you are alone? 

Have a great weekend!

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

4 Ways to Boost Your Attitude #YourAttitudeMatters + Let Your Light Shine Link Up!

Happy Thursday!

Doesn't this pic make you feel powerful? If you follow my shop on Instagram, she's already graced your feed. In keeping with the theme for this month, #YourAttitudeMatters, I wanted to give you ideas and ways to turn your toughest moments and bad situations into something positive. 

 Let's be real, we are not always going to be able to point out the silver lining in some situations.
They are just going to be too tough for us to see a bright side. But changing our attitude doesn't mean changing the situation and forgetting the hurt or pain or disappointment we are experiencing. It is rather choosing to focus on something more positive, so those things don't bring us down, depress us, or cause us to be unmotivated. Its choosing to "let it go" or "let it be" rather than putting all our energy into trying to pick up the pieces. It is rather choosing to take a different perspective, that could change our days, and even our lives. 

This week I had a few moments where I had to choose the right attitude. I want to share 4 ways that I overcame those tough moments and what worked for me. 

Choose to be a blessing when you feel you need one yourself.
One example was when I was running late for work, knowing I totally missed a meeting that I should have been at. Annoyed and now potentially starting the day on the wrong foot, I went to grab coffee to help bring me up a little. But instead of just getting some for myself only - I paid for the person in the drive thru behind me, because maybe they were having a day like mine. I left a note with the barista, just saying that I wanted to shine a little light on their day. It immediately made me forget about my sour situation and put me in a better place. 

Surround yourself with cute stuff. 
Cute kids, animals, and even clothes immediately bring my attitude up. In fact its proven that watching cute animal videos increases your productivity (read one article here).
Isn't that insane?
I know if I watch a cute or funny video, it brings me to a place of happy.
Try it

Get an Attitude Accountability Partner.
I have a great friend at work that keeps me sane. She lets me vent, and then after we are done - we bring each other back to our purpose and focus on the positive. It's so important to have someone like this. They don't have to shove scriptures and mantras down your throat - but in those tough moments, offer a shoulder to lean on and give you another perspective to think about. We all know how it is having someone with a bad or worse attitude around us. It brings us dowwwwnn. Make sure you are choosing folks that bring you up!

Canceling out negative thoughts. 
Oh, this one is good and new for me. As soon as someone says something I don't like or something that happens may bring down my attitude, I immediately cancel those bad thoughts out. Literally, thinking or saying to myself - "Self, I am not going down that thought path." Your thoughts can take you so many places, so stopping them at the start is important. 

Those are the tricks that have helped me this week! 
Have you ever tried these before? 
What was your experience?
How can we change our attitudes and be effective right now?

Let's continue the conversation with hashtag#YourAttitudeMatters


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Today we are sharing a post from Robyn at Feel Great Fashion.
We love Robyn's perfect military inspired look,  and Robyn was the most clicked on link last week.
Military Inspired Denim

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- J

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

5 Date Night Activities You Must Do with Your Honey in October

Happy Hump Day!

Leather Dress - Poppy Lux
Cheetah Heels - Heartbreakers
Gold Name Necklace - By Faith Accessories
Gold Chain Bracelet - Gift from my Mom

When I put this dress on, immediately I felt sexy and put together. Poppy Lux gave me the pleasure of beholding this beauty, and I am loving every minute of it. It goes well with cheetah print - what doesn't? And the beautiful gold name necklace from By Faith Accessories.
(this month's sponsor, check out the discount on the sidebar, yal!)

This dress got me pumped up for a date night. Me and A have been trying to be more intentional about having alone time lately. After the wedding and new baby, we have to make it important to get back to us! There's one thing about fall, its like perfect date season! The weather is cool but not too hot, you can cozy up somewhere, or dress up your comfy look for a night out together. In continuing from my 5 activities you must do with your kids, (remember this?) I am gearing up for 5 activities you must do with your honey this October.

1.Go to a football game 
Tis the season for sports. Although, I am not the first to jump at turning to ESPN, going to a live game is exciting and fun. It can be a local high school or college, or a national team (let's not get started on the Vikings..), either way it will be a great thing to do on a weekend as you enjoy some time out with a warm coffee or cocoa in hand, rooting your team on!

2. Hit up a hay ride
These are fun if they are haunted! Take the honey out for a night at a local festive fair, or just go for the ride. There is a local spot, Trail of Terror, that has a haunted trail and also live music, hay rides, and more. Although, the last time me and A went our hay ride got stuck in the middle of the forest at night (Talk about spooky!) it was still a great time!

3. Plan a cuddle date
Don't feel like weathering the chilly nights? Netflix or Redbox are welcome in this one. Get some of your favorite movies, or ones you can't wait to see, bottle of wine or hot apple cider, popcorn, and comfy spot and you've got an instant cuddly night.

4. Volunteer Together
This should really be a year round activity, however in the next coming months the push will be greater to give to those without. Plan a day where you can volunteer at a local charity and give back to those in need. Grab a bite to eat or coffee before or after the event. It will make you feel all warm inside.

5. Visit a pumpkin patch, orchard, or corn maze
These activities are live and well during this time. We have one right up the street from us. This is great if you have kids, or even if not. Picking apples to make some sweet treats, grabbing a pumpkin for dessert or decor, or just seeing who can make it through the corn maze fastest. It will all be gone soon, so get out and enjoy it!

Ok! I'm taking my own advice and working to get at least a few of these under my belt in the next couple weeks!

Have a great day!!

- J

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Bossy: Being a Newbie Entrepreneur v.1

Happy Tuesday!

I have always dreamed about being my own boss. About setting my schedule and working on something I love through the good and the bad, and in the end having that feeling of accomplishment for what I produce. Little did I know what that journey would look like. And I still don't. My brother did it, my younger brother always had such a talent and gift and he acted on it. He became his own boss and he has grown professionally and personally. 

I've seen it with my own eyes and wanted it for myself. But how would I do it, how would I get there? Jesus inspired me to start drawing again. When I was younger I always used to draw. You should look at the doodles in my notebooks for class. In high school, I even started drawing a weekly comic in one of my classes, poking fun at a few friends. When the teacher was anything but interesting, I would see myself being carried away into another world. Conflict came because as a creative soul, I found myself dabbling in all sorts of things. Graphic design - my older sister and I were even self taught in HTML by middle school! I also am a singer, and when I was young I figured I had to choose one thing to be good at. You know, with everyone always asking what are you going to do when you grow up? You could never tell them multiple things, because then you lacked focus and were not going to be successful. 

I finally decided to keep my path on business with a focus in marketing. I always knew I wanted to own my own business. I felt marketing was the creative side of business so I would be able to be as creative as I needed. And although marketing turned out to be much different, I still enjoyed it and the creativity I could impute into it. I enjoyed learning and understanding people and the way they work and analysis, I love analysis.

But that still didn't fill the void in my heart. I began my blog 4 years ago to have a creative outlet and share myself with the world. I love my blog, but it only became a partial filler to what I was missing. 
When I began to draw again, something started to come out of me. Confidence and natural ability started to flow and I know it is all because of God. I trust him in every aspect and consult with him on every decision I make. It's so important to me. 

Though I have only just started my own business, Spoonful of Faith, weeks ago, there is so much that I have learned and so much for me to learn. Every month, I want to do a Bossy check in here on the blog. I want to give you a glimpse in my life as it comes to my business, and where I am at with things. I want you to jump in my thoughts with me to see where I am heading. I want you to experience what things are difficult for me. I want you to take this journey with me and offer tips, advice, and support if nothing else. I want to share this process step by step, month by month and see this business soar! 

What types of things would you be interested in for me to talk about?

What things do you want to learn?

What experiences do you want me to share?

I'm going to be an open book through this process and hope to inspire you, challenge you, and motivate you throughout the adventure. This will be a great journal for me to keep of everything Jesus has brought me through from the start and I'm excited to share it with you. 
Thanks for listening to my story! 

Have a great day!

- J

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Chi Chi London

Happy Monday!

Floral Print Dress c/o ChiChi London
Denim Jacket - Thrifted! $7!
Brown/White Booties c/o Dresswe

How was your weekend?
I worked on things in my shop, made tie blankets with a group from my church, and met my friend's newborn twin babies. It made me think about how big my little baby grace has grown, and how she is definitely not a newborn anymore! I really have to hold on to these days and memories we are experiencing right now!

This beautiful, fun and flirty dress is from Chi Chi London. I love the material of it, its great quality and the fit accentuates where it needs to and gives room where that is needed too. I paired it with this awesome denim jacket I got from thrifting this past week! You guys I have been experiencing thrifting heaven! :) And cannot forget the booties. I love them from Dresswe. I wish I had a better shot of them, because they are just so fab - if you follow me on instagram I did have a better shot of them a few weeks back. 

Anywho, I hope you have an amazing start to your week! 

- J