Thursday, October 23, 2014

4 Ways to Boost Your Attitude #YourAttitudeMatters + Let Your Light Shine Link Up!

Happy Thursday!

Doesn't this pic make you feel powerful? If you follow my shop on Instagram, she's already graced your feed. In keeping with the theme for this month, #YourAttitudeMatters, I wanted to give you ideas and ways to turn your toughest moments and bad situations into something positive. 

 Let's be real, we are not always going to be able to point out the silver lining in some situations.
They are just going to be too tough for us to see a bright side. But changing our attitude doesn't mean changing the situation and forgetting the hurt or pain or disappointment we are experiencing. It is rather choosing to focus on something more positive, so those things don't bring us down, depress us, or cause us to be unmotivated. Its choosing to "let it go" or "let it be" rather than putting all our energy into trying to pick up the pieces. It is rather choosing to take a different perspective, that could change our days, and even our lives. 

This week I had a few moments where I had to choose the right attitude. I want to share 4 ways that I overcame those tough moments and what worked for me. 

Choose to be a blessing when you feel you need one yourself.
One example was when I was running late for work, knowing I totally missed a meeting that I should have been at. Annoyed and now potentially starting the day on the wrong foot, I went to grab coffee to help bring me up a little. But instead of just getting some for myself only - I paid for the person in the drive thru behind me, because maybe they were having a day like mine. I left a note with the barista, just saying that I wanted to shine a little light on their day. It immediately made me forget about my sour situation and put me in a better place. 

Surround yourself with cute stuff. 
Cute kids, animals, and even clothes immediately bring my attitude up. In fact its proven that watching cute animal videos increases your productivity (read one article here).
Isn't that insane?
I know if I watch a cute or funny video, it brings me to a place of happy.
Try it

Get an Attitude Accountability Partner.
I have a great friend at work that keeps me sane. She lets me vent, and then after we are done - we bring each other back to our purpose and focus on the positive. It's so important to have someone like this. They don't have to shove scriptures and mantras down your throat - but in those tough moments, offer a shoulder to lean on and give you another perspective to think about. We all know how it is having someone with a bad or worse attitude around us. It brings us dowwwwnn. Make sure you are choosing folks that bring you up!

Canceling out negative thoughts. 
Oh, this one is good and new for me. As soon as someone says something I don't like or something that happens may bring down my attitude, I immediately cancel those bad thoughts out. Literally, thinking or saying to myself - "Self, I am not going down that thought path." Your thoughts can take you so many places, so stopping them at the start is important. 

Those are the tricks that have helped me this week! 
Have you ever tried these before? 
What was your experience?
How can we change our attitudes and be effective right now?

Let's continue the conversation with hashtag#YourAttitudeMatters


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  1. Great tips for an attitude boost, babe! I love the idea of surrounding yourself with cute stuff + stuff you love! :) Happy Thursday!


  2. Adorable illustration! I also have to say that I love Robyn's look! Overcoming difficult situations is always hard. I agree with all of your points. An attitude of gratitude always seems to help me. Whenever I feel discouraged, I think of all the blessings I already have. Have a great weekend, Jena! ~Cynthia

  3. Thanks so much for the feature, Lovely Lady J!! Such an honor! And those tips you gave for changing your attitude are right on time! I particularly LOVE #1.


  4. Your posts are always so happy and positive. Thanks so much for this, Jenna. Always a pleasure joining you, my friend. =)

  5. I love what you said about choosing to be a blessing when you feel you need one. Sometimes I think I write my most inspiring posts when I am at my worst.

  6. You're right, so much depends on our own attitude. What a great post!

  7. Thanks for sharing this. #3 has really helped me in the past.

  8. "Choose to be a blessing when you feel you need one yourself." YES to this!! I try to practice this when I'm feeling down.

  9. Your positive tips are spot on! Love them and your fab denim on denim styling!!! Thank you for hosting this link up! T.

  10. I was hooked at "Choose to be a blessing when you feel you need one yourself." I love this and it is SO true. What you did is such a beautiful thing that you can't help but feel good.

  11. Love the idea of having an attitude accountability partner!

  12. Monique R. HurtadoOctober 25, 2014 at 5:14 AM

    I need this today...I've had a bit of an attitude as of late.

  13. I so needed to read this!

  14. Thanks Ashley! Yes, cute little furballs or kids always make me smile :)

  15. That's awesome Cynthia, you are so right!

  16. Thanks so much for linking up Robyn! Yes, its to important to bless others first!

  17. Thanks, so much Ada! You are always so encouraging to me. I really appreciate you!

  18. Gina. Yes. That is awesome, I am going to have to come around your neck of the woods more often ;)

  19. Thanks, Julie. We are in control of it!

  20. Yes, Osy! Having someone else keep you on the course is so important. I have a buddy that helps me bring it back in and stay focused on good things!

  21. Yes! It is so important, Mandy. I love that you do this, too!

  22. Tina! Thank you so much for stopping by each week and leaving encouraging words. You don't know how much they truly mean to me!

  23. Isn't it amazing, Ashley. In that instant my negative feelings and the wall I was building immediately broke, and I felt amazing!

  24. Janet. If you are ever struggling or if you just want one, please do this. It's so awesome how it will truly help you out.

  25. They come to all of us, but we are definitely in control of whether we act on them or not. Thanks for stopping by, Monique!

  26. GREAT post. Seriously. I loved it so very much. And your attitude. I would love to have you on a series on my blog. Email me if you are interested -

  27. Deidre! Thanks so much for your comment. I'd love to help with a series. I'll send you an email shortly! :)


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