Monday, July 21, 2014

Paralyzed by Perfection

Happy Monday!

Hope the week is starting out great for you. 
For me it was a hassle getting over Sunday, but I accomplished getting to work this morning so that deserves a pat on the back. In fact, everyone pat yourself on the back if you have made it to your destination for the day. It took a lot of pushing to get you out of that bed this morning and on your way. Oh, and don't forget to thank our creator for the chance to see another beautiful day!

This past week I became extremely inspired about a project I have been working on since the beginning of this year. I cannot wait to share it with you all! Anywho, Yes, I became super inspired and enlightened on this project again. How many of you have ever taken a break from something you are working on, and when you pick it back up you have fresh new eyes to see things a bit more clearly? Well, that is exactly what happened to me. This project is something that I have been trying to make perfect before anyone can lay eyes on it, dotting my i's crossing my t's to ensure that everything goes off with a hitch. 

But does that ever work? 
I mean truly, how often do you plan for something and everything goes according to your plan? 
Almost never. 

At least not according to my plan, but always according to God's plan. (Proverbs 16:9) I recently experienced it with my wedding. Everything was planned at its proper time and those times went right out the window come D-Day. LOL Truth is, although the day came out beautiful and better than we could have imagined, our plans had little to do with the magic. 

So the other day, I was talking to Jesus. Literally driving and thinking, discussing the fact that sometimes we want things to be so perfect that it can paralyze us. I had put this project on hold because I became so involved in every minuscule detail that I was losing focus on the purpose for this project. God put this in my heart to do it and He told me that I needed to get back to the purpose and everything else will fall in line.  

It amazes me how our ideas of perfection can put us in a position where we never move because things are not as 'picture perfect' as we think they ought to be. I have seen very talented individuals sit on their talents because they are waiting for the perfect timing, or they want every little detail to be the best one out there when in reality our idea of perfection is not truly what makes something authentic and exciting for the ones we are trying to make it perfect for.

 How many of us know someone who can sing better than the winner on American Idol, or knows how to design and sew better than the Project Runway All-Stars?
 Or even someone that can cook an amazing meal comparable to a top-chef? 

They might not all want to relish and bask in the fruits of their talents, but for those that dream and want to and are doing nothing because they think they are not good enough and not perfect enough - you are doing nothing more than being a hindrance to yourself and your future.   

"As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace"
-1 Peter 4:10

I am not saying just go out there with absolutely nothing in order, but I am saying take a leap when things are not as picture perfect as you may have wanted them, with experience they will get better. Expect and accept shortfalls. That is how you learn. 
Embrace mistakes, that is where you grow.
 And trust the process and experience. 
It has been developed by an almighty God who has it already figured out. 

Start Where You Are
Use What You Have
Do What You Can
-Arthur Ashe

I hope this inspires you the way I have been inspired this week. Don't sit on your gifts, embrace them. Get out there and do something! 

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Friday, July 18, 2014

5 on Friday

Happy Friday!

I am so excited that the end of the week is here. 
It honestly has felt like it would never get here. Have you ever had a week like that?

Well, anywho - thought I would share some things with you today and I hope you don't mind as a few of them are rants. Yes, rants. I generally come on here and try to empower myself and others and then there are days like today, where I'm so over the week I had - that I cannot wait to get home, throw on PJs, and watch the latest episode of horrible reality TV, while pigging out to ice cream and watching baby grace babble. 

Its funny because I was literally talking to Jesus, basically complaining, and He's amazing because He allows me to get it out - but then to get over it! Now I've got to get it all out, and literally after I write this I will be sitting with my tub of ice cream completely over it.

Annoying things of the week:

ONE. People that like to hear themselves talk. 
I swear at work, some people literally just like to hear their own voices. There is someone I know that literally repeats the same things over and over and I'm convinced it is because they like their voice and want others to hear them. It will be nothing of substance, sometimes even useless facts that they believe everyone else wants to hear. Or you know those people that just have to make a comment on any and everything. They can never not say anything, they must be heard. How annoying.. 

TWO. People that don't plan things. 
Now that I'm a mommy and wife, its oober important that I put things on my calendar. Oh in the past I used to be a class A offender of this, but now I like to put things on my list ahead of time and know what's coming up that I need to be planning for. Also, needing a babysitter and all its imperative that I plan. When there is something spur of the moment it literally gives me a headache and annoys me - because I don't have that luxury anymore! For all of you single ladies that have mommy friends - please remember my rant
This can also apply to pop-up meetings that show up on your calendar 10 minutes before they start.. -_-

THREE. People that merge onto the highway going 20MPH. 
Angry Angry Gif animated GIF
I kid you not, some woman did that this morning. Literally pulled in front of me and almost caused a 12 car collision because she didn't want to go the speed  of current traffic. This is a huge pet peeve. I used to be really bad with road rage, but thank Jesus, He has taken the rage out of me otherwise it would have been lights out for that lady! I kid, I wouldn't have done anything but been in a bad mood - and I have no time for bad moods so I just let it go. But its still super annoying... 

FOUR. People who are all talk and no action. 
Annoying Music animated GIF
It annoys me when people complain about things and never do anything! Like I remember at my old job, people would literally moan and complain all day about how this process sucked, or that process didn't make sense - but none of them bothered to look into changing or improving it! Do something or stay quiet. Thank you.

FIVE. When you realize you forgot your lunch and are forced to eat cafeteria food.
Angry Annie animated GIF
This is the most annoying, when you have something super delicious that you forgot and are now forced to whatever they have in the cafe.. No, I do not want day old hamburger meat... (Our cafe is very questionable..) Either that or drive somewhere and spend money on food you don't want. 

All in all, TGIF is definitely in order. 
Enjoy your weekend!!

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Ashley Nguyen Wedding Photos + Let Your Light Shine Thursday Link-Up!

Happy Thursday!

I thought I would share a few of our wedding photos with you all, because many of you have asked about seeing them... if you follow on Instagram you already got to see a few of them...
My good friend, Ashley @ Ashley Nguyen Photography did a fantastic job. She's amazing.
I have integrated some candids as well as the finished shots for a little variety :)

Today is
Let Your Light Shine Thursdays!
Thanks so much for all of you that linked up last week!
Me and Aisha loved seeing all of your posts!

Our favorite from last week's link-up was from Kate @ Kate Style Petite!

She has great posts about fashion, style, recipes, and more! Make sure to check her out :)

Thanks again for all of you who participated! Now it's time to link up again :)

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Let Your Light Shine Thursdays

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

6 Months.

Happy Tuesday. 

Six months has passed me by so quickly. Looking up, and seeing the sun shine each day it makes me realize how life is so beautiful. Its July. Where did the year go? My sweet little baby girl is growing so rapidly. 6 months ago I was waddling around, ready to pop this girl out of me. 

Unsure of what I was to face. Unsure of what motherhood meant. Unsure of if I would be good at any of it. Unsure of if I would be losing more than I was gaining. Unsure of it all. 

And then I met her. 

Better than imagined. 
In my heart I vowed to do my absolute best in all things concerning her. 
Failure was never a thought or even considered. 
6 months ago my life was changed forever in the best possible way. So many lessons taught in this last 6 months, so many more to come. 

I love you, my little Layla bean.  
Slobber and all. 
The way you love to snuggle with your blanket literally melts my heart. 
I am now in understanding of how parents think everything that their child does is cute. 
As annoying as it may be to the old pre-mommy Jena, I now get it. 
Please don't grow up, stay cute and sweet and dependent on momma's kisses to keep a smile on that face. 
Stay babbling early in the morning, each day. 
Stay innocent.
 Stay making those sour faces when you taste something new. 
Stay happy. 
Stay joyful. 
Stay being you.

 I love you this way, but cannot wait until you get to the next chapter. 


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Friday, July 11, 2014

A Praying Heart

Happy Friday!

I wanted to cap this week off by sharing a really cool resource that God wanted me to share today, but first let me tell you the story that led me to using it. 

Do you believe in the power of prayer? I mean seriously, having friends, family, loved ones, and even those you have never met or don't know asking God to move on your life or in your situation? I do. I know that over my life prayer has saved me, time and time again. Prayer has probably saved you as well and you may not even be aware of it. I have been led at times to pray for people that I do not know, or my community, to pray for mothers and fathers, to pray for those hurting due to a loss. Remember this post, here, when I talked about how I had been so down about things but God completely changed it around just like that for me? 

Well, I failed to let you in on the fact that I had requested prayer. Probably not in the most conventional method that you can think of. 
Actually right through my computer, I put in a prayer request, and it was answered. 

Have you ever heard of Prayer Works?
There's a local Christian radio station, KTIS, that has a pretty awesome resource on their website called Prayer Works. You can visit this website and submit a request for a prayer that goes out to a community of people ready and waiting to send up a prayer for you. And the cool part is every time someone prays, it notifies you (you can have it set up for your phone and it will text you!). Also, if you want to pray and send someone an encouraging word, you can do so as well. 

You don't know how encouraging it was for me to use this resource. 
Within an hour of posting my prayer request, I had received well over 15 people that said they had prayed for me. I even received a few kind words of encouragement and it was such a light to me in that hard and dark time. It allowed me to pick up my head and say, I've got this! I have God on my side, I have His people with me, praying with me, and believing with me. Everything will be alright. I immediately felt God's strength, with each and every notification that came to my phone.

Sometimes we just need to know that someone is standing by us in prayer. 
We don't have to know who that person is. 
Often, its better that it isn't someone we know or talk to on a regular basis.
What's even more amazing about this resource, is that you can click on their "stories" tab and read about how prayers are helping others and what God has accomplished through them! It's absolutely inspiring. 

So, what are you waiting for? Even if you don't have a prayer request you can always do good by standing in prayer for another person in need. God honors that and doing what is good pleases Him. 

Do you know of any other online resources that help others? Please share!
Has someone's prayer ever been a help or blessing in your life? I'd love to hear!

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