Friday, April 18, 2014

Wish Upon A Star

Happy Friday!

It's been awhile since I've said that and meant it in its full entirety. 
Finished my first full week back to work. My brain has been on hiatus for so long that I am just starting to feel like I know what I am doing again. And yet, I am still having some complete blank moments. So in those moments, I have been anticipating what I want for my birthday this year.
(What better way to waste spend my time, eh?)

My birthday is coming up next week (see this post)
I am going to be 27! 
Ahhhh! I am getting closer to the big 3-0! 
For all you who have reached 30, do not laugh at me. I'm sure you remember the days when you thought 25 was old! Cut me some slack. 

Anyways, to kick us into the weekend I've decided to give you my wishlist. Now this is not your average run of the mill list - this is truly what I want - not specifically but just an idea for any of you who are looking to send me something ;)
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

one. I want a floral blazer. Its super on trend right now, but none the less I still want it. Would totally rock with a pair of cute shorts or a flowy short skirt.

two. I need a new cell phone case. Like I've had the one that's been on my phone since I bought the iPhone 5. That's pretty bad. I've just never been one to change it out often unless the case was gifted to me. So here's my chance for my b-day :)

three. Ahhh! I really want new workout gear. I've got to kick it into high gear so that when July strolls around I can strut my stuff down the aisle. New workout clothes always motivate me to work harder. Can you agree? New running shoes, new yoga pants, bright colored tanks? Love it.

four. vacation. I am in desperate need of a vacation and while this will likely not be coming my way this year for my birthday - I still can put it on my wish list right? I'd kill for a trip anywhere out of this snowy cold place. Yes I said snow, it snowed this week. I'll trade for beaches, sunshine, and a margarita on the sand!

five. New heels. I once had an obsession with new shoes. My closet is currently filled with super cut strappy sandals, heels, and the like - but my flats get the most wear nowadays. I've still got a super soft spot for a perty pair of heels and I'd sure love them for my 27th birthday. Why not?

six. Salted caramel icecream. I've been obsessing over caramel ice cream for the past month 1/2. Me and A have been eating it much more recently, and I am just going to say that we never should have started this bad habit. However, I get a pass for my birthday, right? Either way I'm taking it. 

I am so thankful to be embarking on another year. 
It seems each year just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter and I know it is nothing but God in my life!

So, what do you think? Anything you are eyeing anything right now that can't wait until your birthday? 

Have a great Easter weekend!
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  1. I totally have a floral blazer on my wish list too! In fact I have been contemplating that exact one! Hope you have a fantastic bday!

  2. I definitely agree with the vacation!! I hate that it really just snowed lol But that's the price of good ole MN. Snow just comes with living here lol

  3. I'm in need of the vacation, which I may be able to swing for my birthday since it's not till November..... And I love heels but I actually need some flats and possibly a pastel colored blazer... Hope u enjoy your birthday week :) I definitely remember thinking I would be so old in my thirties but now two years in I actually feel the best over ever felt before. Twenty seven was a fun year for me too :)

  4. Hi Jena! Love the floral blazer and phone case...I hope you do get some of these for your birthday. :) I meant to do this earlier...I've been dealing with a cold and am way behind on the fun stuff, but I wanted to thank you for highlighting my post in your link-up a couple weeks ago. :) It was really sweet and I appreciate it! I'm looking forward to further linkups with your group!

  5. I recently had caramel ice cream with caramel stripes in it plus toffee bits. so so so good.


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