Thursday, April 17, 2014

4:23 + Let Your Light Shine #6

Happy Thursday!

This week is flying by. I am back to the working world and although it has been hard, it feels good to be back in the swing of things. 

Three things that I have noticed since going back to work:
 1) I talk to a baby too much, I find myself wanting to coo and make random noises at work. This can make other adults uncomfortable. LOL. 

2) My priorities have definitely shifted, I am checking up on my girl a few times during the day. I'd rather look at pictures or videos of her than go on Instagram. Who am I? LOL. 

3) Work is becoming is my new "me time," super weird but its my new Jena time! I can now partially understand why mothers are eager to go to work some days. Its like designated time to be you. I can listen to music all day and enjoy reading a magazine - with no interruptions. Well, except maybe a meeting. 

For my latest 4:23 post I have chosen the book of Mark. If you are wondering what I am referring to check out my recent post here

"If any man has ears to hear, let him hear." 
-Mark 4:23

Now most people have ears. 
But, do we really listen? 
Do we really hear when God is trying to tell us something or talking to us? 
Or when He is trying to guide us? 

Are we willing to receive and do we comprehend our answer?

Hearing and understanding go hand in hand. 
Sometimes we are so caught up in our problems or worries that as we pray and ask God to show us a sign or show us something - we are not listening to His answer! 

I truly believe that God uses many different ways to get our attention or give us His answers to things. He could send a friend to tell us something, He could point it out in something we are reading, He can bring it into our mind/spirit; maybe in the nature around us, or even our favorite TV show. He can do it however He wants to show it to us. However He knows it will reach us.

Often times we don't understand the importance of it, or we miss the meaning because we are just listening naturally and not listening with our spirit man.

I have been guilty of this before! 

Have you ever not liked the answer you've received?
 What I have learned about God is that sometimes you will not understand why, but He is giving you the absolute best answer and route to go. He's already weighed the pros/cons; done the research; figured it out. Your destination is already written with Him.

 I have also learned be careful what you ask for! 
God will sometimes make you do a lot of things your flesh will not want to do because you have asked Him for it. But there is often sacrifice to gain good things in the long run. That's why it is so important to put our selfish desires to the wayside. 

Brown Button Up - Heartbreaker
White distressed cut offs - American Eagle
Teal Necklace - Persunmall
Gold/Ivory Bangles - Gift from Mom
Brown Bangle - Thrifted
Brown Wedges - - (I am selling these for $15 in my Poshmark closet!)

Sometimes He says I will give 'ABC' to you, but you are technically not mature enough - so I will take you through this way so that when you receive 'ABC' you will be spiritually and mentally more mature and ready to have and receive it. 

So, have you ever had a problem with listening?  
In what ways did you get better in this area?

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  1. Hi there! First time linking up here. Glad I found your blog and looking forward to reading your posts.

  2. I so get number 2 and 3! Haha. And love the necklace!

    About listening....boy oh's something I've been thinking about a lot lately. Trying to be diligent and obedient about listening!


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