Saturday, April 5, 2014

Perfectly Human.

There's something very comforting in honesty. 

Sometimes we are all running around trying to impress others. Trying to impress ourselves, and live up to some impossible picture of what this world views as perfection. In a pinterest-perfect home, with the pinterest-perfect family, & working a pinterest-perfect dream job! Thank God that life is not like this. How boring would it be if we all just had it together all the time? 

The most honest, gritty, & genuine moments in our life bring us the most satisfaction. 

Last night, the ladies in my family gathered together to fellowship with each other. So often we let life get ahead of us, making excuses for our lack of time with one another. Yet God put it in my heart to get the ladies in my family together each month to uplift and inspire each other. To help each other with our goals, be a shoulder to lean on during hard times. To strengthen our bond. 

Last night was month two. My baby sister, L, hosted. She made us enchiladas for dinner and baked us desserts. She's an amazing baker. And she absolutely loves to do it. You ever see the joy in someone's eyes when they are doing what they love? She's got that. Snicker-doodle & lemon flavored cupcakes + cookies. 

Devoured, le sigh, I was supposed to be on a diet. Whoops.

Baby Grace made an appearance too, although she was a bit crabby we still enjoyed her presence :).We all sat in a circle and did an activity where we pulled a piece of paper from a hat. On that paper it had a specific time in our lives that we had to share with everyone. From a time of war to a time of laughter - we all shared the thoughts of our hearts.  

I pulled 'a time when I was afraid'. It brought me back to a time where I was afraid of the dark. Truth is, I feel weird when it's quiet and dark. I would always feel bad thoughts coming to me when I stepped into a quiet dark room. At night, I would tiptoe to the bathroom turning on every light in sight just to keep me sane. I'd love to say that it probably goes back to me having such a large family, but I'm not sure. There was no such thing as 'quiet & dark' in a house with 7 kids. (Yes, SEVEN). And there is something so comforting to me about the TV being on when I sleep. I could sleep with a light, TV blaring, and someone talking right next to me - No big deal. Not so easy now with a new baby and hubby who wakes super early, 

But I digress. 

We did a few other activities. One where we talked about different topics. We discussed baggage that we were going to let go of. We talked about things that could of upset us in the past, but that we could laugh about now. There was something very magical about all of the women in my family sitting around and sharing our thoughts, and enjoying one another. Laughing together at old funny stories and patting each other on the back for letting go of past hurts. 

I knew this was exactly what God wanted for our family. 

I am thankful for those honest moments. The times where you just open your heart and listen to the ones you love. The times where you share something you may have never told anyone sitting outside of that room. Those are the moments that make life beautiful. I believe in those moments is where God shows how He made each and everyone of us perfect. Perfect to Him includes what we consider flaws, pains, and failures. It's through those moments that we discover purpose, love, truth, and victory. It's amazing.

We are all perfectly human.  

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  1. There's always something refreshing about honesty. It humanizes us and make us relatable. I love your family get bonding time/activities.

  2. This sounds like a wonderful thing to do! Glad you ladies enjoyed and got the opportunity to share with your family.

  3. Hey J,
    I just finished reading your story on the Waiting Series over at 1 + the 1's blog. And I loved it! Thanks for sharing and being an inspiration to others.

    I'm falling in love with your blog already. Keep doing what you do please. Talking about your experiences of God's love is a beautiful thing!

  4. he's adorable!! xo


  5. A great post, Ms. Jena and yes we DID have a wonderful time! God is so good to us and it is so beautiful to just sit around, talk, laugh, cry or whatever and no one has to feel 'wrong' for doing any of it! Love you all!


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