Sunday, January 5, 2014

Small Teachings: The Details

Happy Sunday!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Mine was nice and laid back. Sometimes the quiet weekends are the best! And as of tomorrow morning, I am officially 38 weeks! Oh yes, I am counting down the minutes until my baby girl is finally here. Today at church my sister took a photo of my belly.

It truly looks like a basketball is under my dress.

Sometimes its so hard to be patient and wait on my little bundle to arrive. 
I explained it to a gal at work this week as this: You have planned a super exciting vacation to the island of your dreams, and you know its coming up within the next month but don't know the exact date. Your bags are packed, bathing suit on and you are just waiting! 

It's one of those things in life that you just can't do anything about and you must patiently wait!

Oh how I wish God would just tell me what day and time my little girl is going to be here, so I can put it on my calendar. 
It's funny because in life we always want the details. We want to know where our next step will take us, when we will land the job, who we will fall in love with, when bad times will pass...

But God doesn't work that way. 

God teaches us to have faith in Him and faith in His word. He gives us His word to make us realize we have to trust Him, follow Him, obey and be faithful to Him - No matter what things looks like. 
He doesn't always provide us with the details. 
And you know what, if we had all the details, we might just disagree with God's plan.
 If he told me the details of my upcoming labor before I got pregnant, I might have told Him - "Well, you know what, nevermind. I'd rather not go through that!" But He knows the perfect timing, and us interfering with His plan just puts our blessings on hold.

Trusting in His word without seeing the blueprint, helps us to realize that He is in control, NOT US.

It's funny, because we know that He always comes right on time, and faith is pleasing to Him. Faith gives us power to believe in all things, strengthens our relationship with Him, and keeps our focus on Him. We grow stronger in Him, knowing that we can do nothing without Him!
A Personal Example:
Last year God led me to changing my career path, although the route he took me didn't make complete sense to me. I was so focused on my career title that I would be giving up and afraid of moving into an unknown territory. He told me He was going to put me in a better place with more flexibility, visibility, and opportunity and it would help me to do a greater thing for Him in the end. Despite my thoughts, I followed His word leaving doubt behind me. Knowing that I had to believe His word.

If I would have had the details of what exactly I would have to endure to get to this new place, I may have told Him - it's not worth it. I may have thrown in the towel before I began. I may have there is no way I can do this. Faith makes us trust in God as all knowing, and not our own beliefs.
Having faith and trusting in Him no matter what has proven to me that God knows what He is doing and He is always right on time. I am growing and learning in my new position and it is teaching me a lot about where my future is going! This new position has proven to do all of the things He told me it would do! In fact, I will have some exciting news in a couple months :)

So, give up on having to always know the details. 
Having the details can be distractions to the bigger picture of what is being achieved. I will wait patiently for baby girl to arrive. I will have faith that God knows what He is doing. I know with Him, she will come right on time!

Hope this empowers you to have faith in everything!

Have a good week!


  1. Beautiful! "Jesus may not always come at the time you want him to, but He is ALWAYS on time!" What a blessing :) can't wait for baby Layla to arrive... Jan 17th hehehehe

  2. Perfect post! Knowing the detials is not as important as trusting God. Thank you!


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