Sunday, January 12, 2014

Small Teachings: Being ARMed

Happy Sunday!

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend :) 

This weekend me and A decided it was due time for us to kick it into high gear and get to a few things we needed to finish for the baby arrives! We were running errands, cooking, getting rid of some old, and following up on things we may not have time to address right away once the baby is here. It helped to keep my mind off of her not coming yet -_-

One thing that was an absolute must for me to get this weekend was a planner! I feel like I can't keep it all together unless I've got one of these babies. AND no, I can't use my iPhone - its just not the same. 
So I went to Target and picked this baby up for $7.99! 

One of the first keys to being prosperous is writing things down. 

So, what shall you do? 
Make a to do list.

So that you will make sure you know exactly what you need to do for the day, month, upcoming event, etc. I worked in such a fast paced, ever changing environment when I worked in merchandising/buying that this was almost as important as having my bible. Priorities changed so quickly and you would need to re-prioritize and start over so often! Also grocery lists - its so frustrating and a waste of time when you are aimlessly walking through the store because you can't remember what you even came for. Last week I went to the store 3 times and forgot to get toilet paper because I didn't add it to my list!

Use a planner/calendar.

This often comes in handy for me. Mark down pay days, appointments, birthdays so that you can stay accountable to remembering what is coming up. Don't play catch up in life, be ahead of the game! This is a life saver to those in college and it translates into the real world, too. Mark down important deadlines so that you do not let them slip by.

Become ARMed.

Early last year God gave my mom a word that she shared with our church. It was about making sure we were armed in Jesus. God told her that each letter stood for the following:

A- Accountability
R- Responsibility
M- Management

God told her that we are to be accountable, responsible, and manage things in every area of our lives in order to please God. This is also a key to prosperity. 

The definition of armed is: furnished with something that provides strength, efficacy. 

Sometimes we are often at fault for the circumstances of our situations. We quickly want to point the finger to God or others for upsets in our finances, our jobs, our relationships, and so on - when the source trickles back to a choice we made in the past. 

We need to make sure we are wise in managing our personal lives as well as the house of God! God wants us to be owners and rulers, not struggling to get to there. He doesn't want us to worry about anything so that we can spend our time with Him! Obeying God will always get us there.

Remember, we make the choices that affect our futures, because God gave us our own free will! 
We can choose to live in light or dark, but ultimately it is our job to understand accountability, responsibility, and management accordingly to come out on top!

So, What do you think?
What other ways do you stay ARMed?


  1. Ooo you just reminded me I'm not happy with my planner so need to get another before the year runs away from me. I bought it in a rush and so want the monthly planner bit, which it doesn't have
    i agree!!! "I can't use my iPhone - its just not the same." it just doesn't have the same sense of organised as writing it all down does :)

  2. i love planners. i buy one once a year then make at least TWO a year... so, i go through a few. my boyfriend chuckles at me each time when i make a planner. i love making grocery lists because i stick to it. less spending than intended :)

  3. I love physically writing things down, and you are so right it is not the same as using the notes on the iphone/ipad! I hope that sweet baby makes her arrival soon! I know you are more than armed & ready to welcome her into the world :)

  4. I sooo feel you on the planner. I MUST write my stuff down. I don't rely on my phone at all. I have a mini planner and a large one that I update. I keep the small one in my purse to check appointments because I can't be bothered with my phone calendar.

    I am going to make use of ARM. I am trying to do better this year and I think this is a great Acronym for me to keep in mind.

    1. I might have to try having a mini planner and a big one, although the one I have fits into my purse perfectly (large purse)! Thanks for commenting :)

  5. I totally agree about the planner! I use the reminders in my phone and the calendar for works (because it syncs automatically), but i still have a paper planner that I could not live without!

  6. I got a Planner for christmass and i plan on using it this year i need to be Armed. Thanks for sharing x


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