Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Everything is 'Peachy Keen'

Happy Hump Day!
(or "Bump" day to all you mommas to be...)

Can you believe January is already coming to an end?

I have had such a busy start to a great new year. With the addition to our little family, I have been consumed in baby babble, dirty diapers, quick naps, nursing, and recovery.

Which leaves very little time for ME
But, I am becoming really good at using the little bit of spare time I do have, when I am not staring into her gorgeous big brownish grey eyes, to cross a lot of things off my to do list! 

It's so rewarding when that happens.

One thing that was on my to do list was a vision board. 

Have you ever made a vision board?
God told my sister we needed to make one for this year. So my sisters all came over the other night to help me around the house and to work on our boards.

These are to help us with a vision for our year, and truly ask Him for what we desire and know that we can receive and accomplish it all!
 It helps you to think BIG! 

I am such an advocate for thinking BIG! When I was little I used to sing this song with those words in it. It was definitely my motto through life. I've never believed anything was too hard or too high for me to reach. I thank God for that mentality, because He is such a BIG and AWESOME God. 

Nothing is too BIG for Him!

Now that I think about it - it makes sense why Jesus brought me to those scriptures in John this past weekend! I know that whatsoever I ask in His name He will do for me because it is pleasing to Him! 

What an awesome God I serve!

Teal Bubble Necklace - c/o PersunMall - Find it Here
White/Gold Bracelet - Snagged from my Momma :)
Peach/Pink Chiffon Blouse - c/o PersunMall  - Find it Here
Dark Denim Jeans - Silver Jeans - Similar Here
Brown Booties - Steve Madden - Find it Here

BTW, I am loving this blouse from PersunMall.
I'm calling it peachy keen. And although its the perfect color for spring, a nice pair of skinny jeans and boots help to bring it into the current weather scenario. I love how the teal necklace makes the look pop! :)

What I am also going to make pop is my vision board!
 Take a look at the start of it... 

So, what do you think? Have you ever made a vision board? 

Do you find it helpful? 

What other ways do you document your goals for the future? 

Pinterest? ;)

Hope you have a great day!


  1. Glad you are adjusting and recovering accordingly. I love the idea of vision boards and I made one for 2014. I think anytime goals are written down and prayed over its a good start to keep you on track! Im so happy about this new journey in your life & I hope the weather warmed up some up there :)

  2. Beautiful, Ms. Jena! Yes, Vision Boards are wonderful to do. I need to make one for myself! And I love your look; too cute! Yes, we DO serve an AWESOME, BIG God who cannot and WILL NOT fail! : )

  3. Hi, I am new around here stopping by via the Pleated Poppy link up.
    This Peachy color is gorgeous on your skin. This look can be casual or dressy as you add heels, etc.

    Way to go on your vision board! I hope you cross some items off soon.

  4. Yay, half way to the weekend!
    Love the turquoise necklace with the pale pink!

    Amanda |

  5. Vision boards are great to visualize dreams, goals, and ideas! I have an inspiration wall in my room and i love seeing it each day. Love that necklace btw!


    Cha Cha The Fashion Genius

  6. Your top is such a pretty warm peach color love it! I've never done a vision bored before, they look like lots of fun and they seem like a great way to actually have your goals in pictures since most of us are very visual! I was actually wondering if there is an online visual board something like pinterest but for vision boards. That would be awesome for me :) Congratulations on your new baby, they are so much fun but they grow up so fast! my baby turns one on Monday and I agree it's really hard finding time for yourself. I have a 4 year old too so my hands are completely full lol :)
    Ms Dee Kay

  7. Nice necklace!

  8. I love the way your necklace looks on you :) Nice choice totday, Jena!

  9. Girl, I been wanting to do a vision board forever now! lol My mom told me about it months ago but I just haven't made the time to sit and do it. I really need to just do it haha

  10. That is a gorgeous color. I love corals and peach colors. I just bought a peachy colored bag. A vision board is a good idea! Pinterest would work for me. I think I may start doing a Pinterest vision board thanks to you! :)

  11. Beautiful colors! The necklace does bring out the shirt. And i never heard of that kind of vision board. What is it and how can we make one? :)

  12. I love the top with the bright turquoise!! I've never made a vision board. I've thought about it but then I feel like I don't know where to start.

  13. I haven't done a vision board before...looking forward to seeing yours if you decide to share it!

  14. I really want to make a vision board; I think it would be so much fun and I haven't done that in forever! By the way, that necklace is amazing! Just remember that the best accessory is your smile. :) True style is knowing who you are and loving and accepting you! ~Sierra of and

  15. oh, the days of the i miss those! my daughter gave them up when she was about 2.5yo and now i'm the one asking her if she wants to take a nap because mama needs one! :)

    Vodka and Soda

  16. Great post! I love the color of the top and I love the necklace! Very cute!

    xo, Kenya

  17. Loving this color combo!
    Thanks for linking up for Look What I Got! Hope to see you back tomorrow!
    Penniless Socialite


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