Friday, October 31, 2014

Facing Fears: 4 Tips on Overcoming the Fear of the Unknown

Happy Halloween!

Can you believe October is coming to an end? I am overwhelmed with how fast this year has flown by! In finishing off the Friday’s fear series, today’s topic is perfect as we venture into a new month, and a new focus on the holidays coming up.

Fear of the Unknown.
How many of us have experienced this feeling? Unsure of what the future may bring, it can sometimes paralyze us. I remember back to when I began to learn how to drive. I was so scared because it was something that I had never done before. I was scared to take the driver's ed classes, I was afraid to go on my first drive with the instructor. It was scary, but it was necessary to do if I wanted to drive. The same fear tried to approach me when it came to starting to illustrate and began my Spoonful of Faith. I'm still not sure of what my future holds, but I know that with Christ I don't have to carry these feelings. I can give them to Him and trust my future will come out just fine. These are some tips that have helped me overcome this fear, time and time again.

BELIEVING God’s word.
I could quote scriptures at you all day long, but if you don’t believe them they have no benefit to you. We must know and BELIEVE His word. I have learned to believe His word through experience. He often teaches me that maybe I didn’t really believe what I thought I believed. It’s apparent when I face an issue. The actions I take at that time show me whether or not I truly believe. We know He gave us power, love and a sound mind, not fear (2 Timothy 1:7). We also know what worrying about the future does to our spirits and our sanity. That’s why He tells us not to worry about tomorrow as it will take care of itself. (Matthew 6:34). The power lies in believing these things.

Understanding that new things may feel uncomfortable and scary, at first.
One of the most paralyzing things about the unknown that I have encountered is the thought of not knowing what to do or what the steps are going to be. It’s a very uncomfortable feeling. We like being in control. We like knowing how to handle difficult or challenging situations. With my Bossy series, many of you asked me to talk about problems that arise for me. You want to know what could possibly happen so you can plan for it. But like any new car, or any new job – you are just never going to have all of the possible situations worked out. It’s going to feel, well, NEW. It should feel that way and that uncomfortable feeling is confirmation that you are in a new space. As you thrive in this new territory, you will gain confidence, and get a little cozier in it, but it should definitely feel “new’ at first.

Taking my hands off the steering wheel.
Relinquishing control is tough for me. I like to pretty much have a blue print ready and waiting for me for everything. When you are approaching a new season, a new job, and a new relationship – you may be hopeful, but sometimes not possessing control can make you fearful that things may not pan out the way you wanted them to. Understanding to truly experience this new venture, you must be vulnerable to the process – is hard for us. Like I said before it feels uncomfortable. Many of us don’t want to trust others, so we paralyze ourselves and never try new things. BUT since we have no way to magically tell the future and see into what will happen, we have to take our hands off the wheel, trust God, and put trust in someone else, and go with it.

Using it as a learning experience.
One of the biggest things that helped me not to be fearful about opening my business was that at the end of the day, I could say I tried. I could say I got an experience in being an owner of a business. I could leave with some experience and knowledge of how to operate or how not to operate. When you begin at a new job, you don’t know what type of people you will encounter, you are unsure if you will be able to do everything required of you. All you can do is your best, and learn from it. If you take that attitude with you, it will take you far.

What tips and tricks have worked for you when it comes to facing the unknown?

Please leave your encouragement/words of wisdom below – you never know when it may help someone!

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Have a beautiful weekend!!

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  1. I have had to rely on God so much in the past 2 years, it is insane. Besides a fear of failure, my fear of the unknown has sent me into more anxiety attacks than I care to admit. To keep it short, this time last year we were officially homeless and our friends took us in. We moved our stuff into their garage and we lived in their basement, my husband was desperately looking for a job and I was employed but only working 2 days a week. Eventually and of course God provided and we moved just before Christmas. Then in April it happened all over again, the company my husband was working for was bought out and their location was closed. Again, God provided a job and we moved again. If it has taught me anything it's that I am not in control of my life, God is and when He is in control what do I have to fear.

  2. As I said before I myself do not believe in God or anything to do with religion so I would never seek 'him' out to offer guidance instead I just try to focus on jumping head first into things, regardless of worrying about what he outcome would be, I'd rather regret doing something that regret not doing it at all so that's how I deal with things x

    JustJulie | Beauty Blog

  3. Hi Julie, I have always been someone who would rather try it and see what happens, then to wonder what if for the rest of my life. So I definitely understand where you are coming from!

  4. Wow, you have such an amazing story and testimony. I am so glad you have shared this with me and those reading! I love that you said, those experiences taught you that you do not have control of your life. I have had to learn this same thing, the same way - by going through something and having to trust that all would work out! He's amazing! :)

  5. I am so glad I discovered your blog through the Beauty Blogger Bunch page, it has become one on my favourite daily reads! Fearing the unknown is something I fear constantly...Imagining the future and where life will take you in the years to come but like you said everything will work out fine with faith in God. Lovely post Jena!

    Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


  6. That's so sweet, Sophia! I am also glad we connected! :) Its sometimes hard to take our focus off of things we are not sure of or can't control! But letting God take the reigns definitely helps! Thanks for visiting me! :)

  7. Love the advice and I like your openness, how you use your own personal experiences to support your advice. I don't have any tips to add, well... just go for it. You never know until you try. Honestly, what brought me to this article are those boots. They're gorgeous! :-)

  8. I think most of us are afraid of the unknown but I truly believe that a little faith can help one cruise out of any trouble. :)

  9. I think everyone is afraid of something and more often than not it is the unknown x

  10. Great advice! keep up the good work! xo's

    Pink Frenzy

  11. I'm learning to drive at the moment and I was utterly terrified my first few lessons, but as you say you have to focus on what can be achieved :)

    Jess xo

  12. I fear the unknown. I think at the moment, I'm just taking each day as it is. Probably not the right way

  13. I've always told myself that I will never truly fail unless I truly don't try. That's been enough for me to push through when times are hard :)

  14. "For I know the plans I have for you...." Jeremiah, got to love it. God has a bit of a sense of humour when it comes to the future. You start freaking out about what comes next and God throws you a curve ball to prove he's in control. Without trusting God I'd have probably exploded after becoming a foster carer at 25 for a 12 year old. I'm now foster carer to a 15 year old and a mum to a 17 week old.

  15. Great advice. Having been through hard things I stopped fearing the unknown as much because I remind myself if I could get through that I can get through anything.

  16. I have a firm believe on it. If you can't beat fear then let the fear beat you, unless you can fight with your inner demons fearlessly you can fight with the world x

  17. I love this post! Fear has been a stronghold of mine since I was a little girl. It is a daily task for me to stand against fear using God's precious words! Great advice and such a great post!

  18. Maybe I'm just in denial, but honestly, the things that I fear the most are things that are going to happen and I know nothing will change it (ie- my parents dying), so I push that out of my mind, or things that don't seem that bad at all right now.


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