Monday, June 16, 2014


Happy Monday! 

Today I am joining in on a pretty cool blogger movement that is happening today, #RealBloggerBeauty. I was inspired to participate after reading Ashley's post; but this idea originated from the lovely Maya from Charmingly Styled. The idea behind this day is for bloggers to be step out from behind the computer screen, and get real. 
As Maya put it, we don't have lives full of instagram-worthy posts all the time. Sharing our stories, our messes, our insecurities, our inspirations or just something real about ourselves is a way that we can connect and bridge a gap with others and support one another in this beautiful community. 

What I wanted to write about with you today is more about the girl behind this smile God has given me. I've written about it here, but in case you don't have time to dive deep in my archived posts, I'll just tell you a little today. Coming from a huge family, the middle out of 7, I learned a lot growing up. My father a minister, I had religion so much, I felt like it was drowning me. I couldn't wait to get out and do things my way. I didn't appreciate my family and support system I had. Most of us don't at that age, but in time we learn.

Doing things my way, came with many bumps and bruises along the way. I have always been a cheerful person, often smiling but the truth inside of me - is that I did not carry the same joy I showed. The optimism I show today because of my journey with Christ would have never been seen by the pessimist I was. I was always needing to be in a state of control in my life, and if I didn't have everything figured out it would literally make me sick until it was figured out. Throw a diagnosis of Lupus on top of the mix and you have a worried, stressed out young woman. I was the type of person to sweep my issues under the rug covering them up with use of substances and not dealing with them head on. Boy, am I amazed what Christ has done to my life. He literally picked me up in the middle of my mess, told me I was beautiful the way I was, and changed my life for the better. 

I am forever grateful. 

In following God I have discovered, Christ is a true savior and friend. Not a religion. I have learned that religion divides people. I have learned that in my darkest moments, someone became very real to me and I will never be able to let him go. 

I appreciate all of you who read, and leave me comments of kind words about how the things I have written have helped you. Or inspired you. I am so happy that the light of Christ can shine in me, where there was once so much emptiness, depression, and doubt. When I write each day about being better humans and conquering this world - it is an encouragement to myself as much as it is to you. But everyday is not glamorous, and its not supposed to be.

There is beauty in truth. There is so much life in being perfectly human. Just the way God created us to be. In our moments of weakness, He can give us strength to go on. In our children's messes, we can see their smile and realize what truly matters. In our stormy days, we can wait to see the rainbow. The silver lining in it all. 

Our messy moments are oh - so instagram worthy. Let's stop playing by everyone else's rules and be the unique beings God created each of us to be. #RealBloggerBeauty is being real and there is so much perfection and beauty in being real. 

I hope you join in today, and link up over at Charmingly Styled. I would love to hear more about the real writer behind the blog. I hope you enjoyed reading more about my story. 

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  1. i've really enjoyed reading all of the posts from maya's linkup today! :) every day isn't glamorous, and that's something we should all remember when we start to compare ourselves to others. it's the imperfections that in fact make life great! xo

  2. I love reading more of your story. I'm so thankful that we have a God who LOVES crafting individual unique testimonies for each of His children, that others may see Him through our stories. Thanks for sharing yours, lovely! <3

  3. Thanks for sharing your story Jena! It is always inspiring to learn about the woman behind the screen!

  4. Very inspiring, Jena! I'm glad you shared your story and you should be proud of the strong woman you have become!

  5. I love you girlfriend. Always love hearing about your story. :)

  6. I had no idea you had Lupus. Thank you for sharing your story! I love reading your posts!

  7. "Our messy moments are oh so instragram worthy" - You're right! I think I'm going to start posting more of the real me and less of the "perfect" me. Our lives have so many ups and downs, and if you gain strength from the downs, why not share those too?

  8. Thanks for sharing this Jena. God's Grace is so apparent in your life. Just like you I'm forever grateful for His Grace.


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