Monday, June 23, 2014

We Fail.

Happy Monday!

Hope the weekend brought you good weather, fun times, and relaxing moments. For me it was all about DIY for the upcoming wedding. I promise I'll share some of the projects with you once its all over. Wedding planning can be stressful, for any of you that have done it, those going through it, and anyone facing it in your future. Last week, I honestly feel like I lost all sanity for a moment. 

I broke down in tears at work. No one saw me, I was just sitting at my desk crying. I didn't even have time to make it to the bathroom before the "to do's" got on top of me. On top of my spirit. What I love about my blog is that I can be totally honest here. I can encourage all of you, but I can be open and honest about things we all face. 

Sometimes life gets in the way, or gets on top of you. In those really tough moments when it seems almost impossible to rise above - we are tested. I am convinced that in those moments when we fail, crumble, and cry those are precious moments in the process of us becoming stronger. Realizing, we are only human. 
We can't do it all and we need God to carry the load. 

In those moments, its so important to trust the process. Understand that we fail, but you are not a failure. Even if you can't keep it all together all the time. You are perfectly human. You were never made to hold all of the weight. You were never told to be superhuman. You were just made to be you. Give it to an all mighty God that can take it and turn it into something great. 

In that moment at my desk, I noticed that I didn't care about anything anymore. 
I just wanted to feel better.
 I wanted to leave work for the day, and I did. I wanted to get my head straight, and I did. 
Sometimes in those moments of weakness, we can turn to things that medicate us to help us forget the moment, forget the pain. This can be something as simple and innocent as time away, or an ice cream treat. It can get as tough as drugs and alcohol.  I am so greatful that I didn't need any of that. 
I just needed time and God. 

In that moment, I asked God how to handle everything. What to do first, what to wait on. 
And He told me to rest.
 Just rest, rest my mind, my body, my spirit. Rest it all. Sometimes, we need to just rest. And after I took a night to get it all together, I was so ready to tackle everything the next day. And He directed me in every way, in what I should do and take care of. He loves us so much, He will do that. 

In moments like these, we can often feel where is God? What is He doing? Why is He allowing these things to happen? We may not understand, but He is always there. He never leaves and when we feel far away from Him, sometimes it takes us reeling ourselves and our minds back to Him, because He has never left. He is waiting for us to say, "I'm only Jena, I can't do anymore than just be me. You can take the load now." Sometimes we just need to say it. 

I went to church yesterday and I could immediately feel His love when I walked into the building. All over me. I felt so much joy. Joy is beautiful. Seeing the rainbow, through the rain. Looking at my daughters face and seeing the beautiful being God created for me. Realizing my worries are at times so minuscule to the overall big picture. 

We fail, but we are not failures. 
We overcome. 
We are overcomers. 
You are an overcomer.
You can get back up and keep riding. 
Remember you are not superhuman, only God is. 
You are perfectly human, and be just that. 

Hope you have a great day!
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Further Reading:
Romans 8:31-39
2 Corinthians 12: 8-10

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  1. Very well written. I need to remember that I am not my failures. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Everything will work out and come together so beautifully for you and all that concerns you (wedding, marriage, motherhood, career, relationship with the Lord). God bless you for sharing and looking forward to seeing all the beautiful pictures from your wedding day.


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