Monday, June 2, 2014

All Things Baby Grace + Squishy Cheeks Designs Review

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone's weekend was as exciting or relaxing as you could have imagined it would be. Mine was filled with family fun, unpacking, and of course baby grace. 

It has been a while since I have done an update on my baby girl. So here's what's new with my sweet girl. 
age: She is now 4 months!!

eating: breast milk, rice cereal, and just started baby applesauce yesterday! She loves it :)

doing: putting all things in her mouth, blowing spit bubbles like its her job, trying to suck her toes; trying to sit up on her own (she's got a bumbo and she has a love hate relationship with it so far)

milestones: She is starting to roll over! We gotta watch out! :)

likes: she absolutely loves kisses and snuggling. She has a few favorite stuffed animals and dolls that she squeezes and kisses like crazy. She also tries to eat them; but that's love to a 4 month old, right?
She loves to babble and talk to her animals and cartoons!

dislikes: being put down (spoiled!); too much attention from too many people for long periods of time; she gets super quiet and shy around new faces.

excited for: new foods, crawling, going on more walks now that the weather is nice :)

Let me tell you about this dress and headband, baby grace thinks is super yummy! ;)
When I came in contact with the local blogger and shop owner, Jenn - I fell in love with her handmade designs and couldn't wait to put baby grace in one of her numbers. First thing I loved about the brand was the name - baby grace is super squishy! Haha! When this beautiful dress arrived I knew it would be perfect. It allows for my sweetie to move around and play with no restraints and its super cute which is sometimes a lot to ask for! Usually cute does not equal comfort! I also love the prints and although not advertised, it is totally reversible. One thing I adored about the headband was that it wasn't too tight as some are, and both pieces are lightweight which is great for this time of year! 

Me and baby Grace give it 2 thumbs up!
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Guess what!
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Have a great day!

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  1. Oh my goodness! These pictures are absolutely ADORABLE! She looks so cute in that outfit, too. Miss Layla is such a doll (and I'm not being biased, but just speaking the truth.) :)

  2. She's beautiful! You must be so proud of your baby girl!

  3. She is such a beauty! Can't believe she is already 4 months!

  4. What a cutie patootie, she's adorable! Congrats and Be Blessed!


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