Wednesday, May 21, 2014

One Way To Live

Happy Hump Day!

Hopefully the middle of the week brings itself with some sunshine in your life. I have a question.
 Have you ever felt like you needed direction on how to get from point A to point B (or Z)? 
Maybe it was that you wanted a particular position at a local firm.
 Or maybe it was that you wanted to start having children? 
Or possibly that you want to start your own business but not sure how to go about it. 
I've even felt it when it comes to dealing with life's everyday situations. Managing a disagreement with a friend or spouse. Working on a project for school or work. You are given an objective or goal to accomplish - but the directions are not easily written out for you. 
I remember being in college and getting super annoyed with the professor if there wasn't a clear outline of what I needed to do to write a paper. I had a love hate relationship with freedom to stay within the guidelines but be creative with whatever else I thought would make it work. 
I understand now something that I never thought of or truly understood before. 
You see, there is no one way to get to point B.
 As humans we thrive on routine, on a set predetermined way of doing things. Even as becoming a new mother, I searched for the "New Mom Handbook" and still haven't found it. 
Have you ever looked around at your place of employment and those that are in the same or similar positions to you and asked about everyone's backgrounds? Where did they all come from? What did they do before getting that job? Do they all look the same? Not hardly.
That's because there is no one way to get there. 
There is no one way to success. 
There is no one way to live. 
There is no one way to speak, no one way to think, no one way to eat. 
There is no one way to pray, praise, worship, study your bible, listen and take notes of the word. 
(Ok, enough Dr. Seuss - you get the point, right?)

Understand I am not taking this so literally to say you should not follow directions in how to care for your clothes, or how to tie your shoes...but the point I am trying to reach is what God showed me recently.
There is no one way to live for Him. 
Does that surprise you? 
Sure, we have been bogged down with countless religious doctrines and teachings. Some of us, like myself, brought up in "churchdom" (as my father calls it) and bogged down with religious traditions. Telling us there is one proper way to live for God and doing anything outside of this will send you straight to hell.
 But this is so false.

In fact, God shows us continually in His word that this is false. Have you ever read a story in the Bible and see God tell those mighty men and women to do the same exact things? 
I mean the same exact chronological steps from A to Z?
Let me break it down this way, did Abraham, Moses, Job, Elijah, King David, John, Peter, Paul all receive the exact same instructions to living a life filled for God?  I'll allow you to do the research, but I'm sure if you know at least 2 of their stories you would know that they were never told to do the same things. The only consistent thing they were given was to follow God. 
That was their pathway to success. 
It actually doesn't come with a clear cut detailed Google Maps version to it. And unfortunately just like your GPS will not tell you and your friend who lives across town the same way to get to the local dining spot - God will not tell you and someone else the same way to get to where He wants you to go. 
The journey is more about believing, trusting, and releasing control. Understanding you cannot do anything without leaning on God. Not being moved by life's twists and turns and knowing the God's got your back in all situations. Just like when you are starting a business and writing up a business plan - no plan looks the same - but most want a similar end result. God doesn't make your plan look like anyone else's. Its uniquely made for you. 
I've got the original Jena plan. 
You have the original "insert your name" plan. 
Although some figures in God's word were faced with similar situations, they were never told to get out of it exactly as someone else was told. God wants a personal relationship with each and every one of us. He wants to fill us with life everlasting, and bring us new things everyday. Following Him and worshiping Him by spirit and truth (John 4:24) is what He wants. 
Now does this make religious traditions, wrong or sinful. No, not exactly. It's less about right and wrong with God and more about Life and Death (but that's another lesson, for another day).

There is more life in God than traditions. 
He wants us to experience this true life with Him. I can't tell you what your path will look like, I can only tell you where mine has been. What we can share and relate on are principles. God gives us key principles, like the giving principle (I talked about in here), that we can take along with us and share with others for the journey. He creates a framework, gives us guidelines and precepts & principles to live by - but does not write the outline for us. Sometimes he will reveal things in the outline but doesn't always tell us what the exactly details in that section of the plan are. 
Mint Dotted Blouse - Elle (was a gift)
BCBG Light Denim Jeans - Selling in my closet (Poshmark)
Tan strappy Wedges -
Prada Leather Bag - gift from my Mom

Allowing Him to lead and guide your life will always get you the best results. And I promise you, you and your neighbors paths will not look the same. And they are not supposed to. So dwell in the fact of knowing that God has created an original plan with your name on it. Start living in the state of you. It's good to draw positive things out of others, but make sure it lines up with what God has for you. 

That will get you the best results, every time.

So, what do you think?
Have you ever felt the societal pressures of doing everything a certain way in a certain order?
Do you deal with freedom well?


  1. Girl your thoughts/revelations/expressions are awesome!! This post is soooo on Point! Thank you!!!!

  2. Wonderful post...really! A life led by God is the only life to live! Thanks for sharing.


  3. Love your words, there is so much truth in there! I love that our God has individually crafted plans for each of us.

    And you look FAB. U. LUSS.

  4. Love the bag.

  5. Great post. I am such a cut and dry person. Just tell me exactly how I should do it I don't like room for interpretation. So I get so frustrated when things aren't so direct. It stresses me out I prefer steps and life doesn't come with those.

  6. Girl, this is am amazing post. So truthful! There is no one way to get there and that is what we as humans hate!

    And while preaching this perfect post, you look amazing!

    Thanks for linking up!

  7. This reminds me of something I read before - that God will lead you to where you need to go, but at the same time, he can't drive a parked car! Meaning, you have to take that leap of faith for him to guide you!
    Great post, girl! Thanks for the inspiration! And the dot blouse is adorable! Carylee |

  8. Beautiful words, considered inspiration. Love the shoes too - who says faith and fashion can't be melded? Thanks so much for linking to All About You x


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