Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Home is Within.

 Happy Hump Day!
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The middle of the week has come quickly due to the long holiday weekend. It is so welcomed.
I have finished moving into our new space and I am beyond thrilled to be done.
A nuance is the cleaning, unpacking, and the fact once you get to crunch time there is no time for procrastination any longer! Haha, I am sure I am not the only one who procrastinates especially when it comes to moving, am I?

But there are a few things you tend to think on when you move on from something.
Have you ever noticed?

How the house you leave has never been that clean since you moved in? :)

Or that it no longer feels like a home? 
Yes, cliche - but home is definitely where the heart is. 

Which leads me to believe,
 home is found on the inside. 
Wherever me and my family and friends can be together, feeling safety, security, warmth, love. 

Sometimes I drive past our old house that we grew up in, and it no longer has that warm welcoming feeling like it did to me for so many years. 

Why is that?

That street still holds those memories of bike races, basketball games, carnival games, secret girls clubs, swimming, and jumping on the trampoline with all the neighborhood kids.

It screams youth, scary stories, riding bikes to places we weren't supposed to be... 
It all comes flooding back to me when I drive down that old street.
But, still it doesn't feel like it used to be. 
It doesn't feel alive anymore. 
It doesn't feel like home. 

Peter Pan Black Blue Polka Dot Blouse - A friend M :)
Black Skirt - H&M
Black Mary Jane - I have had for years, not sure - but you can find similar here
Black Bangle - Likely F21

Where we are now feels like home. 
I thank God for discovering home is always with me. 
Home is where I bring it. Home is with Him. 
And they both live inside of me. 
I know that is why we discover that Christ lives within, and He is always with us. (Galatians 2:20)

You don't find Him in a church building because He lives there - it's because of those, even you, who brought Him with. I think that's a pretty amazing discovery. 

Have you ever visited an old home you lived in or grew up in? 

What are some of your biggest pains when moving?

Comment below, I'd love to hear. 
When we share our thoughts we find more things in common than differences. :)

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  1. Love your shoes! Yes, I agree home is where the heart is. Sometimes though in the early stages of a transition it's hard to let go because of those memories etc. After a while, the new 'home' starts feeling like home once you start developing new memories and making the space uniquely yours.

  2. Great post, yet again. Home is indeed where the heart is. Love those shoes too by the way.


  3. I haven't visited my old home, but I always have to look at it when I'm driving by in my old neighborhood. That place holds special memories for sure, but home is definitely where my family is now. :) I love this outfit- it's SO cute and I love the retro feel of the peter pan collar and polka dots!

    xo Always, Abby

  4. I've moved three times(I'm 18) and I know EXACTLY how you feel,no better way to describe it! Also,I absolutely adore that dress(:

  5. I just love this top! You look so cute!

  6. Yay you're all done with your move :) So exciting. Agreed it is a weird feeling when being on my old neighborhood.

  7. I always visit my first childhood home when I am down south, and even recreated a few photos from my childhood last year standing in front of the house! I do remember the days of biking to friend's house, playing cricket in the street and visiting all the neighbours. I really hope my boys can have some freedom too, we live just around the corner from my second childhood home (where my Dad still lives) and we are opposite a park so it still feels like I belong. I love those shoes by the way!

  8. I love everything about this outfit and I normally do not go for peter pan collars, but love it here! Love the shoes, too! Thanks for linking up with What Wives Wear!

  9. Hi Jena I am so glad you took the time to link up to #WhatWivesWearLinkUp. Welcome to our growing community. I totally agree with you that home is where the heart is. My heart is Jesus and my family so as long as I have them I'm always at home. Great outfit! I love the color of your shirt with the polka dots. I look forward to seeing your posts. Have a great weekend!


  10. Hello! I'm popping over from #AllAboutYou as I am guest hosting it this week. I must say your outfit was lovely! I love polka dots lots and lots. Also loving the shoes! Nice to be introduced to a new blog! Thanks for linking up xxx

  11. I truly loved reading this post.
    Home truly is where the heart is, and that warm feeling come with finding peace in your present state
    Thanks for sharing :)



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