Friday, May 2, 2014

Five On Friday - Laughter is theeee best medicine...

Happy Friday!!

This week cannot end soon enough for me! Did it feel like it was dragging for you as well? I've got so much going on for the month of May, but I am super excited for it. I'm moving, I'm planning a wedding - which is a list for a whole different post, so on and so forth. 

I thought it would be nice to share the 5 funniest things about this week with you all. Sometimes its just good to smile. 

See, what you don't realize is that I gave up on caring on like, Wednesday. And it's Friday. So, I don't care about a single word c.
one. This week is laughable. Everyday at work it has seemed like there is just way too much going on. It's EOQ and things just keep changing left and right and you can see the look on everyone's face that they've given up fighting against the changes. It's become a "just go with it" week. Those are the funnest, when absolutely no one gives a care anymore and is just waiting for Friday at 5pm to roll around. 

Why, yes. I did just spend that 30 minute conference call pinning random things via my Pinterest app.
two. I couldn't stop myself from cracking up yesterday as I was telling a co-worker a story about a conference call I had back when I was on the buying team. We used one of those free conference call lines to meet with a new vendor. What was weird was that when we got on the line there was hold music playing in the background. We figured it would go away or the person would come on the line so we started the call. The music never stopped. Imagine someone pitching their skincare line to you, "The botanical smell ...." while there is elevator like music playing 'America the Beautiful' in the background. I literally almost peed my pants. My team was on mute and we couldn't contain our laughter. After a while of trying to be serious about her brand and speak with a music attendant - our vendor laughed and insisted we get another conference line. 
I die just thinking about it. Best call ever.

three. Baby Grace speaks. If you follow me on Instagram you probably have seen the video where baby Grace just babbles. Well now she does it for a lot longer, and the faces she makes as she is trying to get out a sound are hilarious. She also tries to sing if you hum a note to her. 
It's hilarious.

we make plans, god laughs......
four. God laughs at me. I'm positive He has a field day listening to me sometimes. This month has been so eventful and its 5/2! In my moments in the car driving from here to there, I feel like screaming. Then I hear God saying, "just give it to me." I laugh because I know that is exactly what I should do, but we are all so wired to complain and tell someone about our troubles when things get too overwhelming and tough! Breaking that nature is sobering. It makes me realize how much I am just programmed to do things a certain way, and that I should be more conscience about the words I say.  I found myself saying, "GOD HELP ME!" this week more than most. 
He delivers. I heart Him!

We will continue having lots of meetings until we find out why no work is getting done.
five. Work meetings are funny. Ever since I've transitioned over to my new job last year, (remember this?) my mornings are so different. I went from being a late bird at 8:30am to coming in at 9:30am as the norm. This week we had a 9am meeting scheduled. It wasn't funny at first, I cringed thinking I'd have to get up and be here a half hour earlier. That morning as I rushed in, it was hilarious seeing people run from their cars to make this "early" meeting. Everyone showed up to the meeting with that "Are you kidding me?" look. On top of that, I've had a few pointless meetings this week. They fill up your calendar and then when you go, the entire time you are thinking you could be doing other work - get me out of here! Sometimes I think, why did I accept this meeting? Some things can be handled over e-mail!

Well, that's it for now!

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Happy Friday!


  1. I feel like God laughs at me a lot too lol some weeks you can't do anything but laugh to keep yourself going. Hope you have a great weekend! :)

  2. Laughter does good as a medicine! Sometimes I crack myself up laughing at MYSELF! Great post!!

  3. Your daughter is beyond beautiful! God bless your family!


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