Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Have you ever tried to juggle something?
No, I mean seriously picked up three objects and tried to throw them around in the air catching each one in a continuous motion? It's quite difficult unless you've had practice at it.  Now try 4, or 5. Keeps getting more difficult. You are unable to keep your eye on each object and likely something has fallen by now. 

Same thing goes in life.

Lately, I have been feeling like I am just trying to juggle so much. I have a new baby, I am now a new working mom, I am planning a wedding, I am about to move, and I'm a blogger as well.  A lot of times we pick up different 'matters and things' and we throw them all in the air and try to juggle them all at once.

It brings a lot of frustration as well as stress, energy and time that is unneccessary. You should've seen me yesterday, I woke up late with my mind filled with matters and things that I needed to do and accomplish for the day and this week.  Not once did I take a moment to just think on God, His goodness, and be thankful for another day.  I began my day in the hustle and bustle of life. When I realized what I was doing I had to immediately stop and say "Thank you, Lord!"

 Has this ever been you?
 Mind filled with frivolous things that you must take care of.  Not enough time in the day. 
I have come to realize that everything that I think matters, doesn't always matter to God. I've also had to let myself know that I just can't juggle it all. 
AND that is okay. 

In fact, Jesus doesn't even want us to juggle it all. He wants us to use His power that He's given us on the inside to rule over our lives. Rule over our situations. Reign over our issues. Give Him our cares, and be okay with not knowing where our future may lie.

As women and mothers we find comfort in control. 
Feeling ahead or on top of a situation makes you feel like you are in charge of the outcome. But, how can God get the glory if we are putting our hands on everything? I'm convinced a lot of times when we are so involved in everything, getting frustrated, stressed and wasting energy - it doesn't come out as beautifully as it could have if we would have followed God's lead on how to handle it. 

For Example- I always ask God to lead me when I am writing about Him on my blog. When there are times that I am forcing my writing, it never is as beautiful as when I let Him just lead me. I have had many people tell me that they believe things I have written were for them. Do you know how amazing that is to me? To know that God gave me a topic and it was written for one of my awesome readers! I want that result each and every time. 

Peach Blouse - Oasap
White Distressed Crops - American Eagle (Thrifted)
Black/Tan Bag - Gifted
Black/Tan Strapped Heels - 
Black/Gold necklaces - Heartbreaker & F21
Leopard/Black Belt - TJ Maxx

So be led. Don't just go. 
Don't force anything.
Don't get caught up in the matters and things of life. Instead get caught up in the creator. 
Let Him guide your steps, your walk, your way and you will get there right on time. With God on your side you can accomplish anything. 
Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world. 
(1 John 4:4)

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  1. You definitely have a lot on your plate! I am simply working full time and planning a wedding and at times I feel overwhelmed! Best of luck with everything <3 (P.S. super cute outfit, too!)

  2. I usually never think this in the moment when I am overwhelmed with all I have to do but afterwards I am reminded that everything always works out. All that stress wasn't needed because God was taking care of everything. Find some time for you in the midst of all the craziness :)

  3. love your bag and heels! you look stunning <3

    Letters To Juliet

  4. I definitely know how it is to juggle a million things at once! Everything will work out though! Just be patient and not feel as if everything has to be perfect all at once.

  5. Best of luck with everything! Hope everything gets better soon!


  6. You are so inspirational...I love it. All of what you said resonates with me. I've felt this same pressure before and sometimes stepping back and asking God to help me see what is suppose to be a priority helps. I ask Him to lead me and order my steps daily. Continue to stay in pray and be patient. Things will work out! Keep looking beautiful while handling so much. ;-)


  7. Wow-you have a lot on your plate! I really enjoyed reading this post because (1) I can definitely relate, and (2) I love your perspective on putting life in God's hands. The whole "Be still and know that I am God" concept. There is so much peace when we turn life over to Him, even in the little things, like blog posts :). I can tell that He is guiding you, because your writing is always so meaningful and uplifting. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I wish I could tell you that it gets easier as you get old but it doesn't, so just take it one day at a time and the rest will take care of itself. Hopped over from Whitney's.

  9. This was one of those posts that I felt were written for me. I spent the whole day crying trying to figure out how I would manage my work life with some changes that are happening at the office. But it's not ME that needs to manage it, now is it? Thanks for this.
    Carylee | morepiecesofme.com

  10. Great post. I feel your struggles. Life is so crazy and juggling it all is tough. Best of luck with everything. xo


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