Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sunday Thoughts + 8th Day of Christmas Giveaway

Happy Sunday!

Looking back over the week, I can truly say I have been beyond blessed by my wonderful family and friends! Me and A have also been getting caught up on bills and things before the baby comes and everything is starting to fit together perfectly! This is just evidence to me that following God's plan is the only way to the best plan for my life. 

Last night at the shower, I was beyond blessed with goodies for Layla - this isn't even half of what she received! More photos to come!

It's funny because the other day, I was driving home from work and I was in a hurry to pick up A so that we could go view the birthing center. 

With all the snow that had fallen, along with rush hour there was no way that I would have made it home and the hospital in time for the tour. I told Jesus to get me there, and I just followed His lead. Switching lanes when He gave me direction, being patient when needed and I got home in no time! 

During the drive there were moments when He would tell me to get in a lane that felt as if it wasn't moving, but sure enough as I got over it started to flow. As I was driving Jesus was telling me this is how I should go through life, letting Him guide me and trusting Him even when it doesn't look like its possible. 

What a great learning experience and real life example of trust. I give my all to you Lord, my heart, my life because I know you have the best for me!



Today, before we get into the giveaway, let’s get to know one of our lovely bloggers behind the giveaways!

Today’s giveaway is sponsored by White Plum Boutique!
White Plum Boutique is a women's fashion and lifestyle brand. They have a unique collection of clothing and accessories for today’s modern woman and I am excited with our giveaway item.  Everyone knows that this time of year is perfect for layering up, and one of my ultimate staples is to throw a cute scarf on a tee and jeans, and go!
White Plum is giving 1 lucky winner their choice of a fashion scarf from their boutique! From plain to printed, the winner will be able to choose whichever fits their style.
Here are few to admire J

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 Good luck!


  1. So glad you had a wonderful showering of love from your family and friends! Definitely a blessing!

  2. What a blessing! So happy you received lots of goodies for your little one. :)

  3. Awesome - happy for your blessings! Glad to have stumbled by your blog


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