Thursday, December 26, 2013

Happy Holidays!

Happy Thursday!

I've been a bit MIA from the blog scene this week. Enjoying the holidays as much as possible.. 

one. Me and A doing last minute shopping for gifts earlier this week. We braved the crowds and came out alive. I always say I won't do it again next year, but I'm going to just classify myself as a last minute shopper. 
two. Waffle fries and seasoned sour cream at Granite City. Yum.
three. My mom got Layla a cute set for her crib for Christmas. One of the many additions Layla got for Christmas. She is beyond spoiled and not even here yet. 
four & five. For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you would have noticed I've taken out the twists. The first photo is immediately following, and the second is after washing and straightening. Such a fun (-_-) process! I feel like I look more mommy-ish! 
six. Enjoying hot apple cider I got the k-cups as a gift for my Keurig for Christmas from Momma Bear. Absolutely Yum. 

Hope you are all enjoying the time spent with family and friends this week! And next week we will again be with loved ones to bring in the New Year! 
Aw, I love this season! I am so thankful to Jesus for what He has done for me to live such a fulfilling life! I have amazing family and friends and am so thankful for everyone in my life!


  1. your hair looks awesome it suits you! I'm sure you'll find it easier to manage when the new bub comes :)

  2. Love your pictures! Such a great way to remember holidays. Let's follow each other on facebook and other social media. Let me know when you do it :-)


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