Monday, December 23, 2013

Last Minute Shoppers, Listen Up!

Happy Monday! 

I am so excited for the holidays to come this week, because there is such an important reason behind it all! Christ is definitely the reason for the season, and yesterday at church I was overwhelmed with just how much He loves us! (Post on that later this week!)

REASON # 2-  I get to spend some quality time with my family which is always a blast. Reason being, I have 6 siblings, and 6 nieces/nephews so it makes for a pretty big party! It's chaotic and so relaxing at the same time! (How does that work?)

This weekend was filled up a Christmas get together with friends, new hair, church, and last minute shopping. Oh yes, I am that girl that has a few more things to go out and grab today (procrastination at its finest). 

So, for any of you last minute shoppers, I am going to give you my wishlist from Persun Mall, just in case you are feeling in the giving spirit and want to order a few things for moi! ;) 

Persun Mall has some pretty awesome stuff this season, so definitely check out their site, because they offer great looks that are super affordable!

Ok, seriously just a coincidence everything is black and white.. But hey black is definitely a go to color for many, so these might look good on anyone! I am very excited to get back into heels and out of flats once the baby comes, hence my choice of shoes! 

Hope you have a great day!


  1. I hope you enjoy your celebrating ;)

  2. Loooove those booties! They would look good in my collection :)

  3. Everything on your list is so cute!!!! Got me wanting things I didn't even know I needed haha

  4. I love everything you picked. You have good taste. I love the bag and the blazer, especially:-)

  5. I wear pretty much black and gray 99% of the time so this post is great! I love the boots.


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