Monday, January 23, 2012

Winter Blues...

Good Morning! 
As I sit here watching the snow fall I have mixed emotions. It's beautiful outside, it's January in Minnesota, its the coldest this time of year. I should be happy we are only getting another 1-3 inches  [today] but the consistent traffic and accident reports along with the occasional school delay make it a difficult pill to swallow. 

I've got the winter blues... 
This time each year, Minnesotans consider trading places with those living in more favorable parts of the country and world... 
I'll trade you my gloves, scarf, and hat for your sunglasses, two-piece bikini and beach towel. 
Off white cardigan- Heartbreakers...Blue chiffon blouse - Heartbreakers...Grey Belt - Gifted by my mother ;)...Guess Jeans...Brown Boots - Heartbreakers...Jewelry - F21 & H&M

I'll even take your...
50 and 60 degree weather for my single digit and subzero temperatures...

Here's sending warm wishes your way! And if you've got warm weather, pray that God sends it this way ;)

Happy Monday :)



  1. Snow makes me so happy, it takes me to a happy place, where I a kid and everything was simple.

  2. So will you also take our 118 degree days? :)

  3. @ Tereza - It's beautiful, until you have to drive and live in it!

    @Courtney - Prob not... -_- I'll take the 80's and after that I'm inside with the A/C

  4. Like the blouse, such an amazing blue!


  5. Awww I wish I could send you our weather here! BUT you look so adorable in yay for cold weather that keeps you looking stylish!

  6. Being a MIAMIan, I never really EXPERIENCE real winters, but I always thought it was a joyous times for the Northerners, except now all I hear about is how annoying it can get. At least during the storm you never fail to look STUNNING! =]

  7. You are so right about wanting to trade places! I tell my mom everyday that I will trade her for the "cold" weather in Atlanta for the beyond freezing weather here! LOL!

    Very cute/casual look. Love!

  8. I guess we just want what we can't have! I live in Atlanta and I've been waiting for us to have some decent winter weather since November. The problem is, it's not quite beach's just stuck in that weird place in between.

  9. The top is so cute! I really like your style.

    XX Teresa

  10. i like how you mixed up the inspiration. :) you look fantastic in that blue!


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