Thursday, January 5, 2012

It's Ok. #1

Happy Thursday!

Today I'm linking up for my first "It's OK Thursdays." 

Its Ok Thursdays

.... It's OK that I constantly want to become an 'extreme couponer'

....It's OK that me and Adrian watched old Mariah Carey videos on Youtube the other night :)

.... It's OK that I cooked the same meal twice for dinner this week.
Baked Italian Chicken w/ Red potatoes and Onions. Yum.

...It's OK that I have been in PJs since the holidays began.

....It's OK that I constantly dream to be somewhere warmer than MN.

.... It's OK that I start Spring Semester classes on Monday and I still need to buy my books.

... It's OK that I had little luck at the Victoria Secret Semi Annual Sale this week. :(
This actually needs a bit of a story behind it. No, seriously. I was determined. I told you all how I got a VS Giftcard for Christmas. So as soon I saw the sale had begun, I went. I was there for over 2 hours. I tried on every bra in the building. NO LUCK. I got resized, as they say you are supposed to do that every 6 months. I tried on more bras, NO LUCK. I finally gave up after finding one that worked. I found a cute top from PINK and was super happy that their gift sets were all 50%. That was my experience. I'm not as mad because I didn't spend much especially due to the giftcard, but still!

This is my very first post like this, but I think I am going to like incorporating this into my blog. If you want to participate each Thursday you just come up with a list. 

We all know after its all said and done, It's OK!


  1. First your blog is so cute!!!
    Second I wish I was somewhere colder...
    Third I want to be an extreme couponer too!!!

    You've got a new friend :)

  2. Thank you for the sweet comment! Lovely post and blog.. that chicken looks SO yummy. Following you back xo

  3. the food looks really good

  4. No wonder you made that meal looks so tasty! I sometimes have the hardest time going in those big VS sale's so much pressure ha ha!! :)

  5. so pretty :-) we could follow each other on fb and google if you want to !<3

  6. It's totally ok that you want to be a couponer. =) I love couponing myself and I also have made the same dish twice (or 3x or 4x, haha) in one week.

  7. i love your blog :* fallow me ... <3

  8. Love that dish....I could almost smell it through the screen! Ahhh!Just found your site...very nice! Will be following you...come stop by my site sometime when you can!
    XO Carrie


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