Thursday, June 26, 2014

Look Towards the Sunshine.... + LYLS Link Up!

Happy Thursday!

Hope your week is going lovely! I have been learning a lot of beautiful things lately and I cannot wait to dive deeper into them for the blog and share them with you all. Yesterday, I met an amazing woman who I just know I was supposed to know and connect with.

Have you ever had a moment, when you are doing something or talking to someone and its almost a weird feeling, similar to a dejavu, where you just instantly know that you are in the right place and everything that is going on is supposed to be happening? It's almost as if God is giving you an insight into where the future is headed in that moment. Well, I have only had this a few times in my life but yesterday when meeting with my new catering contact for the wedding, we just connected and started talking about God. It was beautiful!

I was having such a difficult time during the week in my own self, trying to figure things out, and taking on the burdens that God told me to give to Him. The load was heavy, of course, as I wasn't supposed to even be carrying it. However, during our meeting and afterwards I was filled with so much joy and I knew God was going to take care of all of my stresses! It was as if in that moment, he was saying "Hey, remember me? I got you." And I released all of the load I was carrying.

I hadn't felt that joy in about a week, so being filled with it again - made me realize that stressing didn't help change my circumstances! Only God did! :)

It reminded me of this saying, I fell upon about a week or so ago. So, naturally I made a printable for you all to take with you! :)  The focus of your life should always be on the good things, the sunshine. The shadows will fall to the wayside. Going through a stressful situation helped me to remember that sometimes when it seems impossible to stay positive, or think positive - we need reminders like this.

I hope this uplifts anyone who needs it or is a good reminder to those of you for future struggles!

Download It Now!

Today is
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Thanks so much for all of you that linked up last week!
Me and Aisha loved seeing all of your posts!

Our favorite from last week's link-up was Natasha from Acquainted Joy

Natasha's post on the love she has for her family, here, reminded me of mine and how great having close ones family or friends can be so important to helping push you into being who you are! 

Thanks again for all of you who participated! Now it's time to link up again :)

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  1. I feel that you and Aisha have been placed into my life for a reason. I don't really vocalize my faith as much as I should out of fear of judgment. I need to let that go. Thank you!

  2. I know what you mean, sometimes its like God is speaking to you through the person, love the quote, Wish I can meet more people with the same faith.

  3. Im excited to hear about it! :) :)

  4. Jena I love and pinned that quote. So inspirational.

    Hope you and baby girl are doing really well. I miss hearing from you. Always nice linking up, too.

    Enjoy the weekend girl. Ada. =)

  5. Such a good quote. Thanks for making it available for us! :) And thank you again for the feature!


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