Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Are We There Yet?

Happy Tuesday!

First of all, I just reached 1,000+ followers on GFC! :)
Thank you! I'm super excited!
 Welcome to all of my new readers!
I am so thrilled to have you be apart of my little world in this part of the cyber space. AND to all of my 'seasoned' readers that have been with me, thanks so much for your comments and words, they mean the world to me! I can truly call many of you friends :)

Can you believe its already the middle of March? 
No, like seriously. 
We are welcoming spring here soon (hopefully for us in Minnesota). It seems as though it was just yesterday that we were making New Years Resolutions! I'm going to take you back through the year so far over here at I'm Perfectly Human.

Now, how many of you have kept up with those? Come out, don't hide! My resolution I made (remember this post), was about following God's plan for me. Being flexible in whatever way He decided to lead me this year and just holding on for the ride. 

And let me tell you with our new baby girl coming to us in January, see here, I was thrown into a bit of a worldwind. I had to hold on and trust that Jesus always knows best for my life. You know because God is the GPS and He doesn't necessarily always tell us where He's taking us. 
He just promises that it will be really great when we get there. 

Seems tough sometimes, but He wants to teach us to have faith and trust Him no matter what. 
Sometimes its easy to fall into that "Are We There Yet?" attitude that the devil feeds us. You know the one where you start looking for shortcuts or pit stops. Anything to get out of staying in God's will. 

The devil floods our minds with thoughts of destruction, to throw us off of God's plan and make us question why were even following in the first place. We have to recognize the thoughts as soon as they come to us, and choose not to believe them!

"This is taking too long, when will I ever get there?"
 "Is this the right route?"
"Maybe that wasn't God because I am not seeing what I want to be seeing. Maybe that was just me."
"There has to be another way, I'm going to try things my way."
"I must not be good enough, this must just not be for me"

The devil feeds us lies about ourselves. And in our time where we should hold onto faith in God's word and God's plan no matter what it looks like - the enemy attacks our minds with thoughts about ourselves that overtime we will begin to believe. 

Ill call them the "I'll never" thoughts. 
I'll never:
 find anything, 
be on the right path, 
be anything.
reach where I want to go,
 be happy, 
find the one... 
the list goes on.

But God says,
 Not So.

The enemy wants to lead us to a place of defeat.
"This is too tough, I give up."
But God is greater than him.
 He already has him defeated.
 In those moments where we feel defeated, understand that doing it God's way will give YOU the victory!
Yes, I'm talking to you - the one on the other side of this screen!

Sometimes we have to come to the end of 
ourselves, our way, our understanding 
to finally learn that God knows best and it is Him we must follow to reach our perfect destination. 
Yes, even after we make mistakes. We have to dust ourselves off and look to God.
We must trust in His word and His plans for us. 
He never tells us to figure it out, He tells us to trust Him

So, here's your challenge - Get rid of that "Are we there yet?" attitude! 
Choose to be happy through it all, stand firm and trust that God will bring you to that expected destination. Believe His word, not your friends/family/coworkers, because His word is the only truth. It is greater than any lie you are used to believing!

You can get through whatever you are facing with the Christ within you!

Hope you have a great day!


  1. This is so true. I do this a lot and often want things in my time. I get impatient and worry. A women in my bible study group said something that has really stuck with me and when I start to get impatient I remind myself of it. She said that when we are feeling anxious and worrying we have to remember that "God's timing is perfect." I know I need to remember this and trust Him more. Have a great day lady and congrats on the 1000+ followers!

  2. First off your baby is soooo adorable and congrats on the followers! I just started as a health coach but for me it lines up perfectly with what I wanted to always do and become. There was that voice inside that was being impatient, wanted instant results and whining "are we there yet", but there is a beautiful calm over me now that KNOWS everything will follow into place as long as I put in the work, stay humble, and put love in my actions. Wonderful post !

  3. Hey, I just started following your blog. I'm a fellow MN blogger and I follow you on Instagram too (Melissa_Lea). Love your style and your little girl is adorable! :)


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