Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Dear Valentine: My Childhood Valentine

Happy Hump Day!

Hope you are all enjoying your week. Today I am going to continue my Valentine's Day mini series - with a night look for the upcoming occasion.

Although 'A' is definitely my love and Valentine these days, I can't help but think back to my childhood Valentine. 
When I was younger I remember getting so excited each year to go to the store and choose my Valentine's Day cards! I have always loved cartoons, still do, and it was a blast picking out which character would be on my cards...
What was even more fun was creating a box for all of your Valentine's to go into. I remember one year I made a mailbox. :)  And some kids parents would get pretty creative, some made robots, while others just decorated old shoe boxes!
Once I grew out of that stage of school Valentine's parties; me and my girlfriends at school celebrated by getting all dressed up and passing out cards and candy to our closest friends. 
And although I never really dated in grade school, I always had a Valentine!

My Daddy!
Every year, he would wake me and all my sisters up and give us all cards, candy, and his staple gift - a stuffed animal! 
Now, these were not just your ordinary stuffed animals...
They were usually always the kinds that sang songs, or said fun, catchy phrases. Last year I even got a green animal with pink hair that moved his neck and sang Chris Brown's "With You" song :)
And as wacky as it looked, I loved it!
I never realized it until I got older - but I appreciate my father all these years. He always had a Valentine in my mother! (They've been married 32 years - remember this post?)
 Red Blouse - Heartbreaker
White Slacks - Calvin Klein
Leopard Pumps - Qupid
Tan Clutch - Thrifted
Red/Gold Necklace - Thrifted
Cream/Gold Bracelets - Gift from my Mom :)

BUT he has always made me and all 4 of my sisters feel loved and cared about on Valentine's Day, no matter if we had a significant other or not!
I love that man!

What can you remember about your childhood Valentine's Days?

Have a good day!!


  1. That is so cute and sweet of your father. Valentine's day here is pretty much like an ordinary day.

    1. Yeah we should show love everyday so that's definitely okay!!

  2. Oh my goodness! Those guys dating/married your father's daughters have competition! What a great man your dad is!! So, so sweet!!

  3. Yes, your Daddy is a good guy; that man of mine! :)

    Great post, Ms. Jena. Love you!

  4. Looking good Little Sis!! And yes, Dad surely has been my Valentine every year. It's to the point that if I didn't get anything, I'd be wondering what is going on. HAHA *Hint* Someone make sure he sees this.

    1. Haha totally agree!! Dad... Where's my gift at!

  5. Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays, love your outfit :) featuring your post this week ...


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