Monday, February 24, 2014

Something you didn't know about me...

Happy Monday!

Today, I am going to share something that you may not know about me. If any of you have known me over the years this will not come as a surprise but to all of my new friends and readers - I sing. Yes, me - the girl behind the blog - I sing. 

I told myself I quit singing a few years back, and I was once asked how do you 'quit' singing... and I got to thinking about it. I mean ever since I was little I always sang. God put a song in my heart and the ability and talent to let it out. I sang at church, I sang at school, in talent shows, at weddings, and I even sang in a group for a couple years before I just completely stopped singing, cold turkey. 

I loved to sing and still do. 
After I graduated high school it just became something that I did less of. I started partying, which absolutely ruined my voice. And then after awhile of not singing, I just kind of hid my talent. Now, I still sang in the shower and the car like most people. And people close to me knew about my voice, but when I met new people in my life I just never really told them or shared that part of me. I think I was afraid. Actually, now I know I was afraid. 

I was afraid that because I had "given" it up, that I wasn't as good anymore. I never wanted to go pro with it, but it was something that always made me feel good. The devil put fear in me about sharing my voice, and tried to steal something so unique about me... BUT I am so grateful for God and His plan for my life. This year He told me to share my gift with you all. 

So here I am. Sharing something so personal with so many people. This is the start of something new for me. My first YouTube channel where I will discuss things from my blog, do some outfit posts, behind the blog features, and most importantly - SING. 

This is my first video ever, so please bear with me on the quality! 
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Song: My Redeemer Lives
By: Nicole C Mullen

I love this song, its so touching and true and it has been in my heart lately. Decided to let this be the first of many that you guys see :)

Hope you have a great day!


  1. Fun little secret :) beautiful voice

  2. I have the sane story :)

    Can't wait to listen! Don't let the devil steal your voice. It's a God given gift :)

  3. I adore that song! You have a beautiful voice. :)

  4. Similar experience. I gave up singing and started feeling self conscious and comparing myself to others. I love that song. Nice singing voice.

  5. you are so brave!! thank you for sharing lady. You have a beautiful voice!

  6. Yes, you DO have a beautiful voice Ms. Jena! I thank the Lord that you are once again going to use it! I have some very gifted children and it is such a blessing. Continue to let the Lord use you!

  7. Oh J! you are very talented! Great song and your voice is lovely, too. Thanks for stopping by and it pretty cool we have the same watch. Best to you, ♥, Renae

  8. Girl! Your voice is great! Good job! And great song choice...I love Nicole C Mullins! :)

  9. You sound great!!!! I love this song. You have an amazing voice!

  10. I agree Sis. Kandy, Jena you do and always have had a beautiful voice! Love it, great job! Keep singing! Love you, Sis. Carroll


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