Friday, February 28, 2014

All Things Baby Grace #2

Happy Friday!

I've noticed a few things since becoming a mommy. It's funny because God uses many of my new daily tasks to teach me things about Him. The other day, baby Grace was just being very needy and whiny. I think I was trying to look something up on my computer or blog, but I could just not finish anything I started that day. 

Sometimes you get thrown off of your routine by your child who needs all your love and support at that time. She just wanted me to hold her, kiss her, and show her my love for her. And that's just what I did.

It's funny, because we often need God's love the same way. When she cries sometimes I wait it out to see if she can soothe herself. But I always come. And sometimes I come right away to let her know I'm here. When she sleeps I kiss her and look at her beauty. I see so much potential in her and I see her life before us blooming into an amazing future. 
I'm positive this is what God sees in me and has always saw in me.

 As we become adults we start to realize that we don't have it all figured out and we must become child-like and continue learning throughout our entire lives. At times we still call on our parents or those that helped to guide us over the years for comfort, advice and wisdom. We call on God who knows all and who is truly directing our footsteps and paths. 

The similarities in my parents and God are that they always were willing to help, they love me no matter what, and they always have good intentions in their advice. When you get older you start to put the things your parents taught you into practice and after awhile you become more independent - starting to believe that you don't need them anymore. But then as life continues, you are faced with situations where you believe the only people that can help you are your parents! Ha! :) Funny how things come full circle! We should look to God the same way. The difference between your parents and God is that above all of those things, God always has the ultimate path and plan prepared for you. So now I know I can call on Him to guide me and I know He is taking me the route I need to go. 

Jeremiah 29:11

You ever travel on a road trip when you were younger? 
You didn't know exactly where you were going, not sure of the highways - you let your parents, or whoever was driving, guide you and you enjoyed the scenery. That's truly how God wants us to live. 
Let him be our GPS and just enjoy the ride. 
Sometimes you'll see the beautiful Grand Canyon, sometimes you'll go through a dark thunderstorm, and even at times you feel like you the road is winding like a frightening roller-coaster. But no matter which way you go - you are taken care of and you will end up at the right place, the ultimate destination. 

The many faces of baby LG :)

 I thank God for his teachings through my daughter. I thank Him for His love for me. Even when I went to complete opposite end to leave Him, He still saw me and loved me and called me back. With open arms! Oh, how great and beautiful is His love for us. 

Don't ever say nobody loves you or nobody cares. 
Jesus does.
In your deepest darkest moments when you feel those feelings understand those thoughts are being fed by the devil and there is someone right there. Standing right there waiting for you to call on Him.  I am thankful I have many people in my life that I can call on but most importantly I know If I want to get the answer right away - I can go to Jesus and He will be there. He even uses my close friends and family to tell me things and show me things and lead me in the right direction. 
I love you Jesus!!!

Hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. Love this post and that reminder.

  2. What a beautiful post! Stopping by from the weekend blog hop. I hope you have a wonderful bless weekend.

  3. God is so amazing and your daughter is a doll! It's amazing what lessons we can learn from our children and others around us. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. You are definitely blessed - thank you for sharing and linking up with us at the #WWDParty.

  5. Great post and Baby Grace is adorable!! :-)


  6. such a sweet baby...


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