Monday, February 10, 2014

Dear Valentine: A mini series

 Happy Monday!

We are getting closer to Valentine's day, and what better way to ring in the occasion than to dress for it! Today I am featuring a daytime look for the special day - perfect for brunch and a matinee. I think it would also work well for a casual night in.  

Dear Valentine, 
Why do us women care so much about V-day?

Valentine's Day is the one day that is designated on the calendar for our significant others to shower us with gifts or show us their romantic sides. I am not too mushy gushy, but who doesn't like being told they are appreciated and loved? 
I know I do!

On top of that, as emotional beings, we want to tell our men how much we love and care about them, too. We love to express our feelings, and this day gives us free reign to do so!

Not that you shouldn't show your love on any other day of the year. In fact, many people hate the hype around Valentine's Day. It's very commercialized and almost competitive in some instances. 

I mean, who wants to be the only gal at the office that didn't get flowers or an edible arrangement delivered? How dumb that we compare the size of our gifts to how much someone loves us!

Don't get me wrong, I like a good gift!
But as much as I love gifts, I melt over sentimental gifts. 
AND I love to give them, too. 
There's just something about a meaningful gift that makes me smile.


Absolutely do NOT forget the chocolates!

(with caramel, please)

Pale Pink/Coral Polka Dot Blouse
Pale Pink Cardigan
Denim - Gap
Red/Gold Bag - Emma Fox
Red/Gold Shoes - Qupid
Red Bracelet -thrifted
Gold Bracelet -  Gift from my mom

What things could you live without on Vday? 

What melts your heart - candy, chocolates, love letters, romantic dinner, red roses?

Stay tuned this week for more from this mini series + a night time look for Valentine's Day!


  1. What? Didn't you just have a baby!! You look so tiny! The outfit is so adorable.

  2. I really liked how you wrote this post! :) I know, Valentine's has become very commercialized. I think most holidays or have become like that because of social media. And I don't like comparisons at all. Not cool. I also make sure B doesn't send me anything to work, ever. Last time he did, I got scared because I thought I was getting arrested (even though I don't know why I would). I mean, I know he meant well, but I just don't like being center of attention.

    Super cute outfit too. You are stunning as always!

    1. A just told me the story lol!! That's cool, but I can totally understand about being the center of attention!

  3. Love the pink ... and I'm a fan of chocolate too. :)

    1. How can you not love chocolate! I used to not like it but now I'm obsessed with it lol

  4. Hi Jena! I love your polka dot blouse :)


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