Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A leopard's spots, a tiger's stripes...

Happy Hump Day!

There's something kind of special about a leopard's spots. See he's not born with those beautiful marks, but as he matures they become appear. More distinct and unique markings in his fur. The same goes for a tiger. Some say they earn their stripes. 

Its funny where this journey of life takes you, especially this season of new 'mommyhood' for me. My body created and carried a living being for 9 months, stretched and strained and brought my baby girl into this world. And now I've gained something many moms get, but not all moms like - stretch marks. I've seen some moms refer to them as a tiger stripes - proof or a badge of honor one should wear. 

I struggled with this at first. 
My belly once big and round with a kicking baby inside, now has shrunken back to its normal size, but doesn't look or feel the same. I know many mothers struggle with this same identity crisis in becoming a mom. That you are no longer your old 26 year old, care-free, childless gal - but you are now a mommy and the journey that you took to get there is written right there on your belly. 

Don't get me wrong, I love Layla. 
But it was still hard getting used to the idea that this was my 'new' self. It was hard accepting this 'new' me. The image this world, the media and society gives us to compare ourselves to is of this beautiful woman with the perfect beach bod, perfect thick hair, with a Crest white - koolaid smile.  

We see ourselves in all of our good, bad, and 'ugly' moments and believe there is no way we will ever become her. We try to take pride in who we are ourselves and find it hard to find confidence in a world where every corner you turn there is an image of society's idea of perfection. 

Where everyone is going under the knife and taking on fad diets and new ideas of how to reach this idolized image of perfection. 

But Jesus, always gets me to take a look at things through His eyes.

Do you know how holy, perfect, beautiful, loving, gracious, righteous Jesus is?
Do you know that you, yes you, the one reading this, are made in His image and likeness? Meaning each and everyone of you looks like Jesus. 

See you - you have his nose! And you over there, you have his eyes! 
And even little ol' you, you have his toes :)

And you know what God sees when he sees us?
He sees Himself in all of His perfection.

 Just like when we look at our children, we see traces of us. 
We see our husbands, our fathers, our mothers.We see ourselves. 
God sees Himself. 
He sees that beautiful woman, that has a little extra meat - as having the perfect beach bod. 
He sees your thin hair as the perfect thick head of hair. 
He sees that short woman as tall as a model.
He sees that gap toothed grin as a Crest white Kool-Aid smile! :)
 He sees us in Him and through Him we are fearfully and wonderfully made.

He sees me and my tiger stripes in all their beauty.
How dull would this world be if we all looked alike? Our differences, scars, and 'imperfections' make us look like God. And I do not want to change that in any way possible. 

I accept my tiger stripes and wear them with pride
I was given them by an all knowing, all seeing, all mighty God. 
I thank you, Lord for this understanding and the ability to share it with others!

Hope you enjoyed learning about who you are through Christ :)
Have a good day!

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  1. I adore leopard prints with burgundy, it's an awesome combo! You look very lovely.

  2. Yes, we ARE fearfully and wonderfully made. I praise Jesus for making me who I am, in His likeness. He is such an AWESOME God; He made me the way I am for His purpose and because it pleased Him to do so. We need to embrace what He has given us; hips and all. Great post, Ms. Jena! : )

  3. Very inspirational post! Made me smile!
    And your outfit is fab and you'd never know there were any tiger stripes under there - you look amazing!

  4. Visiting from Tres Chic fashion. Great scripture.

  5. You love mah-vah-lous. I am still trying to get rid of my baby fat and my baby is 18 years old! Thanks for sharing and linking up with us at the #WWDParty!

  6. Adorable. Thank you for those inspirational Bible verses. I love reading Psalms, I get so much strength and love and hope from reading it.

    Best Regards!

  7. Congratulations, you are a Featured Blogger for this week's #WWDParty!

  8. Beautiful post, words and pictures. I honestly didn't know that tigers developed their stripes over time, and I think that it's a charming way to refer to stretchmarks - it is only the really momentous things that mark our bodies; from a major fall, to the making of another human being. Thank you so much for linking to #AllAboutYou, hope you can join in again tomorrow


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