Wednesday, November 12, 2014

November Goal Setting

Happy Hump Day!

Green Cardigan - Thrifted
White Butterfly shirt - Victoria's Secret
Blue Skinny pants - Heartbreaker
Tan Circle Scarf - H&M
Brown/White Booties - Dresswe

Hope the middle of the week is working in your favor! It’s cold here. Like 25 degrees out cold, and we got a huge amount of snow the other day, like a foot, so it’s been well, cold. The only good thing to do now is hurry home so that you can cuddle up in the warm house, and cozy blankets. This part is always fun though, and now that we have baby Grace to share those moments with its even better.

I thrifted this cardigan I am wearing above. I adore the color, I think it would look nice with a nice berry purple tone and dark blue denim as well. And the booties, I shared these before, here. But they are from a sweet little dress shop, Dresswe. They are the perfect addition to any plain outfit, or look that needs something to make it pop. They just add something fun to the mix!

Onto the purpose of this post, goal setting. October flew by and November is doing the same. I’m finally getting around to writing my goal list for the month. (SMH). Let’s not even discuss October goals, remember these, because only a few actually happened!

To recap - October Goals:

  1. Do 1 DIY Post
  2. Create a Scripture/Study Printable
  3. Spend more QT with family
  4. Start holiday savings plan
  5. Add 10 items to my Etsy shop

Out of the 5 set, I did two of them. Not great. The DIY post just never really happened due to time. I guess you could say that’s usually a factor for most people. Well, this month I want to set a mixture of goals, something that seem far, and some that are low hanging fruit.

 Looking forward - November Goals:

  1. Create a Scripture/Study Printable – I can do this, and I totally need it too.
  2. Look into print options in my shop – I am delving into stationary and pretty little things to be available in the shop this month. What types of things would you envision my little illustrations to be on?
  3. Get some holiday shopping done for at least 3+ people
  4. USE my planner. I gave up on it a few months back. I need it back. Pronto. 

What are you goals for November?
Are you like me, or did you hit all of your October goals?

Hope you have a beautiful day!
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  1. you look good

  2. I need to make a list of goals for the month too, I always have so many things I want to try to do! I need to get a jump on my holiday shopping too, I would agree with that!

  3. Those are great goals and I think the things you did accomplish last month were very important! You have totally got this!

  4. I love that you create goals each month it's such a great idea. I do yearly goals and review them on a 6 monthly basis but I think monthly means you'll get more done!

  5. I completed half of my list for October...I've been slacking lately tho. I need to get my goals together for the rest of 2014. Great post, cute outfit!

  6. I looove your scarf and boots :) So fab, girl :)

    If you have a sec, I’d like you to check out the latest on my blog:

  7. Hope you accomplish your goals dear!
    I loved your Tee & look so adorable!

  8. I love circle scarves - it's spring where I am and I felt sad to stop wearing mine. You look so cute :)

  9. I love the outfit especially the butterfly top, so cute x

  10. Great goals. My goals for the month is to finish planning my trip to NYC, to start creating Christmas gift packages for my family & friends, to plan my Thanksgiving dinner in advance so I'm not stressing about it the week of, and to find a new job! Cute outfit by the way :)

    Brittany <3

  11. heheh planning is one of my goals as well! my poor planner is in the corner somewhere!

  12. I can't WAIT to dive into my 2015 planner! :)

  13. Girlfriend. You always look so cute. I always have a goal to use my planner too. But I fail always. Haha.

  14. October disappeared, no idea what happened! November's doing a little better but we shall see...

  15. I think the goals you have set yourself for november are going to be much easier to achieve so reckon all will be ticked off by the end of the month :) I'll be honest I don't really set myself goals but maybe I should start?? x

  16. I love the shade in mustard. and thrifting is fun and enjoyable when you know you're saving money! :)

  17. Loooove the cardigan! The color is so pretty!

  18. Great goals, I always find writing my aims down so helpful! I love the colour of your cardigan :)

    Jess xo

  19. I love making lists and goals for myself! :)
    This month for me is to upload loads of items to eBay to make money for Christmas!
    I love your scarf too!

  20. I so need to start writing my goals down and speak them into existence. Love that outfit!

  21. Cute outfit. I made November goals but I've been sick so who knows how many I will get done.

  22. I NEED THOSE JEANS! Haha...I love the outfit, it's casual chic and oh-so-warm.

    Nov goals, hmm.
    Less looking back at the past, more looking forward, more productive use of time (i.e. blog more, look for jobs and lose weight at the gym). :) Oh yes, and get my Chrissy shopping done!


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