Thursday, November 6, 2014

#Dropthemask + LYLS!

Happy Thursday!

I hope the week is winding down for each of you! One more day until Friday which for me means we will be taking family photos - can't wait :)

I definitely want the best family photos. I started going to Pinterest to get ideas on what we should wear, etc and it seemed all there was were perfect family pictures. Its funny because when I look at pictures of my family growing up, there was so much else that was going on behind those pictures. A lot like my life as a mother. I can post the prettiest pics of baby Grace, or the perfect #OOTD shot and it portrays this image of me having it all together. 

I don't. I've met so many people who have carefully constructed their Instagram feeds so that they don't put too much of this or make sure they add a little bit of that. And as much as I hate to admit, those are the feeds I like to look at the best. But that isn't life as it truly is. 

So today, I'm #Droppingthemask, and sharing 12 things you may not know about me.
  1. My bedroom is a mess, my car needs to be washed, my daughter is growing out of her car seat. 
  2. My shopping life consists of thrifting and gifts from boutiques - not high fashion, big name brands. 
  3. I haven't figured out what we are wearing to family pictures, TOMORROW. 
  4. I might be late to work today. 
  5. I have mommy meltdown moments.
  6.  I have Jena meltdown moments. 
  7. But like I said on Tuesday, I know I am not expected to be perfect. 
  8. Sometimes things I attempt from Pinterest, do NOT turn out. 
  9. I strive to be the perfect wife, but who knows what that looks like? 
  10. I didn't meet many of my October goals - more on that tomorrow.
  11. I don't meet my bible study goals all the time. 
  12. I'm pretty much bad with more than one goal at a time.... -_-
See, basically, I am real. I know I try to show you that side of me often on my blog. But just in case you somehow think I've got it together, for the few of you out there ;), I don't. Can you be real with us today? Share a time or a story that shows the true you. Take a picture of a behind the scenes moment with you today on your social media? Each week I am going to reveal a new mask that I am getting rid of and that we all should work better to shred. I will create illustrations around the ideas that you leave in the comment section for each week!

Tweet, post a photo on Instagram, or on Facebook today to let us all know you are real. 
You have real moments. You live a life that is very similar to the rest of us.
Let's drop the mask we so often put on and show people the real us- because we all have something real and unique we could share to help someone else.

Let's start the conversation with

hashtag #Dropthemask


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  1. Love love love November's theme, J! I can get behind this movement! There's so much power in being vulnerable.


  2. Oh I definitely have mommy meltdown moments. Kids are very challenging, and we all deserve a few guilt-free tantrums of our own ;-)

  3. I really love reading blogs of people who are truly authentic! Thanks for being imperfect! I am the same way!

  4. Awww, I love this idea! may have to do this sometime soon! <3 xxx

  5. I loose hours of my life to pinterest, I have tried a couple of things that haven't worked out as well :(

  6. Lovely post! I just had a mini melt down after coming home and deciding I am unhappy with the shade of highlights I got. My Jeep has been dirty for months, and I truly got nothing done today--although, I tried to. Life is indeed perfectly imperfect. Thanks for hosting this link up! T.

  7. Love reading it all!

  8. I guess no one is perfect! Thanks for sharing! xo's

    Pink Frenzy

  9. Once I get on Pinterest I lose hours of time, it is so addictive and in my mind and one of my boards I have decorated my dream home ten times over x

  10. I'm always untidy and late, and nothing I attempt from pinterest looks ANYTHING like the original pictures! :)

  11. Such a lovely post, it's so easy to forget that there's more time everyone's life than what gets shared on Instagram!

    Jess xo

  12. Love getting to know you better. "Sometimes things I attempt from Pinterest, do NOT turn out." STORY. OF. MY. LIFE! Haha

  13. such a lovely and different post ... there are so many things i have to do following pin interest after my exams ....

    Shumaila Jaffer
    Beauty Redefined

  14. I love this post and your blog! Also I love the hashtag too! I think a lot of people out there will be nodding to everything you listed! x

  15. I always have mommy melt down moments your not alone :)

  16. Thank you for being so honest and I totally understand!


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