Thursday, November 13, 2014

#DropTheMask: I Am Healed + Let Your Light Shine Link-Up!

Happy Thursday!

Today I want to talk about mask that I want to remove and show to you all. I want to talk about my journey with dealing with lupus. I often give uplifting stories and talk about positive things to each and everyone of you and I show my happy, joyful side. But there was a time that I was always so unhappy. I was diagnosed with lupus and 2006, and my life was forever changed. Anyone that knows what a diagnosis feels like, can relate. To be told that you have something that is out of your control is disheartening and cause you to lose your faith and hope. My journey was difficult but when I came into Christ my journey shifted courses. In Christ, I began empowering myself to know more, hope more, and do more about this diagnosis. I know that he has already paid the price for my health and that I can be completely whole in Him. I definitely believe in miracles, and I also believe in healing. I believe in Jesus. 

I believe that he wants each and everyone of us to be complete in him. I believe that there is a story in my journey with lupus. A story that can touch places in people that that no other words can reach.  There's a bigger purpose in this tough and negative situation, and in Christ it can be turned into something that propels me into a firm faith and belief in who he is. Through my journey, I can see him taking on all of the pain of this world to offer freedom, liberty, love, life, and truth. 

I want to begin a personal journey of taking a more aggressive approach to my healing. I don't want to take medication for the rest of my life. Who does? I know that since it is labeled a chronic illness, they say its something I will deal with for the rest of my life. I know that many people have seen it go into remission for years. If it something that can go into "remission" for the rest of my life, I call that healed. Right now it is in remission. I have not been hospitalized for over 3 years. I thank Jesus for my health today, and every moment of everyday I am getting stronger in him, and stronger in hope and faith. 

I just wanted to share a piece of that with you that I never talk about it on here but it is something that I deal with on a daily basis. It used to haunt me, it used to scare me, I used to cry myself to sleep - upset that I had to deal with it every day of my life and nobody understood. I thank Jesus for those tough moments, the moments when A was right next to my side, literally carrying me to and fro because of inflammation in my body. I thank him that I can look back onto those dark days, and I can see the bigger picture, and the light he has given me and put into my life! I thank Jesus for the strength and the power to get through each and everyone of those moments, and the victory that he has given me in my life today to continue to conquer this disease. 
Call it what you want,  I call it healed.

So today, let's drop the mask we so often put on and show people the real us- because we all have a unique being we could share to help someone else.

Let's start the conversation with

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  1. Powerful testimony. I praise God with you for your complete and toral healing. Thank you Jesus!!

  2. Thank you for sharing this Jena. This is a great testimony to God's healing power. I can't imagine how it is to live with lupus but I know how it feels to not have control over something and it's frustrating and disheartening. But as you have experienced, God is above all that and can provide the peace and hope that we all need. ~Cynthia

  3. Good Luck with everything! I know how hard it struggling with bad times! I have been through depression and it isn't good. Carry on working on you and being an inspiration to us all <3 xxx

  4. Girl, I know exactly what you are talking about ... the fear, the shock of having a chronic illness .. I know it all too well, but praise be to God that we have Jesus!! Praise the Lord for your healing ... all doctors are practicing physicians, but God is THE physician ... He is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think !! I have no doubt that you will be healed from Lupus for good!!

  5. Beautiful, Ms. Jena! Yes, people can call it whatever they want. I agree with you - you ARE healed! Jesus is so good and I thank Him continuously for what He is doing in our lives. You keep on being a light, sharing and uncovering MASKS. Powerful and I am so proud of you! -Mom-

  6. I just got tears in my eyes! What a touching story, Ms. Jena! I did not know you had to be hospitalized in the past. Thanks for sharing this journey of health and HEALING. Jesus is so good!

  7. Beautiful post! Your journey of healing is truly inspiring and a positive message for us all. Thank you for hosting this link up! T.

  8. That's such a heartfelt post! What an inspiring read! Thanks for the link up too!

  9. Lovely post! Thank you for sharing this part of yourself with us :)

    Pink Frenzy

  10. Beautiful post and it does sound as though your journey has been healing x

  11. This is such a lovely write up. Thanks for sharing your testimony!


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