Monday, August 4, 2014

All The Good There Is.

Happy Monday!

What a beautiful weekend. 
It was spent at home, sitting around in pjs - watching movies, and running errands on Saturday. It ended with church and family dinner on Sunday and although I wanted to fit in some girl time; I truly couldn't complain. One of the movies I watched this weekend was About Time, with Rachel McAdams. Have you seen it or heard of it? Its about a guy that all the men in his family can travel back in time. Sounds a bit "sci-fi" - but its more of a family drama/comedy and I really enjoyed it. If you are a love story or family drama sap - I would highly suggest it for your next movie night.

There was something that stuck with me after I finished the movie. 
It made me think about a lot of things...
The ability to travel in time and change the way things have gone in the past would be pretty cool, right? 
But where would it leave you today? There's no doubt it would change your current state of being. I am happy with where I am and the path that has brought me here. What about you?

There was also a piece in the movie that focuses on cherishing every moment of every day, the good with the bad. Now I have heard this time and time again, but something amazing happened as I sat and watched it being explored in the scenes. Tears started to flow and I started to speak to Jesus. I thanked him for the grace and mercy he has bestowed on us. I thanked him for allowing my eyes to be open to the good he has imputed into every portion of our lives everyday, as every good and perfect gift comes from above.

So often we go through our days with our personal lens focused on all of the wrong things: 
The car that won't start, 
the crying baby, 
the mean boss, 
the rain that ruined our hair, 
the spat we had with our spouse,
the lunch that we forgot on the kitchen counter. 

But instead we should challenge ourselves to put on a new pair of glasses and see all of the good that is present in every moment of our days:
The kind woman at the bus stop, 
the innocence in our little ones, 
the caring coworker that brought in treats for everyone, 
the rain that watered our earth, 
the spouse that shares deep, intimate, parts of your life with you, 
the cheerful lady at the cafeteria. 

Closing our eyes to the negative and opening our eyes to the positive is key. 
Understanding that yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not promised for many, and right now is forever is a good perspective to take in our lives (Matthew 6:34). Living today, enjoying the beauty in everything (Ecclesiastes 3:11), focusing on the good of Jesus vs. the bad in our situations is how we truly should live each and every day. 

I will choose to live this way, will you?
Take the challenge. 
Let go of whatever frustrations or negative thoughts are tearing you down today. Make the conscious effort to choose to focus on the good in your life and it will make you appreciate everything so much more. That's how God wants us to live!

Don't let your focus the wrong things, rob you of your time. Gain back your time by enjoying every moment like its your last and following God's will for your life. You will wind up in the best place every time by doing so.

Have a great day!

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  1. Thanks for always sharing such positive messages. Sounds like you had the perfect weekend. Happy Monday...xo!


    1. Thank you for visiting and reading today Whitney! Have a great day :)

  2. This i s a beautiful attitude for today and everyday. Blessings, Catherine

  3. Very nice and some things that everyone should think about. Thinking on the GOOD things does your heart, soul, body and mind GOOD! Thank you Jesus!

  4. Thank you spreading the positive energy! We got hung up on the small stuff much too often.

  5. You look so beautiful in this outfiit! I really like your shirt and your hair is very pretty too! :)

    Tiffany | Tragic Couturist

  6. Very positive message that I wish wasn't always so hard to put into practice. But you are right, the negative thoughts will continue to hold us back from our true awesomeness.

    Thrifting Diva

  7. Wow! Yes it most definitely helps doesn't it and I constantly need to remind myself this because every single day is an absolute blessing!
    And yes I've seen this movie...i remember thinking 30 minutes in to it ooo i'm not sure about this but I held on and I was loving it quickly after and especially at the end. Definitely got the brain thinking and I love your perception and words on it

  8. Love your positive messages and I know I have seen that movie but, it's been so long I don't remember. I'm going to have to watch it again. Thanks for linking up for Stylish Saturday. xo ~ The Fashionista Momma


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