Monday, August 25, 2014

5 Inspirational Instagrammers to Follow

Happy Monday!

Mondays are often tough. The first battle is mustering up the strength to crawl out of bed. Generally I'm on #strugglestreet, needing a cup of coffee or something caffeinated to get me through the early morning mayhem. 

Its always a nice balance to open up my Instagram and see posts of inspiration, giving me that extra push for Monday morning. Its actually cool everyday, because so often we can be fed negative thoughts and ideas. I have a list of Instagrammers that have inspiring accounts. A couple minutes on these feeds and you will feel uplifted and ready to take on anything! 
 Motivational speaker & fighter of human trafficking this gal is someone to admire.
What got me: She had a photo of a fortune cookie that said "You will soon witness a miracle", her mother who was facing a situation with potential brain tumors received a good report that day! Jesus is so amazing :)

A Christian printable shop with beautiful prints :) 
What got me: Pretty things. I die for pretty things, and all prints are instand downloads for $5! You can't beat that!
 This is actually a find of my sisters, I can't take credit. But I am glad to have found her. She is a breath of fresh air in this crazy world. And she spread's God's love through her site Sprinkle of Jesus.
What got me: Almost everyday she posts a quick video of words that inspire, make you think, and help you to keep your focus in the right places!
She began an organization, Turning Paiges, a nonprofit outreach group in Dallas, TX for Christ. This lady also has a clothing line Saved&Sexy.
What got me: One of her campaigns is called Sole Saving (super catchy, huh!); where they collect used and new shoes and replace them for the homeless. 
 Mommies, bloggers, beautiful women who feature everyday inspiring moms on their feed. 
What got me: They ran (and are still running) a t-shirt campaign "Love writes a beautiful story" that blew up into a wonderful array of stories from moms and their lives and take on the saying. I need one of these!

I am daily transforming my social media feeds to become more inspiring, positive, and enlightening. Join me in doing this by sharing some of your favorite inspirational accounts and tagging me on any of the accounts below; or using hashtag #imperfectlyhuman

Hope you have a great day!
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  1. thanks for sharing

  2. Ill have to check these ladiesout!

  3. Wonderful ladies! I follow a few and have added the rest on IG! Thanks! God bless!


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