Thursday, July 31, 2014

Perseverance, Not Perfection.

Happy Thursday!

The other night I heard a saying on TV and thought it was so true, so I decided to share it with you. The girl was talking about how perseverance got her to her goal in her diet and exercise and not perfection. That really stuck with me! How often do we try to be perfect in our lives, only to find out that we cannot be what this world describes as perfect.

Perseverance is key. Getting back up on the horse. Picking yourself up and trying again is truly what wins in the end. There will be hard days or trials and times where you have not followed everything to a "t", those are times to rely on your perseverance to kick in. Keep your eye on the golden prize and keep pushing.

I think its a great saying that goes along with what Jesus teaches us. Through Him we can be whole and walk boldly to the throne. No other way, not even by our own actions. Nothing we can do will ever be reason enough for us to have anything from Him. Its all Him, not our "good" works, not our prayers every night, not anything we think we have sacrificed. He is the ultimate sacrifice and has paid all of our debts in full and then some.

Understanding that we will make mistakes, and He knows that and is telling us PERSEVERANCE over PERFECTION is truly eye opening. How many of us can say that we have been told this before? It is hard to accept but it is what our King and Savior wants us to realize. Rules and laws will never be kept, there will be times we fall, but we pick ourselves up and keep chugging along!

I was inspired to make this printable below. I have also created it in a few different colors for anyone who is interested. Remember, perseverance over what our ideas of perfection.

Click on the links below for the color of your choice:
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