Tuesday, July 15, 2014

6 Months.

Happy Tuesday. 

Six months has passed me by so quickly. Looking up, and seeing the sun shine each day it makes me realize how life is so beautiful. Its July. Where did the year go? My sweet little baby girl is growing so rapidly. 6 months ago I was waddling around, ready to pop this girl out of me. 

Unsure of what I was to face. Unsure of what motherhood meant. Unsure of if I would be good at any of it. Unsure of if I would be losing more than I was gaining. Unsure of it all. 

And then I met her. 

Better than imagined. 
In my heart I vowed to do my absolute best in all things concerning her. 
Failure was never a thought or even considered. 
6 months ago my life was changed forever in the best possible way. So many lessons taught in this last 6 months, so many more to come. 

I love you, my little Layla bean.  
Slobber and all. 
The way you love to snuggle with your blanket literally melts my heart. 
I am now in understanding of how parents think everything that their child does is cute. 
As annoying as it may be to the old pre-mommy Jena, I now get it. 
Please don't grow up, stay cute and sweet and dependent on momma's kisses to keep a smile on that face. 
Stay babbling early in the morning, each day. 
Stay innocent.
 Stay making those sour faces when you taste something new. 
Stay happy. 
Stay joyful. 
Stay being you.

 I love you this way, but cannot wait until you get to the next chapter. 


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  1. So sweet. God bless you and your hubby as you love and train her while she passes though each phase of life. May you have the wisdom and grace you need to love and assit with the spiritual, mental and physical growth of your precious daughter.

  2. I love your faces together! So adorable! Made me tear up a bit, my son will be 3 this year and the time flew by! Happy 6 months to you and your beautiful daughter!


  3. Happy 6 months pretty girl! Gosh time flies. My baby girl will be 18 months on Saturday. God bless our little angels. They are dolls!


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