Thursday, July 24, 2014

Cliches Can Be Deep + Let Your Light Shine Thursday Link Up

Happy Thursday!
Hope this week is winding down beautifully for you all! 
It has been super hot and humid here, but I am not complaining! I am soaking in all the sunny rays I can get on my way to work each day because before I know it, Minnesota will be back to the tundra! ;)

Over the years there have been many cliches about Minnesota and its weather. I won't even bore you with any, but the other day I was thinking about cliches in general. Many of us are guilty of saying cliches to people when they are faced with certain situations, or even just out of habit of hearing them all the time. The funny thing is as life goes on for us, we began to learn more, experience more and gain a deeper understanding in a lot of things we never understood before. 

Cliches serve as this quick witted statement that pretty much sums up the problem or the resolution. 
Do you agree?

Think of all the cliches you may have heard growing up. 
How many of those stuck?
 Are you saying to your loved ones now? At what point did your understanding shift?
I decided to take a deeper dive into a few of these and try to attach them to a stronger foundation in Christ. 

Numero Uno: "Always look on the bright side."
Meaning: Be Optimistic; find the good in the bad. Look for the silver lining. I am a new optimist. I was always troubled with worries and was very much a pessimist, until Christ. I do not know how I lived my life so pessimistic for so long. Looking on the bright side of things is one of the biggest keys to getting through tough times and keeping joy in your life. 

Number Dos: "That which doesn't kill you, makes you stronger."
Meaning: If you survive a tough time, you will be stronger because of it.
Oh how cliches can be so annoyingly right! They can be annoying because everyone says it, but they carry a lot of truth in many of them. This is one that hits close to home. Many a struggles, but they have each in their own way made me so much stronger. They've given me wisdom, experience, and taught me patience and endurance. Through them I have discovered that true joy comes from within. When facing situations now, I understand those values must be focused on during the times to really see the beauty of the process. How much strength have you gained from 'fiery trials'?
(1 Peter 5:10; James 1:12; Romans 12:12; 1 Corinthians 10:13; Romans 5:3; 1 Peter 4:12)

Numero Tres: "An idle mind is the devil's playground."
Meaning: When your mind is idle, you may wonder into wrong thoughts which could lead to wrong doing. The mind is very powerful. I have seen kids say they got into mischief because they were literally not putting focus on anything, bored. Keeping focus is so important in our lives. Many times our mind can go wondering and can get us into really dark, deep, angry places with others. Maybe your hubs forgot to take out the trash (or is that just me? -_-); and you just start thinking and fuming and before you know it your mind has went completely left field and now you're upset about something that happened years ago...
 It takes a renewing of our minds each day to keep us to think on good things (Phillipians 4:8). Sometimes joy is stolen with ideas that started forming up there in that mind of yours! Joyce Meyers has a great series, called Battlefield of the Mind. Its funny and insightful. When you find yourself with no thoughts, fill it with good thoughts :)

Numero Cuatro: "Get back up on the horse."
Meaning: Try again after you have fallen. This goes hand and hand with "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." I have heard this one more than a thousand times. But its so true. There's a reason so many of us say it or believe it. You can't give up, you must get up and get back on the horse. (Galatians 6:9 - one of my favorites) In due time, things will work out. 

Numero Cinco: "Let bygones be bygones."
Meaning: Do not dwell on things; let it go. Forget things that are not important. Oh man, Christ is the ultimate supporter of this. Firstly, that He loves us so deep that it covers any and all faults, past, present, and future. It literally lets bygones, be bygones. This is a constant reminder of forgiveness and how important it is in all aspects of your life. And a huge key about forgiveness, is forgiving yourself! That is one that I have truly learned first hand in the last year. I get down on myself, I make things harder on me, and God constantly tells me that He has let it go - but I must let it go, too. That is really hard for many of us to do in today's society where we battle this idea of perfection. Also very important about letting go of past hurts, failures, situations, relationships. Let it be and leave it where it belongs, in the past!
(Matthew 6:14; Phillipians 4:6-7; Ephesians 4:31)

What are some of your favorite cliches?
Which ones are you completely over?
Are there any you feel are not true? Why?

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  1. Haha. Some cliches are good. I love number 1 & 5. You look very pretty on that first photo, also.

    You chose 2 great looks from last week. Such cute skirts. I pinned them both. =)

    Happy Thursday Beautiful and welcome by sometimes. <3 Ada.

  2. You are right: those cliches have much deeper meaning that we can always apply in our own lives (and those of our kids). Thanks for all the spiritual insight today. Hope you have a bright weekend! xox, Crystelle

  3. Thank you so much for the feature Sweetheart! Have a great weekend!
    XO, Bogi

  4. Thanks for sharing these deep clichés and testimonies. This post is a blessing.


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