Monday, September 23, 2013

[w]eekend [r]ecap v.4

Happy Monday!

Hope all is well!
Here's a few photos to recap my weekend:

one] I attended a Women's Luncheon on Saturday, which was really fun. There was a poetry reading, a fashion show, and even a comedy skit. It was very encouraging for women following Christ!
two] enjoyed a little mexican eatery down on eat street in South Mpls at Little Tijuana's for my Big Sis, Tenisha's B-day! This little hidden gem is a mix of all things eclectic and mexican food, Yum!
three] My new obsession for the week was Sanpellegrino's Limonata. Since I can't have my fix of cherry coke, I need something with carbonation and no caffeine. Oh and if you hadn't noticed new hair. ;)
four] Found myself rummaging Target shelves looking to spruce things about around the house after doing some cleaning. Just getting a few ideas..
five] My big sis at dinner for her birthday! She is a very encouraging woman, who can always put a smile on my face. I am so grateful to call her my sister! I love you woman!
six] We need a new area rug, I was checking out Target's assortment. I want something plush that I can lay on and sleep on, any ideas on places to look?
seven] Dinner at Little Tijuana's - Yum, enchiladas and tacos. 
eight] Quick Bump Update - My baby is now the size of a papaya :) Haha
nine] A little Patrick Swayze love and art on the walls at Little Tijuana's

Overall, the weekend was great. Enjoyed spending time with friends and family. It's getting a bit colder out here in MN (although this week its supposed to be in the 70's). So I will have an outfit post or two for you this week to showcase cute maternity fall wear! Also, a cool post discussing what true love is.. So stay tuned this week for those. 

Have a good week!


  1. Okay?! Cant wait for that! There is nothing like love! :)


  2. Had a good time with the family this weekend. Love you back little sis!


  3. Overstock always has a great selection on rugs!

  4. Loving the new hair! I just changed mine too :)


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