Tuesday, May 15, 2012

OOTD : Nordstrom Striped Blazer, F21 Distressed Denim

Ok. So, I totally didn't make it to the fashion show I was raving about the other day. Long story short, I had nothing to wear. I told you guys about my frequent annoyances of going into my closet and coming out with ZILCH.
Well that was kinda the case... I skidaddled Marshall's to see what I could find. Got half way through the store and couldn't hold my arms up anymore, because they had SO MANY great summer finds!
 When I finally got to the fitting room, I tried everything on.. Only to not find anything to wear. 
Back to Square One, and at this point it was 6:30pm. (It started at 6)
So, that's my excuse story.
Blue + White Striped Blazer - Nordstrom's Rack
White Burnout Tee - The Buckle
Light Denim Distressed Jeans - Forever 21
Blue Sandal Wedges - DSW
Gold Chain Necklace - Heartbreaker
Bangles - H&M, Len Druskin 
(in case you don't know I am obsessed with these..)

I'm really trying to get a hold of my blog again, as well as juggling work, and personal life. It's hard! For all of you bloggers out there juggling more than I do - KUDOS!
What are your tips and tricks? Do Tell.


  1. Amen! My thing is, I NEVER learn. I refuse to pick out anything the night before, AND I HATE to get up early in the morning. I just suck at adulthood and getting ready, I guess. You are not alone! :D

  2. What a cool outfit. Jacket and shoes totally worked together.

    OH well, there'll be other fashion shows.

  3. The blue wedges are amazing, so beautiful and you look perfect.

  4. cute blazer & shoes!! xoxo linds ((www.rubygirlblog.com))

  5. Great outfit! I love the striped blazer and def the shoes!! Love your blog!

    ♥ Shia

  6. Great outfit dear! I love the blazer very nautical and the ripped jeans are a great edgy touch and cant forget a great pop of color with those wedges :)


  7. those shoes are so great. <3

    xx m


  8. hey! I love the shoes
    i am also a fashionblogger, want to follow each other? let me know on one of my posts.xo



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