Thursday, May 10, 2012

Got My Blue Shoes On + Giveaway!

Hey, Hey, Hey! 
We are more than halfway done with the week! Pat yourself on the back, for a job well done. We made it!
Also, thanks to all who participated in Monday's First You Choose!
It seems like you guys liked all of the looks but #2 & #3 with the black tights got the most votes! 

 I've finally got a treat for you!
Remember back at the beginning of the semester, 
where I was complaining about 
paying for textbooks?! ($$$$$)

 They are horribly expensive each semester. 
I don't understand  how they can charge an arm and a leg for textbooks and then update the textbook version each year! It's a stupid system, and I know all of you students out there can relate!

Thank goodness for textbook rentals! 
When I started searching the web for these, I ran into a number of sites, 
one of which was - ;
(I found books like this the same version that was offered at my school, but much more affordable!)

 Immediately, I returned $600 worth of books back to my schools bookstore, 
and ordered rentals online for under $200 for the semester! 

I saved SO much money, I went out and bought myself these pretty little blue shoes below...

Blue Scarf - Heartbreaker
Gold Necklace - Heartbreaker 
Tan T-shirt - Macy's
Distressed Light Denim Jeans - Love Culture
Blue Sandals - DSW
Handbag - My Mom :)

So, Guess What?...

I'm teaming up with to give
one lucky reader a $50 gift card to use on their site! 
You can use this for next semester's textbooks! :)

Here's why you should be renting textbooks from

-#1 SAVE MONEY! You can save 40-90% off of bookstore prices!
-They offer free shipping both ways
-Treat the book like its yours during the semester, you can highlight in the textbooks
-They'll work with you by offering flexible renting periods
-Your money goes towards a great cause, they donate to Operation Smile with each textbook rented!

Here's How you Enter:
1) Be a Follower of My Blog on GFC or Facebook!
2) Leave me a comment
That's All!! Good Luck! 
Giveaway will end 5/17/2012 at 12:00 AM. This giveaway is sponsored by All opinions are my own.  Winner will be chosen using

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  1. Isn't that crazy how much you can save by renting? I'm not enrolled in school right now, but will be in the summer or fall and will definitely be looking at renting.

  2. Ahhh something I don't miss about school. Purchasing textbooks & reading them. I discovered renting textbooks 08-09 (chegg), the best thing for college students. Especially for GE courses. But I kept my books for my major (the ones I enjoyed).
    Good luck folks!

    Ps. love your outfit

  3. Renting textbooks is the way to go!

    Want to follow each other doll? Let me know!

    Belle De Jour

  4. Wow! You saved hella money by renting. I've actually never ever thought to do that. Hopefully I will win the giveaway so I can try it! Love those blue shoes BTW!


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