Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sunny Saturday - Thrive Fashion House Event!

Hello Weekend. :)
I've been longing to see your pretty face...

I've got a few things planned for the next couple of days, and I'm thrilled to do them. This excitement stems for the decent weather we have been having lately. What's really funny is (not really that funny) the last few weeks the weather has been gorgeous Monday - Thursday

Come Friday - Sunday we see rain
So when the sun is out and shining this weekend, I'm going to enjoy it!!
On top of that tomorrow is Mother's Day, and I will be doing a special post for my mom tomorrow along with other festivities :) Can't wait! 

 Tan Jacket - Nordstrom's Rack
Pink Tank - Heartbreaker (?)
Blue Denim Jeans - Forever 21
Coral Wedges - Heartbreaker
Aztec Print Tote - Aerie

As for tonight, on behalf of my blog, I was invited to Thrive Fashion House's Fashion Show

Thrive Fashion House is a brand new up and coming Minneapolis based fashion company.  Their Team is comprised of fashion experts who are passionate about the vast world of styling, design, and wearable aesthetics.  They are fashion forward, meticulous about the details, and experienced.  
 Please feel free to visit 

I'll be giving you all the dish on the event and my review on things after the show! As for now, I have to find something to wear to this -__- . 

Adrian tells me I have something to wear in that closet of mine, but I beg to differ! 

Have you ever went to your closet saw so many items, but had absolutely nothing to wear? 
I'm sure you all have that problem, right?
Story of my life. 

Wish me luck, 


  1. You look perfect, I love the jacket, so cute.

  2. Very cute colors!! Love the outfit.

    We are very lucky that today is a nice day. The weather is perfect!

  3. you have a great blog, I love it! what about following each other?


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