Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday's Aztec Inspiration

Instead of taking the hippie route...
I decided to have some fun and dress it up, for something that could transform to the workplace. 
If your job lets you wear jeans (everyday) like mine...

 Then, you can easily take this Aztec trend and strut your stuff on the runway job!

Aztec print blouse - Heartbreakers
Black Blazer - TJ Maxx
Distressed denim skinny jeans - Levi's
Pale Bow flats - H&M

More 'PIN'spiration:

(images via pinterest, click for source)

H a p p y    M o n d a y.


  1. Thanks so much for stopping by! The diy project is a lot more time consuming than I'd imagined lol but I can't wait to put the results up :) you have a lovely blog & your outfit is adorable! I wish I could wear jeans to work.

  2. You are gorgeous. Love the AZTEC print from Pinterest.

    p/s: If you followed me on GFC it's now Closed. Can now follow me on BLOGLOVIN

  3. OMG! You look so cute girl, you really do.

  4. Love the outfit,super cute.

  5. i love this trend and you look great!


  6. vvery cute top.. love this print and you definitely made it work!
    Loving your blog and def following on GFC and bloglovin.. Hope you can follow mine if you like it too :)

  7. Girl, I tagged you, check this out


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