Saturday, March 10, 2012

Don't Speak...

This morning while driving back home from taking the BF to work, 
I found myself jamming out to a 90's hour on the radio.

It brought me back...
It started with No Doubt's Don't Speak..

N*Sync's 'I Want You Back' came on 
and that's all it took. 
I turned it up full blast, eyes still low from waking up so early.
 One hand on the wheel tapping to the beat, I started reminiscing over my teenie bopper days. 

Normally, I'd be embarrassed to sing along, 
but it was just 6:45 in the AM, on a Saturday morning. 
Roads clear, no one to stare at me and point.
I was safe.

I was so obsessed with boy bands. Ha! I had a thing for Justin Timberlake and his curls, and I loved every bit of the shy, sweet and sexy deep voice of Kevin Richardson in the Backstreet Boys. 
I swooned over Nick Lachey in 98 degrees. 

Red cardigan - H&M
Patterned top - Nordstrom's Rack or TJ Maxx (?)
Distressed Jeans - Levi's
Dark Brown Boots - Can't remember if a gift or Heartbreakers
Blue and gold detailed handbag - Gift from my Momma :)

And, although I am regretting this as I type,
I was a closet Spice Girls fan. I mean, I had their movie... (who did that?)
 I loved (cough) Ginger Spice (cough). 
Posters of Britney Spears, Usher, and Boy Bands covered my walls. 

I used a tape player to tape the songs off the radio,
so that I could listen to them as I pleased.
Trying my best as a 14 year old
to dissect what they were talking about, love and relationships, and all the in between.

Applying their songs to my trivial 'hardships' at middle school,
 like what brands to wear, who was 'going out' with who, and what I was going to buy at the snack cart at lunch...

Oh, to be a kid again!
Here's hoping this post came to you at a good time.
 When worries were little, and the most important thing was who you called your Best Friend. 

H a p p y    S a t u r d a y !  :)



  1. You look beautiful! xx

  2. HA! I used to record songs off of the radio too! LOL! Love the cardigan!

    On another note, are you loving this early March weather??? I know I am!

  3. I just discovered your blog! and I must say that I really like!
    I love your style, compliment is very special and inspirational! if you go look at my blog there is also a Jeffrey Campbell Giveaway :

  4. Oh no! I remember that No Doubt song. Certainly brings back memories.


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